Questions pertaining to your writing projects!

Here are the questions:

1.What are you currently writing at the moment? What did you recently finished, story wise? What is your next story?

2.Out of all the titles you’ve given your stories, which one(s) were the most creative and which one(s) was the least creative to you personally? BE HONEST!

3.Which character was the most difficult to write in terms of being outside your usual?

4.Is there a story project you had high hopes for, but had to toss it in the trunk or somewhere deep in the confounds of your mind? Unfortunately, you never went back to it. Do you still remember it or not at all?

5.Is there a brand new story idea that you have been dabbling with and want to test your skills?

6.Aside from all of your stories being fun in their own way, which story project was the most enjoyable ride for you in terms of creativity and imagination exploding?

7.Out of all your stories, which one had the most creative plot twist in your opinion? Which one had a plot twist that made even you a bit confused…in a good way?

8.What is a quote from your story that really resonates with you on a personal level that was spoken by a character?

9.Is there a sentence or paragraph where the MC is talking or arguing with someone, who is stating something slightly true or completely about the MC in a way that they are trying to deny it entirely?

10.Will your current story project come in a series of books or will it be a standalone? What are your overall intentions for the story overall in terms of making it into a series or keeping it as a standalone?

Bonus Question:

11.What is a genre or subgenre you would absolutely love to explore for a possible next story project/idea?




I am here to answer thy questions before going to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m writing a YA Portal Fantasy The Rat Girl. I recently finished an Elgana story, Solar Song, Frozen Fate. After The Rat Girl, I plan to work on my eventual debut novel, Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound and edit my magic realism story sequel Dead By Sunrise.

Oooh, good question.

Most creative:

Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound
Lone Gold, Daring Purple
Between Roses (if you read the story, you’ll know why it’s here)
There Lives a Beast in the Burning Heart
The Façade of Quad in Nimrod
Their Posthumous Lives (duology title)

Least creative:

The Rat Girl (a story about a girl who turns into a rat, duh :roll_eyes: )
Two and the Last Year on Earth (that’s exactly what it’s about)
Paws Chase Murder Case (sorry, Scotch! Your story is meant to be humorous, not fancy fantasy creative)
Jack Of All Trades (I like it, but, you know, it’s a pretty generic phrase)

The ones not listed fall between those two categories.

Pinti from Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound because she is my first super complex main character who is an anti-hero go-getter survivor. But I’m ready to tackle her now. Let’s do this…after I finish writing The Rat Girl.

oh yeah, I remember it. One of my emails uses part of it’s title as a password, so, the past constantly shows its ugly head XD I need to change that password.

I am writing my “brand new story idea” :stuck_out_tongue: Current WIP, The Rat Girl.

The Elgana books. Each story adds a new part to the lore. I made Elgana to have everything that I like to explore in a fantasy world. I can choose to follow any character in Elgana and come out with new discoveries each time. Doesn’t get old :blush:

Going to break up my answer here. Any questions? :wink:


I like all my plot twists :stuck_out_tongue:

If I have to pick one… I do really like the one in Lone Gold, Daring Purple because it’s not only a twist on lore but it also ropes in character relationships affecting the MC in several ways.

Confusing? Oh my gosh, Jack Of All Trades had the most confusing, three (or four?) -layered plot twist to deal with. Blame it on Jack. He’s responsible.

Hmm…it doesn’t resonate with me, but,

“Memories are always with us, but we can free ourselves from the past…letting go doesn’t mean forgetting.”

is a favorite quote of mine that a character said.

What an oddly specific question :wink:

Read Jack Of All Trades and you will find tons of moments of arguments. Jack is an unreliable character and in denial of his identity. He meets a girl called Eli who thinks she knows things about him. Btw, Jack can read people’s minds if he touches their left side.

Here's a conversation between Jack and Eli

“How are you and Norman half brothers?”

Jack grimaced. “Where did you hear that?”

“I have my ways.”

Don’t think anything Eli, she thought.

“Your sixth sense?” He chuckled. “I would be impressed if that was the reason you know. Norman’s father and my father are the same father. That’s how we’re related.”

“The one that recently died?”

Jack decided to go with that story for now. The other story was far more complicated, and Eli might really start calling him Your Royal Patheticness. “Yeah.”

“Lie!” She pointed at him. “Because I know.”

He was growing impatient. She was hiding her thoughts by telling herself over and over not to think about things and it was working. It was also annoying him. “Okay fine. Tell me my life story and I’ll correct you where you’re wrong.” He sat back and crossed his arms. “Come on then, miss.”

Eli scowled. “You’re talking down to me again.”

These two were such fun to write XD

The Rat Girl is a standalone but it’s got a complementary novel Between Roses which also begins in the same fictional state of New Soleil. The MCs of both go to the same school and were friends. Chronologically, Between Roses happens before The Rat Girl.

You don’t need to read one to understand the other though.


I want to get back to the ocean :stuck_out_tongue: I had this siren princess story going, but mixed it up and now I have to rewrite it. It’s also a story that begins in New Soleil. It’s a portal fantasy. Doesn’t have a set title yet.


Dodge the bullet on saying the other word that also represents “portal fantasy”.


How big is the rat girl? Is she a normal sized rat or a human sized rat?

Not sure what you mean :thinking:

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Normal-sized rat. Human form is normal-sized human.

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Isekai. I was about to say the word “isekai”.

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You mean the Japanese translation.

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Imagine if the MC was a normal sized mouse, that would actually be funny to me.

Not sure why.

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When she first turns into a rat, it takes the energy out of her and she passes out, only to wake up in a pocket :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tend to feel like that sometimes when it comes to Alagossia.

Like the lore/myth/worldbuilding/history all seem so interesting and amazing in my head. I just need some stories that can really embrace all those thing along with some amazing characters too.

And yet I will not reveal these stories to the world…

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That is cute.

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I love that.

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At one point, I was generally wondering what ever happened to that story, because you’ve mentioned it a few times in the past.

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