✧ MULTIMEDIA HELP & CRITIQUE | share your recent art/graphics here!

welcome to the multimedia help & critique thread!

with the fall of wattpad forums, sadly the community within the original thread, full of amazing and sweet artists disappear too. i hope we can rebuild another helpful and nice community here in our second version of the share your art thread! this time the thread become more diverse full of mutlimedia artists! either art, graphic designers, photography and multimedia hobbies, we got it all here~

this is safe place for artists like yourself to showcase your incredible work to receive critique and comments! have fun and be kind to another <3 do not forget to comment on the post above you before posting, as appreciation is the start of any artists’ motivation!! (feel free to shamelessly plug your socials/threads)


these are links which can redirect you to helpful threads!

@rayraybites | let me fix your covers!

a great thread who can help you to fix your covers and revamp them!


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yupp just noticed haha cx currently chatting up with the discobot~

welcoming the first ~art~ post to this thread with my recent girlies !! it’s been awhile since i draw girls so it’s been way too fun that i draw these by the span of a week ╰(´︶`)╯ hope to see other artist/graphic designers here !! (deviantart plug)


@rayraybites @dumplingbabe @anticlimactic @Spider-Hawk @MissyFloral13 @Wolfie404 @terraxxa if you guys are interested in sharing your recent art and graphics hehe >< :heavy_heart_exclamation: hopefully we can build a great community here ~ /definitely did not stalk you guys lol/


sooo uhhh this is the first ever graphic I’ve made w photoshop, critiques anyone?



@Wolfie404 OwO
@dumplingbabe wait for real q w q this is gorgeous for your first try with photoshop ~ i don’t have much critiques but i reccomend adding the dodge tool to highlight some areas !! my first try was just slapping a pic with rainbow text and just call it quits lol

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wow, those are so pretty. they’d make amazing profile icons

hehe I had a lot of advice from some friends, but thank you!!

desperately trying to search up what this is O.O


Ooh, I love your style! The colors are great; they really bring the whole mood together. They’re vivid and realistic, but still have a painting feel to them. I like it.


Oh, it’s looks pretty good. Your choice of color aesthetic and font goes well with the image. Quick question: was it meant to be a book cover?

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Thank you! and No lol it was for a character poster contest!

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Oh, she’s so cute! That’s what I like to call “pretty in punk” style xD. The details all come together to make her look so natural and fun.


Ah, okay. How’d you do in the contest?

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Great! What if I told you this is the antagonist?


y’all have amazing graphics, here is my latest graphic


I can totally see it XD. What kinda story is she from?