So, tell me, what is on your mind at the moment?

during the seizure :x: NO CPR. how will you even get them to stay still to do the chest compressions? you won’t!

after the seizure
→ they are breathing :x: NO CPR
→ they are not breathing :white_check_mark: YES CPR

CPR is only for people who are not breathing. If they are unresponsive but still breathing, you can put them in recovery position so they don’t inconveniently stop breathing, but do not give them CPR (you will accomplish nothing and break their ribs).

source: used to be CPR/AED certified


Is Akira Toriyama the father of modern fantasy?

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The person soon stopped shaking seconds after they seized up. Then they remained still, but unresponsive.

So, the nurses did chest compressions on the person who wasn’t moving and responding.

Honestly, I didn’t stay to watch too long because this happened in a psychiatric ward. I doubt the nurses at that experience at handling things like that, since they assist with patients suffering from mental disorders and what not. So, that happened on the SAME day the person came to the psych unit. I don’t know the person, but I was in and out, in terms of watching the thing unfold. I didn’t want to gawk and be in the way.

Sorry, if I didn’t explain things clearer beforehand.

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I see people on YouTube going on travel vlogs and it makes me want to save as much money as I can to travel to other countries too!

Hell, I’ll take a trip to another state just to have some fun and relaxation.

At some point this year or next year, I am going to MAKE myself go on a nice little or big vacation. I WILL FORCE MYSELF TO GET OUT OF MY DAMN COMFORT ZONE!!!


then the person was probably also not breathing.

strong disagree, patients probably seize and/or go unresponsive on that ward every other week. There are a ton of things related to mental health that can cause that.

also CPR is like a super basic certification, it takes a day to get. I think the first time I got certified it was through a babysitting course when i was like 13. Most (if it’s not a flat-out requirement) nurses working in psych wards probably maintain their certifications just like they maintain WHMIS, by taking a refresher every 2 or so years.

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No u-u

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Yeah, true! Plus, when I was watching it, in my mind nothing was fully registering that things were going on.

True. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a person go into a seizure, which means nothing.

All I know was that my mind went into overload when that happened, since it happened so randomly. Probably make no sense by this and I am sorry for that.

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Is there a job for EVERYONE, even if those who feel like there isn't a job for them?

I do get money, but it is a monthly thing, and it isn’t enough for me.
A job can help, yet I am always getting defeated by where I can work and how long I can see myself working there.

I am going be real, I find myself working a job for some months, then I get super bored and unmotivated by then. Like I want to quit and move on to something else type of bored. That is a mental health thing I have, and it’s always been that way. I can work part time, but I worry that the job will want me to work full-time at some point down the line.

Another thing is that I don’t know what job fits me. I HATE PEOPLE AND I NOT CHANGE THAT!!! So, the only job is to do something that I DON’T deal with the customers at all, like stocking or some type of inventory.

It’s all fun and games, until I have to do heavy lifting or something else wild.

So, I only had two jobs in my life and one of them I worked much longer than the other. My working a job has a BIG gap since 2016. That’s eight years of not working due to my mental health and life.

I do want to work part time, but I just need to know what job is for me if warehouse employment isn’t a thing for me.

I also rather not work from home. The goal is to get out of my home more and my computer are for leisure, not work-related things.

Thoughts anybody?

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Have you tried an employment agency? I got a job that way once. They’ll either charge you up front, or more likely take some of your pay for awhile, but they can find you the type of job you’d like. Just tell them right from the start that you don’t want to have to deal with people. Good luck! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

No, but I do plan to start supportive employment at some point soon.

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that’s a scary thing to witness and it makes sense that it was overwhelming to see and hard to recall. i’m not judging you, i’m just trying to clarify it a bit since you were asking and i have a smidge of knowledge from the healthcare side of things.

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Thank you so much!
I’ve been having a toughie explaining things that sound soo much better in my head.

If only it was so simple and easy.

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don’t worry about it. talking a lot keeps the forum alive :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much.

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I am done with part 2, chapter 2 and now I have part 3 to start.,

I am slowly getting confused by my own work, because I keep forgetting people’s name and the names of location that are present in the story.

I am proud to say, @Akje, @copyedit, and @NotARussianBot, that I finished up the rest of first draft of part 2, chapter 2 without making any edits. I just left the blue alone and even the red underlined words alone.

It was a challenge, but I did it. I just have to do the very same in part 3 now.

Hooray, for progress!



My kids are home. My 3rd ONC entry is a mess. I’ve not put up my 2nd and entered it. They want my computer and phone, back and forth, and interrupt every single thing I’m doing.

I love them. I don’t like juggling, is the problem.


Because apparently the Wattpad staff thinks that Mardi Gras isn’t celebrated by writers.


It ain’t! But my area is. It’s like spring break.


There is a massive gap in the American market for a show for/ centered around Latino males aged between 25-34. There is already several for women who are Millenials. It needs to be something interesting, and not watered down. Or stereotypical.


I just had a bagel not too long ago, and I want to taste this apple pie that has no added sugar in it.

I want to taste it because I need to know how less sweet and if it tastes good as well.

Besides the pie situation, I want to write another story focusing on the Knighthood Union Alliance AND the Sovereign’s court primarily.

I need to focus on four characters, two guys and two girls, from different background and lifestyles and goals in their lives.

That is all I have to say.