Welcome :hugs:.
I’m Kamiccola on Wattpad too.

I don’t recommend it.
As others pointed out, it’s a community event and you get the most out of it when you go all in and I don’t know if you’ll be able to go all in if you’ve got another project at the same time.

Unless working on two works out for you for some reason.

Have fun with it. When you’re enjoying your own work, it comes through to the readers.

As for writing a novella, I recommend being careful of your scope so you don’t end up with too much story that you can’t fit in 40k words. Think about one simple catchy premise and stay away from subplots or multiple protagonists.


So, aside for my 1990’s potential story, my two others are:

—another novella set in the Knowable World, my matriarchal Hindu Hellen setting. It’s YA in an East Asia inspired setting. The good thing is I can add it to my main Knowable World book (Hearts in Zenith).
—sci-fi with merpeople and a super-villain (sort of) who repents. The outline needs lots of work because I am not seeing a solid storyline with strong enough anything.

Overall, I think 1990’s story is most promising in terms of how interesting it is and having a point.


I so badly want to know what the prompts are. I hate waiting for ONC to release the prompts it always feels like it takes forever… which I mean they did post the book over two weeks ago now so that probably explains that.


Only one more week to go! >_< I’m so anxious to see them!


Oh! Actually,I thought of one more possibility! To try for that third book i’ve been avoiding writing for my mafia series. Or a paired book for Fireman’s Girl.


So, I thought of it some more, and my idea to write the last Tangorello book (my mafia series) as a novella first for ONC actually moved to front-running position along with that 90’s b-stuff. I made a sample cover and started brainstorming ideas for the outline.



I finally decided to interact instead of lurking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This will be my second time joining ONC after giving it a try last year. After seeing how the contest helped me a lot, pushing me to finally write the prequel of my series, something that I always wanted to start writing but had trouble figuring out the meat of the story, I think I’ll be joining the contest more often.

This year I’m planning to revive and develop/improve two abandoned stories that have been stuck in my notebooks for a long time. I’m crossing my fingers to find perfect promts that fit one of them.

I hope I’ll have the same luck as last year and finish writing my entry in time even though I have a WIP I’m currently posting on wattpad.


(Wave) Hello! Join in! I hope you will have a wonderful ONC! Stick around here, it will be fun.


Thank you for the warm welcome!

I seriously can’t wait to see the prompts, I’ve been organizing the two potential projects for days and I can’t wait to see which one I’ll end up writing. February first is taking forever to be here.


It’s such a great opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning for the project idea file and take a look at the outlines. :slight_smile:


I’m just hoping for something offbeat. I don’t want serious crap even if I write drama. Lol


The churroverse is offbeat :smiley:


I know, and I waffle between offbeat and convenient.


Your stories are usually cool, like what you did to that cow prompt.


That was pure clean fun.

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Yep and I enjoyed reading that, tbh. :joy:

The ending was the best part, to me. Friggen cow.

Anyway, it’s a night and day difference between my two from last year. I’ve got no real love for the other one, but it’s a story that I had bouncing around my head for a while, unlike Mini Moo.


Yeah, I know right? :smiley:

Yeah. I just write ideas, and see what sticks. I still have that Raul thing in my drafts from last year, and it needs too much work, lol.

Prompts come out tonight >_<

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Omigod! I did a bunch of graphics today… just because I dunno what else to do. Lol.