Random Art Requests! (uncharged)

Hiiiiiii :\ I’m a starting artist who looking for requests :sparkles: and I usual do digital art on my tablet, mostly uncolored sketches without much details. I mainly do art from the waist and up, though sometimes I would also try out full body, or headshots, I’m also available to two person interaction sketches :sparkling_heart: (those are so cute!!!) I’m hoping that I would be able to get more practice on my anatomy and body movements. I’m looking for mostly requests of OCs or just to give me some detailed elements, and I might be able to create a character out of them!

Examples <3

This would be a cute two person, almost waist-up sketch example of what I did for my fic >:3

  1. I’m not a professional who takes up a career in art! So please feel free to tell me kindly if I did draw something wrong :0 also, please don’t use my art commercially >:3
  2. Feel free to send in any request, as long as it doesn’t touch upon any sensitive topics, or uncomfortable topics, for example, politics, humiliation of others and such! Elements like gore or negativity, or hot fictional killers/criminals are totally acceptable though (mwahahha) as long as its still within a legal range! >:3
  3. I might not be able to draw out certain angles, or they might be done badly, but I will give it my best!
  4. This is absolutely free of charge, but I get to pick what to draw >:333 MWAHAHAHAA
  5. The same account is not able to request over 2 whole bodies, 3 waist-ups, or 5 headshots
Request format :0

Gender :
Waist up/ Full body/ Headshot
Waist up : (What position? Body movements? Actions?)
Full body : (What position? Body movements? Actions?)
Headshot : (What angle? Hands/no hands (optional)? Movement of hands (optional) ?)
Hairstyle :
Facial expression :
Reference pictures (optional) :
Details : (wings, tail, animal ears, stickers, bruises, hairpins, choker, tie etc.)
Clothing style :

Thats about it! Have funnnnnnn


I’ll be your first requester! :blush:

Gender: Male
Waist up/ Full body/ Headshot: Headshot
Waist up: (What position? Body movements? Actions?)
Full body: (What position? Body movements? Actions?)
Headshot: (What angle? Hands/no hands (optional)? Movement of hands (optional) ?) 3/4 to either the left or right (whichever is more comfortable for you), eyes looking straight forward at you
Hairstyle: short finger-combed hair
Facial expression: sweet smiling with a closed mouth, eyes are a bit squinty from the smiling if that makes sense, innocent look
Reference pictures (optional):
face reference!

cute drawing references! (drawn by @/korralistic and @/thegreenninjafan respectively)

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 4.04.25 PM

hairstyle references!

clothing reference!


Details: (wings, tail, animal ears, stickers, bruises, hairpins, choker, tie etc.) he has very pale skin and dark blue eyes. His eyes aren’t small but they’re sharp and narrow, hopefully that makes sense :sweat_smile: he also has a round-ish face and lips that aren’t thin, but they’re a bit plumper in the middle
Clothing style: simple and casual. He likes wearing white sweaters like the one in the reference above, but if you want to draw him in a plain black t-shirt, that’s fine too!

Thank you for considering :grin:

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Also gonna tag people who might be interested:
@authorsueawad @SayWatt @thegreenninjafan @pagli-monke @Yanna you probably want to check this out!


Gender : Male
Waist up/ Full body/ Headshot : Waist up
Waist up : (What position? Body movements? Actions?) : hands casually by his side!!
Hairstyle : none
Facial expression : blushing
Reference pictures (optional) : Leo

Details : (wings, tail, animal ears, stickers, bruises, hairpins, choker, tie etc.) : his belts… things!!

Clothing style : none except the few things he’s wearing :)))

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ah good @stella_vigo can send in Damon

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in all seriousness i’ll try to send in a request today i take forever compiling forms.

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pat pat, take all the time u need, not like the post gon run awayyyy >:3

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Here u go :3 (I’m sending the watermarked version since I sent u the original pic in dm)


Hiiiii! Thanks for the request! I have it finished here but I wasn’t really able to get it in color (because I’m bad at coloring and it looked so nice without color) so here he is!


omg he’s so pretty help me thanks so much

Aww, thanks! He looks cute :pleading_face:

Can you draw characters without making them cute?

Its mainly just my style there, though I seem to develop multiple styles overtime, but this would be my main one :3 butttt… I could definitely give it a shot to make characters look cool, and it sounds fun to try anyways! >:3

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yayyyy! Glad u liked it <3

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Np, you got like multiple coupons left tho ://///

you better bet I’ll use them eventually :3

LMAO, I’m always up for challenges >:3

lloyd though


lloyd though