Repeating History - Originality Who? 🔎

I’m finally sitting down long enough to make a new thread, yay! So… I’ve been on an old show binge and noticed that so many shows and books can be connected.

(In no particular order:)

  • Digimon / Pokémon

  • Twilight / 50 Shades of Grey / After / 365 Days

  • Powerpuff Girls / Totally Spies

You get it, right? Now, ignore that originality can be hard to come by and, of course, similar themes are bound to occur, but I’m curious what other connections can be made. Do any of you have anything you think could match this pattern? Share below. :thinking:


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and any Werewolf story that focuses on family life within the pack.

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I need more specifics because now I’m curious about these werewolf stories, haha.


Drake/Bad Bunny
Paramore/Olivia Rodrigo


Now that you’ve said this I hear it clear as day. But also Drake’s been accused for years of stealing other rappers’ flows.

I feel like there’s a connection here, but I’m not musically sound enough to make it lol.


Yeah true. I made this with AI, I hear it super clear as day as well:

It was kinda her first song, mostly, but I can still hear elements of Paramore from her music.

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She was likely the age to be inspired by them when younger.

I’ll have to listen later, but I did hear an AI thing with Ariana Grande singing Mariah Carey.

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Clshes of 2 Alphas? Leonardo and Raphael.
Comedic releif? Michaelangelo and usully the MC’s best friend.
IT tech: Donatello.

The incessant fighting, the clear good team vs. bad team, as to who you should root for but not the motives.
Someone is always messing with April O’Neal (MC), whi is too dang nosey.
Better clear-cut bad guys than clear-cut good guys on motives.


This made me laugh out loud XD

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That’s the part that kills me. They all bada** babies.

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LOLLLL with pointy teeth

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Digimon was made to be the “tomodachi for boys” rather than a direct competitor to Pokemon.

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No Master Splinter?

I found a guy who trained to be a Ninja Turtle for a week. I don’t know anyone who has ever trained to be a werewolf. At least, not a werewolf like the ones in the stories you speak of.

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So many animated TV shows that are produced in the US are so much like ATLA that it isn’t even funny.

On that topic, if the next ATLA show is a super robot show, I might actually care to watch it. Might.

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Transformers? XD

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No, the super robot genre originated in the 1970s with Mankaiser Z and Getter Robo. Transformers originated by Hasbo consolidating several Japanese toy lines, many of which weren’t even related to each other, a decade later.

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I just meant that they’re cool robots xD

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You can find cool robots from stories all the way from 1901, from the Wizard of Oz.

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The elder council when you have one. If not, its the head warrior who trains everyone.


I think that a lot of materials can have similar ideas or similar themes but be original in their own ways. A big one that made everyone believe it was a rip-off was Divergent (whereas Hunger Games was the original source). And then Hunger Games has their own “rip-off” feel that people say is Battle Royal (which I’ve never seen, so I wouldn’t know).

Some others I can think of:

Olympus has Fallen verses White House Down

A Bugs Life verses Antz

The Wild verses Madagascar

Sister Act 2 verses School of Rock

Quantum Leap verses Sliders

Supernatural verses Scooby Doo

It Takes Two verses the Parent Trap