My nightmare has returned...

Normally, I try not to post things that are happening in my personal life on this site because as great as you guys are, you aren’t really professionals.

Yet, I need to vent and talk a little.

Alright. My normal source of income has ended until I can try for it again. For now, I have to find a job to earn money. The problem is that if I work a regular job, it will most likely be retail. I have no idea what other jobs are for me, and I haven’t had an actual job since 2016. Moving on, I do not know how long it will take for me to gain my normal source of income back. It can take months or years for me to get it back.

Until then I have to work or at least find work. It is beyond frustrating because I haven’t worked in years and what the hell do I fill up in my resume, since I have such a large gap. I have bills to pay and me losing that income was so sudden.

I honestly don’t know where I am going to find a job because retail is sadly all I know and I VICIOUSLY HATE RETAIL!!!

I am on edge and stressing out over this! I seriously don’t know what to do far as work.
I needed that income I was getting to help out my mom and myself. But since I can’t get it anymore until I try filing for an appeal or something. I have no choice but to search for a part-time or full-time job.

I swear to god I hate my damn life!
God, I want to cry and scream!

Any thoughts or none at all?

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You don’t have to do something you’ve done before. What businesses are in your town, and what’s the minimum paycheck that you need? What skills do you have that maybe you’re overlooking, like a lot of people forget that they can type. A lot of businesses need typists. Ideally, what kind of job would you want? And what kind of skills would you need to get it? Are there any employment counselors in your area? Sometimes they can help you get a job for a slice of your first few paychecks. Don’t panic! You can do this, if you just take it one step at a time. (*^-‘) 乃


I have no idea. When it comes to things like that I don’t know.

I don’t know where my talents lie. I can’t say writing because I am not qualified yet to be a novelist just yet with the way things are going for me. Seriously, I don’t know. I do know is that I need to do research and I am so pissed off.

I am tired of this bullshit that is happening to me! Sorry, I am just so annoyed and peeved.

I don’t have many skills minus what I learned from retail, but that was years ago. I no longer have those skills. I can do some type of training or whatever. Yet I am trying not to stay irritated, but it is so damn angry.

I am NOT great at typing because my typing skills are slow and sloppy. Not beating myself down, just something I’ve noticed over the course of my typing life.

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Don’t worry! You’ll find something. Another thing to think about is that sometimes temp agencies can get you permanent or long-term work, so you might want to check out places like Labor Force, Manpower and Kelly Services. There are some others, but I can’t think of their names. Check the phone book in your area and see what’s listed under employment agencies.

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Here’s something that might make it less painful–consider what you’d do to find a job for your favorite character. Do the research as if you were writing a book. The best books come from personal experience, so maybe you will write a book about this someday. You could try attacking the problem from that angle and see if doing the research is still as painful…? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Find a job that would fit my character(s), huh?
I mean I can try that, but my characters are royals who would want politics related jobs which is FAR beyond my reaches.

Getting the news was real hard because not only do I have to find work so does my mother. Because she needed my income so that I can help her out. Now, it is going to be tough finding something that will help my mother and me both. Mainly helping my mom.

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1 Places are less worried about places you previously worked in chronological order, and are more into what in your history suits them. Resumes are changing due to this. I’m seeing tons of articles about it.

  1. The general excuse for “other income” like this would be:
    Tried taking the time to follow some passions, care for older family members, but work is necessary right now. You don’t owe them tons of explanations.

  2. Start looking into other options like this:


Thank you for mentioning that.
I did apply for a job at the gym as a daytime cleaner.

It is something which is good. I was only able to do one job application.
So, there’s that.

I feel a smidge better until I get a call for the interview or something.

Good luck.

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Thanks so much. I am going to need it because I have not worked at a job in years.

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I’m sorry for what you’re going through and I hope you can get back on track. :sadhug:

I understand how you feel because this was me a few months ago—though not with retail, but with hotels… I, too, felt stuck. I’d only ever known the bottom of the food chain because I hadn’t had much experience (especially since I’d only ever work under my mom). So, my past experience was: dish washer, pool attendant (glorified lifeguard), and breakfast attendant. Then I got my “big break” from these lower-waged jobs to front desk at a hotel, which I loathed… mostly because of crappy customers and bad employers. But it actually isn’t that bad if you live in a small town area and go for night audit (working 11pm-7am). Not many people to see and, if you’re lucky, not much to do. Some places pay well, but the wage isn’t as good as fast food or doing some retail jobs (like in my area, Walmart’s hiring at 18 an hour for the night shifters). Though, on a personal level, while 18 an hour sounds great… working at Walmart? Not so great.

But my night audit position is what helped me land the library job I have today… because it’s customer service. But thankfully, it’s a much better and healthier environment. Plus, the people aren’t so bad. I mean, there’s still a couple crab-apples and idiots walking around, but you’ll get that anywhere. I’m also getting paid more than I was at my hotel job… another plus.

However, for you, it doesn’t have to be things you’ve done recently to put on your resume. Your resume can be filled with normal jobs you’ve had as well as volunteer work and things that you’ve done that can boost your chances. My resume has doing Ambassador work for Wattpad on it. xD

Another thing to think about with your resume is to pretty it up and detail it. My original resume (one my mom made me ages ago) was very bland. This was how I revamped it with a nice cover letter that also helped my chances lol.

But otherwise, think about your skills and talents. What have you done in the past or even now that can help you get a job that’s not in retail?

My sister was also in a similar boat. All she’d ever known was night audit, too, but she moved up on that chain to front desk manager and had the skills of a manager. But shortly before we moved in together, she found a job opening at a church for a manager position and she was scared. She’s religious, so it was up her alley. But everyone she looked up had these fancy degrees and she was just a high school graduate. She never applied… but my parents did and got her an interview. They loved her instantly and offered her the job on the spot. She loves her job and the people she works with now, and she’s more than just a manager now as she’s planned and hosted multiple events, does a lot of artwork design, etc. So, these are things she can take to other jobs if she wishes to change her position.

But, truthfully, you may have to make a sacrifice until you can find something better. Personally, my town is very small and the only jobs you can have without a college degree are retail around here. Otherwise, everything else requires a bachelor’s degree and multiple years worth of experience. Or, they’re not hiring at all. And so, me being in a similar pair of shoes as you, I didn’t want to take retail. I know that it sucks worse than anything, so I stayed night audit despite being very unhappy and exhausted (mentally, emotionally, and physically). The only job in town I’d leave the hotel job for was if the library had an opening, and they finally did when I had the last straw. My first interview went great, but didn’t get hired. They found someone else. Until a month later, they had another opening and I got a second interview which went great and got offered the job.

And, honestly, if you try to find a job that you may think is “above you” because you’re afraid of going to a job that isn’t retail with little to no experience or because it may be intimidating, please know that you and your knowledge is worth a lot more than you think. You should never downgrade yourself just because of your insecurities or how you’ve only experienced one kind of industry. :heart:


I did apply for a job as a daytime cleaner at a gym called Planet Fitness.
I am going to apply for a similar job elsewhere tomorrow.

I am sorry for me too. That was like a slap to the face when I was told that I wouldn’t be getting my source of income anymore unless I appeal.

Just my terrible luck.

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I’m so sorry <3, it sounds like a gym job would be good, especially if retail does not suit you. I wish you the best of luck on your journey

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Thank you so much.
I am hoping that I get a phone call or something relating to the job. Yet I will continue to apply to other non-retail jobs that will suit me.

So, yeah I am in need of luck.


I’ve had good luck with temp agencies.
I got myself 3 jobs with them over the years.

So I do recommend them. They might be able to help you break into a job that you might not otherwise even know exists. Good luck.


Hmmm…$20/hour with all the benefits and no experience necessary to drive around in a truck all day. Maybe I should look into this… (*^-‘) 乃


Please do. Government jobs pay well enough, and no matter how crappy we all fuss about mail, it’s still got to be done.

And if the hours are too long, you just do it for a while, save up enough to afford shifting something else. We don’t live in a permanent job market anymore.


So true! ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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I mean, the big reason why I’ve not gone do it is young kids, and before that, we never thought we’d have them, so there was no real need to earn tons of money.