Out of Context! What happened in your story the last you worked on it?

Tell me the last thing that happened in your story the last time you worked on it (drafting, editing, rewriting, etc.). You don’t even have to name characters if you want to avoid spoilers.

You can be super vague or incredibly detailed, but you don’t have to give backstory or any context.

You can return again and again but it should always be the last thing that happened.

I’m going to give titles because I’m doing multiple, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


The end of the battle between Amneris and her evil dream self happened :joy:

The Final Downfall: Chapter 12 (FINAL DRAFT)

The blue-white shockwave hit A.K. before the sound came. And what a sound it was. A resounding, sharp SNAP echoed through the cove. The waters burst into the sky. The sea stacks crumbled and fell, splashing into the shaking ocean as massive waves crashed down on the shore. Trees were torn from their roots. The sand was parted into a deep crater. The faceless men, the energy beings connected to them, and A.K. were left as nothing more than red splatters in the sand.

Amneris landed in the remains of her self-caused disaster. She gave what little remained of A.K. a childish kick. “Told you you’re the pathetic one.”


I haven’t written anything all month, but I think when I last worked on my story it had just started raining blood and giant vampire slugs started bubbling up from the soil. :s


Sounds like some epic thing happened and then your powerful character shoved it someone’s face :grin: or rather, someone’s corpse? :open_mouth:

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Vampire slugs??? :open_mouth:

Writing can include editing, btw, if you’ve done any of that.

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Yup, Amneris doesnt like being impersonated so she had to kick thr corpse because shes like mentally 10 sometimes :joy:

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Last I wrote the the twins, Ari, and Mr. Green were surrounded by a lot of monsters + a lich-like sorcerer at the top of a tower, which is on top of a mountain, in the middle of a thunderstorm.

On the curse that settles in Khiga

A curse escapes the dark realm and burrows itself in the desert of Khiga, waiting for its object.

Torgyn and his companion Efras are travelling with a merchant caravan when they encounter Omru, a dye trader headed to the city of Hebelon for his niece’s wedding. He tells them of the strange visions he’s been plagued with on this journey; the faces of devils on the mountainside, dreams of flying, blood running in the city streets. Torgyn reveals himself to be a holyman and gives him a charm.

The curse latches onto Hedda, a pregnant young woman in the caravan who’s headed to her sister’s village in the eastern desert past Hebelon. She goes into labour immediately. Omru offers to bring her with him to his brother’s house, where wedding preparations are underway, to give birth. He sends Efras ahead to send word.

Torgyn attends Hedda but realises that this curse is like no other. He refuses to help. Outside Hebelon, the caravan splits and Torgyn leaves without a word, joining the traders heading east.


Editing. MiniMoo

“What? Do you think I’m scared of a little singing and an old man getting up there to tell me I’m evil for thinking about getting you to rope and ride me? Besides, your mom wants to feed me afterward. That’s just trading a short purgatory for heaven.”

Anise mouthed the words rope and ride me while Vance talked. She didn’t know if she turned red because it was so blunt or because it took her a second. “But if we go to your house, all we are going to do is cook and play games until your father goes off again, so you’re not really going to get me up on top of you.”


I just started its fourth draft, so I’m only a page and a half in. What’s happened so far is a bit of world building where my MC is looking out into the distance on a restaurant’s roof and is in deep thought. He’s waiting. Then his girlfriend comes in the picture, and as they kiss, parts of his PTSD comes back and he begins to spiral until she reassures him that nothing bad is going to happen to her or to him.

Big ol’ vampire slugs ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ

Haven’t edited all month either lol, too busy doing Artfight :slight_smile: But this is from an an entirely new chapter that was added to the book I’m rewriting/editing.


A Forbidden Happiness

Imperial Concubine Jiang is in on her 3rd-ish day of house arrest after falling into Noble Lady Xiang’s trap. She realizes that she either going to wither away and die in her rooms or The Emperor will grant her the mercy of death (AKA “let” her commit suicide rather than be executed). She’s just finished destroying her rooms when the locks on her door clang open. Imperial Concubine Jiang has some hope that its The Emperor coming to see her but instead, it’s The Empress Dowager.


Philbert the mc has just decided he hates people after being bullied throughout his childhood. So instead of hiring humans, he uses his book of magic to construct a fleet of mechanical servants to wait on him: Granville, Hodgkiss, Mandrake, Fillmore, and Laramore. (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭‧˚₊・*̥✧


A professor tells her mentee he spends too much time thinking about girls and not enough time thinking about the bigger picture.


Alright alright,

Meiste After Hota reveals some startling truths about the Zenestian system to King Iziser, Iziser decides he will use his power to abolish the system. When she hears about this, Eheste Lozerief finally snaps, and tries to steal the magic out of Iziser and Hota so she can be in control and maintain the system. Iziser and Hota only narrowly get away.
It Will Hurt and There Will Be No Fire Anansi tries to convince her older sister, Yessei, not to go on her date, but she ignores her and goes anyways. The date goes well at first, until Stardust, the woman Yessei is dating, reveals that she only meant to secure Yessei for a war happening in another universe (long story). Both Yessei and Stardust are heartbroken because of Stardust's manipulation, and Yessei is locked away in the back of a van.

:sweat_smile: Fun.

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That sounds like a chaotic place to be :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds like foreshadowing :smirk:

@HKelle I’ve long thought this, but you’re good at drawing ooze :grin:

Good thing or bad thing for Jiang?

I love the names :grin:

Ooooh, exciting!

I’m guessing there was a struggle to get Yessei locked up?


The last thing? The lady had the baby and I forget what they named her, but it meant Rainbow.


The Endurlon

After two days travel south and meeting a shadowy organisation during the night at a horrid location, Riona and Kelbis now have entered the town of Tressin on the Hill. After a bit of a distrustful exchange with the Door Warden, they now look to avoid further the torrential downpour indoors at the inn that was advised to them…

Got no further than that, so closed the chapter there.



Bad. The Empress Dowager essentially going to blackmail Jiang using custody of her daughter (long story short, this child was manipulated by a different concubine into thinking Xiang was a witch and she split her face open with a plate during a lunch The Emperor attended). in exchange for her daughter’s safety, Jiang must essentially sign her life over to The Empress Dowager whose goals are to remove The Empress’ powers in the harem and to get ride of Xiang.


disgruntled vampire and paraplegic swedishman got kicked off a bus on the side of the road and have to make it back to town where they left an angry vampire (hunting aforementioned disgruntled vampire) three gang members (hunting their friend), and two friends (being hunted).