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Hello! I’m Manya! I’ve been bored and have been wanting to practice graphic designing. Please request some fakes! I also take custom requests through pm and I have a premade shop here if anyone is interested.



Author’s name:


Color scheme:

Short summary:

Ideas (include pictures and/or word descriptions):

Fonts/font styles(optional):

Thank you so much!


oooh, lemme fill out one real quick!

Title: Leonardo’s Apprentice

Author’s name: Cecilia Nguyen and Peyton Benson

Genre: Historical fiction, sci-fi, realistic fiction, that kinda stuff

Color scheme: brown, beige (its basically leonardo da vinci period so old vintage colors)

Short summary: A boy living in the streets of Anchiano, Sicily, in the year 1490 has finally spotted a merchant, after stealing from him the boy finds himself chased and bumps into…Leonardo Da Vinci? Suddenly a spiral of events happen, the boy suddenly bcomes Leonardo’s secret apprentics, Mona Lisa, Leonardo’s one true love has disappeared and Leonardo’s needs his apprentice’s help to travel in time to find her. Arriving at an airport in Los Angeles in the year 2017, Leonardo and his apprentice find clues to where Mona lisa had gone and how time travel is possible.

Ideas (include pictures and/or word descriptions): honestly, you do you. You don’t have to do a literal time portal, but maybe mona lisa is in the cover somehow? As long as it looks good and potrays a historical time period.

Fonts/font styles(optional): make it look old and fancy! (cursive stuff)

Thank you, I love you!

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OMG TYSMMMMMMM Ill start on it!

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Do you wanna have a go at this too? Since there’s several places requesting fakes and I’m looking to kickstart some creativity and inspiration.

Graphic: COVER
Author: JT
Colour scheme: Grungy, black and white 90s, inner city. Old school vibes.
Ideas: Something onto ‘La Haine’, dark, inner city. Gritty. Bold, white letters. Also, Chemical Brothers. Do something European and urban. Slightly Arabic as well. Play around with it.
Inspiration:[email protected].V1.jpg
If you want more info, I can try add some more. Sorry if this is a big vague. I am interested to see what you come up with.

Copy and paste the links btw. You might have to.


OoO tysm! Very interesting!


Title: Don’t Look Away

Author’s name: Katarina Scott

Genre: Horror/Mystery

Color scheme: Black, Dark Green, White

Short summary: Cassie Seth had been a paranoid, crazy kid. Or so everyone thought.
She had spotted it years ago. A horrible, awful shadow, reeking of death. But she made a mistake; she looked away.
It came closer.
Cassie looked away and told her parents; they didn’t believe her.
It came closer.
Yet again, she looked away.
It came closer.
On and on the cycle went…but one day, it disappeared. And as Cassie grew up; the memories faded, she brushed it off as a child’s imaginative terrors.
But now, 10 years after, it’s back, and it’s not only Cassie who can see it.

Ideas (include pictures and/or word descriptions): A forest with a shadow in it. Or maybe a girl blindfolded.



Fonts/font styles(optional): Hmm…something very simple, not too fancy. Like cinzel, josefin, or holliter gothic. (They are just suggestions tho)


Thank you so much! I’ll get to work on it!


Delivery! Let me know what you think! Feel free to ask for changes!

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Ooh, I love the second one:) thank you!

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Delivery! What do you think?


Delivery! Let me know what you think! Feel free to ask for changes! Thank you so much for requesting!


Oh my I loved how you combined the blindfold and shadow :heart_eyes:

It captures the vibe well!

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:revolving_hearts: aw thank you!

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I think it’s cool. I like the abstractness, and the title.

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Title: White Oak Academy

Author’s name: C. K. Kline

Genre: Teen Fiction / Paranormal

Color scheme: Dark, white, silver, gold, blue. Maybe some dark green and red?

Short summary: Lucy Bone has always been an outcast - she’s been experiencing strange things ever since she was born, and nobody around her could explain why. After enduring years of bullying, she finally decides to switch schools. Her mom enrolls her in the mysterious White Oak Academy, an elite boarding school hidden within the forest. She finds out that there’s more to the academy than what meets the eye.

White Oak Academy is a School for the Supernatural, and Lucy is the first human there. The Headmistress reveals that Lucy has always had a connection with the paranormal despite her being a human, and that Lucy is better off studying at a paranormal school than a regular one.

As Lucy adapts to her new environment while hiding her new secret from her mother, will she make it or break it?

Ideas (include pictures and/or word descriptions): I’m thinking of a cover with a school in the background. The school is shrouded in mist. If you want the MC on the cover, she’s blonde and blue-eyed. Maybe you can put the moon overhead.


Fonts/font styles(optional): A fantasy font (maybe foglihten or cinzel decorative) for the title.

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Ooh! Accepted! Thank you so much for requesting!

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@JohnnyTuturro @Novelist001 would you guys ind if I turned your requests into premades?

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Course not!

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