Project Progression! How far along are you progressing with your creative projects, stories or not?

Hey, it’s your friend, Qualeshia!
Just wanted to say hello and to check on you all!

So, how’s writing, reading, and other creative outlets going these days. This month of January is almost over within the next week, then we move on the February. Since this month will be ending soon, tell me all about the new projects you’ve started, the ones you are still working on, and the ones you are just finishing up. Even mention the projects you plan to start in February and/or March.

How are things progressing with the projects? Anything new changes or anything worth getting excited about? Who are the character and their motivation, goals, hopes, and dreams related and/or unrelated to the plot? What is the project’s temporary title? Do you have an idea of what the final tile will be? What is the story even about and are you satisfied with the outcome of the plot, now?

What books are you currently reading? What’s the genres? How many books you plan to read this year than last year? Which books are you hyped to read? Which books are you least interested in to read? Any new authors you are itching to try or not wanting to try? Are the books you’re reading inspiration for your current story or not at all?

Anything you’re drawing at the moment? Tell me more about your drawing, paintings, and other creative passions because reading and writing, please? I want to know about how you are progressing creatively!

Thoughts and feelings?

NOTE: I want us to chat, hangout, gush, and get excited about our novels, short stories, novellas, and more. These can also be other creative hobbies like reading, art, and anything else sparking your creative juices.



Come here, my friends!


Today I finished chapter 5 of my as yet untitled thingy inspired by Song of Achilles meets Georgette Heyer. This reminds me of the musical The Producers where they try to create a surefire Broadway flop by coming up with the stupidest idea using the stupidest people, and it unwittingly becomes a massive hit. So who knows, maybe this will be the book that makes me famous! (>‿◠):v:

As for reading, here’s my TBR. I’m currently reading Yellowface, about a failed writer. Only just started it, though, so I really have no idea yet.

So whatcha doing yourself? New book coming along well? __〆(..)


I’ve been struggling with writing the past few months truth be told. Now I’m trying to shoehorn a scene into an already laid out plot, and struggling to get that going and fighting the feeling that I am breaking up the rhythm already established… :confused:
I’ll figure it out, but man it’s like pulling teeth right now!


:flushed: You don’t like Litffic by any chance, do you? :wink: Nah jokes aside, that’s a big list. Hope you make your way through it this year and enjoy the stories. And the non-fic books too.

As for me, I am writing something as I wait for ONC. It’s a story about the rise of one of Angel Fall’s biggest reluctant druglords in the 90s and 00s: Juan-Mateo Rojas, the king of blow: the man, the myth, and the legend.


The Final Downfall [Novel]
Publication set for May 25. In the final editing stages.

The Power of a Name [Short]
Complete and ready to be published in August

The Serpent’s Bindings [Short]
Final draft before beginning editing process. Will also be published in August.

The Spirit Veil [Novella]
Started writing final draft but probably won’t be ready until 2025 at the earliest.

Queen of Darkness [Novel]
Literally wrote the first chapter yesterday :joy:


ugh don’t remind me :joy: i slacked off all december and january has been a terrible month.

i’m still working on my nano project, i’m in the final little bit but i haven’t been able to get into the flow so instead i’m chipping away at it in tiny pieces and it’s taking forever.

after i finally finish the nano project i’m headed back to edit Gallows Humour. I’d like to publish in April but honestly i don’t think i’ll have the money to do that. so maybe october instead. or we’ll see how donating plasma goes.

as far as reading goes, i’ve only read 1 book this month :stuck_out_tongue: boo.

i dunno what’s going on with me this month. although, to be completely fair, it dumped 2 feet of snow on my city and then a day later that awful siberian chill swooped in and turned my car into a brick and my apartment into an uninhabitable igloo (because why would my heat work properly the 1 week it’s -50 outside). So that may have had a hand in this dismal progression.


I sure did ask a LOT of questions when I made this. Either I was way too excited, or I just like torturing the hell out of you people? :sweat_smile:

@alenatenjo, @JohnnyTuturro , @copyedit, @Darwin, and @Akje


I am starting nothing new until February.


Been working on shitpost fanfiction. You?


I am about to make a thread explaining just that. Come and see it later, when you get the chance.



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Still on Chapter 6 of THFAS, haven’t written since 2 weeks ago due to classes
My goal is to start posting it on wattpad by autumn this year with a decent backlog, so I’m aiming to write 10 ~ 15 chapters before that

As for reading, I set a goal for just 5 novels this year as I haven’t been reading much recently
So far I’ve read one novella :joy: I do have a mystery novel sitting on my drawers since last year, so I’ll tackle that sometime


I haven’t worked on anything creative in a while :eyes: I don’t wanna touch my novel. But there are a few other opportunities popping up in February. Mostly poetry readings. But also maybe a spatial storytelling exhibit and a residency at the local theatre… I’m in two minds whether I should apply though.

I’m reading Prophet Song by Paul Lynch atm. And also The Lure of the Vampire: Gender, Fiction and Fandom from Bram Stoker to Buffy by Milly Williamson. Plus I’ve got to read The Undetectables by Courtney Smyth for my bookclub meeting on Saturday.

I don’t have a reading goal this year. I’ll just read whatever, whenever I want instead of trying to meet a target. Ooo new authors huh. Aidan Cottrell-Boyce, Tobi Lakmaker, Balsam Karam and Nicolas Padamsee I’ve heard good things about. I’ll check their stuff out at some point. Also waiting for a few translations coming out this year.


Actually, that list is all the books I failed to read last year. And you know what? I’ll probably carry most of them through to next year’s TBR. And maybe the year after that, and so on, and so forth… (>‿◠):v:

But hopefully I’ll eventually read all of them before I die. I’d hate to think I wasted all that darn money. (♯^.^ღ)

Oooh, Angel Falls should be the name of your book series when you start selling it on Amazon. Every series should have a short, easy to remember name. And every book can be about a different character in Angel Falls, and how they all interact. You’ll be a hit! I stumbled across a self-published book series the other day that has 52 books in it so far. Now I understand how those writers are making six figures. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)


Yes, you totally should carry them over into this year, and see how many you manage to read. That would be fun, and a progression of sorts too :wink:

Yeah you will read them all before you die lol.

Yeah, I will highlight the important characters. :stuck_out_tongue: Angel Falls. I can see that, yes. LOL can you show me the 52 book series if you can find it?


Sure! Here it is:

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UPDATE: Didn’t like the way my insert was going, and moved it to another place… (After figuring out the date I needed.) So I revamped my prologue for Saying No… Now I have some orphan writing I want to find a home for (again without breaking the storytelling rotation between the characters)


I’ve been working on school so much lately that I haven’t had the time to do much on here (I know you’ve tagged me in stuff and I’m sorry I never replied to most of them, but it’s because I only have so many spoons at the moment). I did finish my second draft of Synthetic:Genesis before the new year started and I’m very proud of that. Just taking a break from writing now to allow beta readers to give feedback and to give myself some room to step back from my project so I can see it with fresh eyes when I come back to it. I’ve also been drawing a lot of portraits of the face claim I use for my MC lately, using photo references. Some of them turn out good, others not so much. My art is kind of hit or miss these days. I’m out of practice, but trying to draw more often. Again, school just has me swamped lately.


Haaai (stitch)

Tiny progress update on Story Projects:

If you have further questions about either of the stories, feel free to ask. I didn’t want to overwhelm you :wink:

Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound

Editing. Rewriting. Taking a bit of a break right now :sweat_smile: Like how it’s going so far.

Between Roses (most exciting news)

Getting character art soon. Sending it off for line editing on February 12. Doing a cover reveal on IG on February 15. It’s a mixed media cover. I LOVE it.

Their Posthumous Lives duology

Villains. Just, lots and lots of problematic villains and people. Lots of pathetic people. Lots of dark humor, sarcasm, satire, and historical reference Easter Eggs. Adding charm to book 1. Book 2 is in rest mode, atm. I want to completely fix and charm book 1 before I work on book 2.

The Children of Scorch chronicles?

Idk if this is Chronicles… but it will be called Children of Scorch. 8-book series. Already contemplating writing book 1 which begins with Pedro as a boy and his survival, kinda. The theme will be quite dark, so probably not middle grade material.

Hush Hush (poetry)

Dark poetry collection to be edited. I do have a cover though because one of my favorite graphic artists had a perfect premade up for SALE. I had to snatch it.

Non-story stuff, but related:

Author's Website

Meh. I have to organize this some day, honestly.

Fox_in_Thoughts YouTube channel

I wonder what I’ll do next :smirk:

Instagram (it's also a project)

Hosting an “Often Writes This Bingo”, a snippet bingo challenge where you find words or sentences which I said I often write, so you can see if you often write them, too. So far, people have been saying it’s helping them find their weak spots in writing.

One person found 22 instances of “smirk” and another found 23 instances of “chuckle”.

one book

A translated-to-Japanese book. Originally French. The level of fantasy is out of this world. You think you know what’s going to happen and something totally unexpected happens every. single. time.

Currently, words belonging to cursed books escaped into the world and are now sucking the blood of humans.

another book

Another fantasy book. English. Senlin Ascends. I’ve only read the first page :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t say too much yet, but it already sounds good.

I’m often drawing something :wink: