ONC 2024

Flip a coin. If you are disappointed in the outcome, then you’ll have your answer.


It’s either a romance or that Shade story.

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YAY ONC! I’m participating this year! Hopefully they aren’t cut throat again with cutting in round 1 like they were last year! So exciting!


If I were to write it, it would be a Richard story. That narcissistic immortal assassin would definitely say that while murdering someone.


I like all these prompts, but every year ONC comes at an extremely inconvenient time for me. Me and prompts don’t mix either. I’ve never been happy with anything I wrote with a prompt.

I guess I feel limited or pressured in some way.

Good luck to everyone participating! :grin:


That was crazy.

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Romance would be harder on you. So, if you want a challenge, you do that, but remember how your first one went with me encouraging you to off the characters, to just get through it.

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Yeah, I am thinking about Shade, Igor and Felix. But would their rise be interesting as teenagers?

I was wondering if I want to add romance and decided that I might leave it at romantic tension only.
It’s tough to pull off romance in a novella. There’s just not enough words for it to develop.
At least the way I write.

The story I’m planning might very well just cover a few hours. :joy: I like a simple starting point like that. Even if it grows more than intended, hopefully not too much.

My big question right now is if I want to do dual pov or a single.
I’m leaning toward dual. We’ll see how it goes.


You are what makes it interesting, remember that.

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It woukd have to preexist the story, to work well, or be physical before there’s emotions.

Yeah, probably. Romantic tension is probably best in a Novella.

A few hours over 20-40k? Interesting :joy: I could never do something as long as that over such a short period of time.

You could always try a few paragraphs in dual and a few in single and see which works better.

I am also thinking of just doing a memoir-style story about one of my characters and the rise of his empire. But breaking it up into parts.

I am thinking of a character’s memoir, writing it loosely. Keeping the important points, not everything. Starting it when Shade is 16-17 and selling weed in school.


it really was! SO MANY people cut, it was so weird

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I would have expected that cut down by the 8K range. They were treating it like a pitch to an agent. lol


So, my brain again finds 8 plausible. I’m not stressing on 8. By experience, I’ll get 4-5 done, but I don’t mind testing all 8 to the 2K if I’ve got them firm.

Start to #97:

In a Workhouse in London there lived a girl. It was a dirty, dark brick structure, filled with the ends of frayed rope and cordage with a tarry smell. Also: dry, crowded, with hardly a place to rest and much less to eat. It was a Victorian Poorhouse, and that meant work.

Can you tell what story this emulates?

But I’ve got 2 old ideas that would work for:
3&12 and 47&52.
8&100, 21&55, 77, 81&84, 97, 99 would be original thoughts.

I’m not going to go as hard as last time, I swear. lmao

And then I’ve got this to go through.


Yeah, that was weird to me. Almost everyone gets through round one lol.

… And mine is fried with one :joy:

That’s one way to get it done.

Oliver Twist? Very Victorian, even without you mentioning it.

You’re just an idea machine :stuck_out_tongue:

You sure about that?

I’m 1.5k into mine. :joy: It’s very random.


I absolutely am. I won’t deny that whatsoever. The difference is these suckers don’t nag me.

But no, not Oliver Twist.


Only you would dare to one-up yourself.

Good luck.

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Do you think I could combine all these prompts in one story?

The prompts I’m considering are: #1, #12, #13, #20, #53, #60, #72 and #88.

If they’re too many, I’ll have to scale down on some…


Yeah, I decided to let them go. I don’t care anymore, but Igor and Shade have stayed so I will roll with that. I just put all of my ideas down now, and come back to them if I wanna. If not, I will delete them.


I think that’s a lot for 20-40k words.

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