Out of Context! What happened in your story the last you worked on it?

That’s a whole load of trouble right there… Haha!


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Oh it is :joy: fitting for the climax of the last arc, I feel

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Counterintuitively, no. Due to some stuff (very specific, Ik, it’s just too long to explain lol) Yessei gets magic-cuffed, and she’s too upset to really resist after that

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gotta keep things interesting :disguised_face:


Mateo was actually being useful.


Well, that’s a good name meaning :wink:

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I couldn’t help but notice the rhyme :grin:

Of course it rains. Hopefully the inn isn’t filled with suspicious people.

Well that doesn’t sound good :grimacing:

This reminds me of the beginning of those horrible jokes of the people walking into bars :stuck_out_tongue: And sounds like the beginning of an epic story between two unlikely friends.

Hopefully they get back safely and can save their friends. Are the friends vampires or humans?

I see. Well that’s not a good situation :sweat_smile: Sobbing type or just angry pouting type or something else? Does she try to escape or she’s given up right now?

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Shocking revelation?


Yep and more. :smiley:


Sobbing type and she’s given up :upside_down_face: .

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The love interests went to a speakeasy bar. Underground illusion, dirty dancing and the like. FMC drinks a little too much, dances a little too sexy and overall, entices MMC :skull:


:rofl: it does doesn’t it.

hm, not the beginning but definitely unlikely friends.

yes… safely… yes

the friends are humans, it’s the fmc and her roommate. she’s being chased by a gang who wants her for her power (she does not know this because Disgruntled Vampire neglected to pass along that message) and also trying to get to a certain place in time to meet her long lost dad.

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Fully unintentional I will add. But yeah, hehehe!

Just an unwanted guest, and an observation that could help in the next few chapters or so (For Riona and Kelbis that is).


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Edit on MiniMoo:

Anise was left with Cousin Sean and the younger boys to help load up two happy-but-onrey cows, closer to the event’s official start time. They weren’t hard to load, and the boys were over-eager, which left Anise with a moment to check on Sean before they left.

He was gruffly worried about her more. “Are you sure you can handle the trailer all the way there?”

“Yes, Sean.” Anise tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she crammed her baseball cap on like a hair band. “Pa would not allow me to haul the long trailer, but the short one, I got. And Pa is going to be there to help me unload–or if he’s busy, John will. I’m not doing this by myself. Are you sure about being alone?”

“I’m alone most days, baby girl. That and Ma told Old Thomas to send one of his boys by to check up on me.”

She threw her arms around his neck for a big hug before she left the farm. They so rarely left Sean alone that it felt awkward, like the last person who would ever be in a ghost town. It was all the harder, as he had only so many years left to him. He wasn’t of her ma’s generation, but the previous one, making him more like a grandfather than cousin.


The wedding guest’s tale
The children listening are fascinated, but the adults are doubtful of its accuracy — for one, Eriham is not known to be a fighter. At the end of the tale, they urge him to tell them of Musteppo’s teachings. Eriham says he will later, and asks to see his cousin to present his wedding gifts, but she has locked herself in her room in protest of the wedding.


hehe thank you, I like drawing ooze lol :3

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Middle of chapter 15’s edits on Mini Moo:

At Lucky Lookout, actually behaving themselves at the moment.

The smirk on his face warned her that he was about to try again so she opened the car door and scooted backwards out of his car. “Down, boy!”

He followed her out. “Should I chase you around the car until I get you back on my lap or do you want to see why we are up here?”

She rolled her eyes. “Please, give meaning to our smutting around.”

Vance shook his head at her. “The only smut I know is what grows on corn, and you’re the farm girl. Anyway, where we are going is through the wacky weed in front of the car.”

Anise looked it over. “Oh, it is. Think it’s natural or some lovers emptied their ashtrays here once too often?”

“Oh, it’s definitely an ashtray dump. Dad has one of those coffee table books full of various heads, and I’ve seen colors more common to strains that have never been wild. As these all are showing signs of seeding, no one’s been cultivating them.”

“And here I am, the Farm Girl. Yeah, I see the seeds.” Anise nodded, trying to figure out the connection between the two. “Why wouldn’t cultivating have seeds, then?”

He shook his head and walked through the plants. “Stay innocent, Anise. It looks good on you.”

“Oh, come on, I’m just going to look it up on my pho…”

He had stepped to the side so she could walk out without him blocking the view that was in front of them.

“Oh, my. So I guess you really weren’t bringing me up here to be naughty. Damn.” Anise bit her bottom lip, thinking.

He snorted and looked away for a second, back at the point where she was driving him insane, without any effort on her part. “Say something about the landscape.”

It was a maze of fields, as expected, going through two rows of furrowed hills that Lookout Lane overlooked, with a lonely paved road that connected at the base of the bluff from where they had turned off. It was like looking down God’s hallway. A few slopes in, a dozen old store fronts were better kept than half the county, but vacant. It reminded her of an old town Sean used to talk about.

“What is this, Striker’s Row?”

“No, the half-finished town that sits in the middle of what’s called Bob’s Caning. It’s been used in a few indie films that want something that stepped out of our grandparent’s era.” Vance was watching her face as she took the view in. “You’ve never been out this way before.”

She looked down at the rocky ledge while she shook her head no. “Is it safe to sit on the edge of this?”

“Yeah, been doing it for years.”

“With who?” She looked at him in confusion and she scooted down to sit.

Vance’s sigh wasn’t one of frustration, but more an exaggeration of falling in love–one of those acts of his that made her want to laugh and kick him at the same time. “I think that’s the first time you’ve given a damn about my past.”


Will she regret this later on? Or not really?

How does he take it?

:eyes: Some family drama?

Highly enjoyed their interaction bit. I like how you’re subtly showing the characters’ character. And this bit here where readers get to learn Anise had (maybe) never asked him about his past. Now maybe there might be some heartfelt conversations?

It comes right after that. Directly explains why he’s a typical 17 year old boy in front of everyone but his dad, and gives reason for why he’s not likely to jump too deep into sex immediately.

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Mateo announced that he was gay…. for Christmas infront of the school.