Ruined buildings and/or lands with a mysterious past waiting to be explored?!

Do you have any buildings and/or lands in ruin that are no longer home to people anymore, but these places been this way for so long that the mystery behind its fall is rather unknown to many people?

These places only exist your fictional worlds, with some serious worldbuilding.

List the name of the building and/or the name of the land, please and thank you.

Tell me, in great detail, about it!
Thoughts and feelings?

NOTE: These are long abandoned places shrouded in mystery and may or may not be related to the plot, in terms of why it’s a mystery.



In my realm of the dead, there’s a city of ruins called Aḫ-ḫur. It was built back in the time of the Akkadian Empire and even had it’s own ziggurat devoted to the city’s patron deity—a red crystal sun.

It’s been buried beneath the desert for centuries until the main cast uncovered it. The only trace of its former ghostly inhabitants are their shadows flash-burned into every stone surface, forever frozen in the moment they all perished. Now they have to figure out what killed all the ghosts of Aḫ-ḫur.


Oooh! That sounds spooky cool!

What genre is your story, exactly? I am curious to know!

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Thanks! c: It’s a weird paranormal action/adventure that takes place in the afterlife~

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So, the characters are fighting bad ghosties and unraveling dark secrets?

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Yep pretty much :smile: They’re ghosts with glowy swords that fight bad ghosts and monster ghosts

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Sounds really awesome!

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In my first story, Zorik and Ashley encounter an abandoned snow-encased cottage / farm house in the Hungarian wilderness. The cottage is based on the winter house featured in Doctor Zhivago,* the characters referred to it as such. Zorik and Ashley spend a few days there, resting, healing their wounds, hiding from a Mafia hit-team, celebrating Ashley’s 17th birthday, before continuing their retreat into Europe.
^Like this, without the roof spires.


That looks so amazing!

Like a so palace lost to the times! I wonder if the walls could talk in that place, what would they even say to the people passing by?

What do you think?

You got to wonder about many building in the real world that no longer house people and are just frozen in time, right?

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Well, in my story, the walls would start with “ouch!”

A stressed, exhausted, and over-protective Zorik searched the cottage for threats, with a .357 Magnum revolver in each hand, noticed a large ghostly figure in the master bedroom, and emptied both revolvers in a diving leap for cover. The figure was Zorik’s reflection in a dresser mirror. Doubtless at least half of Zorik’s rounds would have passed through the mirror into the wall behind.

I’ve never been good at diplomacy ~ Zorik.

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Random side topic, the first time I noticed the name Zorik, had to be when I was watching Hellsing Ultimate, either that or the abridged version.


Just searched for a connection between the name and the anime.

The closest Hellsing character is Zorin Blitz.

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OMG! You are totally right, it is Zorin!
Damn, it really has been a while since I’ve watched that anime!

Wow, thanks a bunches for that!

Nope, there’s the fictional equivalent of Pompeii or Herculaneum in my story, but everyone knows exactly how it got abandoned. It was a freaking volcano! (⊙.⊙(-̶●̃ₒ●̶̃)⊙.⊙)

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Geez where to start :joy:


  • Ancient city ruins off the coast of Erostah - That one ended up being abandoned due to the natural rising / falling of the ocean and continental shift but it’s rumoured there was more to it than that
  • The Dark Continent - This is the most mysterious. It’s a lost continent its said the Lyriumians first inhabited but they were banished from the land by the Gods and now it’s long since lost to history. No one knows why they were banished. All records of that were destroyed to the point that there’s only an old song about the Dark Continent. Most people think it’s just a cautionary tale and not real


  • Ilsbrook - Well, everyone knows that was Amneris’ doing so it’s not really a mystery :joy:
  • The Lost Land - basically the same thing as the Dark Continent only on a different planet


  • Hetsipara - also not really a mystery because it was Amneris’ fault
  • Unnamed Sun Civilization - It’s said there’s a lost civilization in the Sun of the God Worlds but no one knows if it’s real or if anyone lives there. Apparently the key to this mystery lies on the Lost and Dark Continents
  • Glacirem - Ruined world destroyed by natural disaster (the details have been long since lost/forgotten)
  • Ozialon - Destroyed centuries ago in a war
  • Maldek - Abandoned world
  • Earth (a version of it anyway) - Decimated by an ancient power source that caused a global catastrophe (well, it was more of a system catastrophe). The very few survivors of this . . . incident were mutated into Umbra so I wouldn’t really call them “people” anymore ;-;

Any of these in particular you’d like to hear more about?

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All of these are great! I can’t even choose which one.

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A lot of them are still undergoing development and some will only be mentioned in passing until much later in the main series :joy:

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The first two, Lyriumia and Terpola.

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Okie dokie the God Worlds it is :joy: I’ll start with Lyriumia because it’s better developed since it’s main location from book 1 while Terpola gets there at book 3ish

Erostah is the mountain range that makes up the base of the Continent. Off the coast of the peninsula is an underwater site that’s been under archaeological surveys for years. It’s mostly old pots and some tablets but there have been ruins of the bases of buildings found. It’s part of ancient Lyriumia but has been dated back to before the Time of the Ancients. It’s significance is still unknown but it was still around during the Time of the Ancients and this is known because of a certain discovery at the start of Book 7 :relieved:

The Dark Continent was the original homeland of the Lyriumians. It’s where their species was first made and where they were first given their mission by the Gods. At this time, the Gods actually walked and lived among them and it’s said the homes of the 5 Ancient Elements are there, as well as the cavern Naiu resides in. The Dark Continent was abandoned during a time period known as the Banishment. Basically, the people started questioning the Gods and the Gods didn’t like that so they kicked them all out or did they? All that remains of the Dark Continent is an ancient song that is said can be used to return the people home. Many attempts have been made to find the Dark Continent but no one has ever returned from the voyage. This is a prime location for book 7 that may or may not have links to the previous location :relieved:

Ilsbrook was the Capital City of Terpola. It’s now on a ruined landmass known as the Wasteland and the city itself is in ruined. It’s also haunted by some extremely pissed off ghosts and there are a lot of still-decaying remains. As well as this, the surrounding area has been turned ‘toxic’ and there have been a few strange mutations. It was destroyed back when Amneris was just getting the hang of her power through her taking her revenge on the person who was King at the time. She may or may not have killed everyone who lived there and her power may or may not have been what created the Wasteland in the first place. Ilsbrook is now in ruins and will never be inhabited again. It’s so bad they had to build a wall and put up barriers to stop the damage from spreading to the rest of the world.

This one I’m still developing and it won’t actually come up until much later in one of the spinoffs. Where the Lyriumians have the Dark Continent, the Terpolites have the Lost Land. Same deal really - place where their species was born, lived alongside the Gods, started asking questions and eventually got kicked out. Unlike the Dark Continent, there were a few artefacts that weren’t destroyed and have been found that could lead the way to the Lost Land but nothing all the useful has been found yet. People have tried looking, but they’ve never come back.

Throwing this one in because it’s related.

The Sun of the God Worlds is home to the Beast (existence confirmed). It’s thought the Dark Continent and Lost Land have direct passage to the theorized civilization in charge of watching over the Beast and make sure it stays asleep. While the Beast has been confirmed, this civilization is just a story and most people agree it’s pretty unlikely to exist or is it? It’s said the story was created to give people some peace of mind about the Beast because the stories say that when the Beast awakens, Creation will end. What exactly the Beast is? No one knows. What made it? No one knows. Not even the First Beings and Primordials have answers to these questions. The stories say the Beast came from somewhere Beyond.

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