One line snippet. Share one line from your story that gives off the vibes.

One line. Imagine if someone told you to quote one line from whatever you’ve written that gives off the vibes of the book, what would you share with them?

You can only share one line from each book if you have multiple books. You also have to tell them why you chose that line.

Mine would be something like this:
From Between Roses

Eryn strutted down the school hall in fury to catch up with the stupid nerd in the plaid shirt.

And I chose it because it shows that this story isn’t going to be all that serious. It shows Eryn’s tough character. It’s also the first line of the whole book.


My first sentence:

Elaine is not a lush.

Actually, she is a lush, and the rest of the book proves it. (♯^.^ღ)


Then he screamed, and screamed until the entire floor echoed—yet, no hint of sympathy came, and he fell to his side, clutching his legs, and wept.

End of chapter two, Descendent.

Because this guy got heavily set up as the antagonist in chapter one by murdering the protag’s basically-adopted younger brother and I need people to feel sympathy for this man because he is best boii and totally about to become victim to inhumane things because people want his head far too much.


“The world, mother nature, earth, gaia… it tried to kill us, it tried to erase our country off the face of earth, it tried to kill every single man, woman and child on this country. Every last animal, every last piece of grass… mother nature however could not defeat us. We today say, mother nature, we can forgive, but never forget.”

President Jorge Alessandri, 1967


This is so hard :sob: but I think I finally found one.

She stepped with bare feet right up to the edge and looked down, wondering what was beyond the mist.
-Glance and the Blue Prophecy, Ch.18

I chose this one because it represents a major turning point in the MC’s character arc. She’s at her lowest point, contemplating death, when she discovers that the drop was an illusion, and beyond the mist she meets a new friend (enemy might be more realistic) who helps bring her back to reality and gives her a reason to live on. It’s one of my favorite sections in the book.


I’m a little emotional today, and this made me tear up a little. Very lovely, thanks for sharing <3


From the chapter of Tear In The Megaverse I haven’t yet completed :joy:

If she was actually going to die in a way that meant she wouldn’t revive, it sure as f**k wouldn’t be because of this nutcase.

Well, it’s one of the vibes in this book :joy:


And she died the way they always die in old tragedies—splayed out on the ground all warm flesh and sticky blood, far too young for it to be right, first shock of betrayal carved across her features, last breath slipping past her lips like a prayer.


“The guards told Cainis that she should consider her words carefully as the king sled further into senility.”


That is written so beautifully and peacefully :sob:


My resurfacing memories were like fragmented glass strewn across the floor, leaving me to piece together what happened to me.

Skye’s goal for the story is to return back to her boyfriend and the realm of the living and figure out how she died. But she’s not going to like the answer. :slight_smile:


Sounds like the opening line to a power metal song


What the heck is a lush? :stuck_out_tongue: That’s what would make me read on XD


@Cai Interesting. I like your choice. I was hoping for choices like this, in the middle of a chapter other than the first chapter.

@Merlifan And why have you chosen that quote?

Are you working on Glance again? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Ahhhh, I’m so curious as to what led up to her getting to her lowest point.

It’s some awesome vibes there :wink: I like the humor.

Ooooh, that is so beautiful, but tell me, why did you choose this quote?

Interesting :thinking: I was prepared to have something about dinosaurs from you, tbh. Why this quote?

Agree! @PaperThinSkin14

That’s so good! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Cainis’s bff is a dinosaroid, CM Kosemen style!

It fits the overall tone of the beginning, Cainis just got fired for asking the king why the blimp force had to random civilians to get some tiny crystal.

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I shall do better this time:
Jack Of All Trades

Jack wanted to ignore this fantasy and go back to the real world.

I chose this snippet because it shows the character-driven story and something about running away. Jack is always trying to run away from his past or from situations that don’t benefit him. The whole story is about him running away from who and what he truly is.


I’m really really wanting to! It’s seriously my favorite story. Just having a tough time shaking the rust off since it’s been a couple years since I last worked on it.


A black aura rose from her fingertips, smoke encircled her hands, and her eyes blackened.


Thank you!! I chose it bc she’s the character that just wasn’t supposed to die—she almost died over and over again but always made it through, seemed to have main character armour, that sort of thing, and she’s working towards this goal that would change her life, but then instead of getting the thing she thought she was going to, she’s killed, even though she did everything right.

Throughout the story there’s this reoccurring theme of huge buildups that end up going against what you’d expect and twisting into the worst possible outcome. The entire story is just people making all the right choices and getting hurt for it anyways, because it was out of their control. This character didn’t deserve to die, shouldn’t have died, but it didn’t matter.


I do an Epilogue for To Make a Kinder Children’s Tale. You know, the kind of thing people skip?

In their best here and now, where they were young: they had a wedding to plan, a young son to get to know, and enough of a tale to weave lies from to make a kinder children’s story.

This is the last line of the story. And this is what I’d give to someone I’m trying to get interested in it, right now.

But to others who I was trying to allow into my own personal space?

It’s more half a paragraph.

Some fifteen hundred years after they wed, Esme died in her husband’s bedchamber. His only warning was that she fell after she got out the bed. It was a cold winter, and it took magic and hard labor to hew a grave into the ground next to their dear boy, but the once braw Aelif refused to let her freeze above ground. And he grieved—his sun had gone out and could not follow after him, in the tradition of the Aelif.

It’s about my mother’s death. The turning point that brought her back to the ICU she never came out of was that she fell when she got out of bed. Brain infection that made it impossible to treat her Glioblastoma. She was buried with her ancestors and with her own daughter. Although my father remarried, it was as if he was just dead, for a while. Ran out of state to work for a long time after that.

I’ll come back and do more later.