So, what's going on in your story now? (tell me in three sentences)

Without any background context, tell me what was going on the last time you worked on your story. The last paragraph even. I just thought this might be a little fun thing. Also gives me opportunity to ask about you guys’ stories with a tad of info.

Tell me in three sentences only.

Here’s mine as an example.

In my story, There Lives a Beast in the Burning Heart,

  • Some black shadow wolf beasts have decided to help Argenton regain his memories, but he has to do them a favor.

  • The favor is that he has to go punish the aggressive faes that were torturing the wolf beasts, but he has to go home first to attempt assassinating his own father to break a spell.

  • Argenton is now about to go off back home after being away for a few months and his bff Danlen is coming with him.

Okay. Your turn. And be aware, I might bombard you with questions :stuck_out_tongue: Especially world building questions.


…what favor? :grimacing: Hopefully it’s nothing bad… lol

Um… that… that took a turn. :flushed:

Is his father innocent, though? Because that would be terrible if he was. :sweat_smile:

At least he has a friend. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

For mine…

  • Nicolas is fighting with his adoptive mother because she’s too overly protective, even though she’s on his team of soldiers and he is her leader.

  • They arrived at Hedge Castle, a castle that have people living in it like a village, to get volunteers to go with them for war.

  • And Nicolas just found out a secret about one of the villagers who has been helping him…


Latest book would be Tear In The Megaverse so here goes something :joy:

  • Colt and Bast have been put to sleep in a mysterious glowing desert
  • Amneris continues to fail to find a way out of the Void, and is about to make an interesting discovery
  • The others are going to more trouble than its worth to track down the Gods which they wouldn’t have had to do if SOMEONE had just given them the information in the first place

there’s a lot more but that’s the most recent stuff

And questions for others:

That’s . . . Wow.

A good secret? :eyes:

  • The protagonist ends up making a series of colossal mistakes.
  • The other characters learn that their view of reality is absolutely distorted.
  • So they all blame the protagonist.

In the WIP I have rn, Aphrodite

  • Dean gets a new place and job at the bell tower because Barry died
  • Madeline gets a courtship request from the hottest duke in town
  • Dean plans to bury the body soon

Also, all thes stories sound so interesting, just wow. Ya’ll are in pretty deep



Old lady took over young lady of a different world’s body. She’s looking to not follow the plot of a very badly written manga hentai , so she says things that are strange as heck to say in any other situation. She’s calling the current potential man a tin can.


The Heavy Metal Misadventures of Lucinda:

  • Lucinda talks to her best friend, Evangeline about her fears about going to a public

  • Luci’s parents are currently arguing about how she should learn magic and whether to tell her about her cambion status.

  • George, her paternal ancestor and home guardian is plotting his own way to achieve that in secret.


The story’s already finished, but this what’s going on in the Most recent chapter I’m trying to edit:

  • Recently deceased Skye explores the city of the dead she’s trapped in.

  • A hoard of crazed cultish ghosts end up dragging her into their lair beneath the city streets and refuse to let her leave.

  • Vale comes to save her. Despite the crazed ghosts warning Skye that Vale is not to be trusted, Skye takes Vale’s hand and escapes with her.


Crazed cultists are not very convincing lol

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Sounds fascinating



And more chaos.


A firefighter carries a woman out of the burning hotel. His quadriplegic father tries to set him up with the 36th date on Tinder. They bicker about the Sleeping Beauty and misogyny before our firefighter goes off to bed and has an inappropriate dream.


With major reconsideration, I’ve decided to go back to my original plan.

Anyway, I am going to be focusing on the anthology once again.

Now, onto the task at hand.

From what I remember, these are the three things that happened in chapter one of my story.

  1. Solana’s cruel and heartless father is on his deathbed and the world of Alterra is preparing for a new Sovereign to take the throne.

  2. Solana’s father dies, but first tells her that she will become the new Sovereign of Alterra.

  3. Solana and her older brother Pharaoh bickers and fights.

That is all I got.


Riona has escaped the prisons of Greyridge, after asking for the old alliance to be renewed.

Geldrid is seeking an old friend, and has been waylaid by an attack from Astiol’s beasts and met an another friend from Acoss.

The Eldest Prince of Redstone has fought and survived an attack from the creatures from the North Rents, and has seen the mythical beast The Aporica, an ancient creature from the eldest of time…



I liked calling him a tin can.


It helps that Vale’s, like, way hotter than they are. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Hotness is in the eye of the beholder. What if Skye thought that the werewolves that grace the covers of Powerwolf albums were hot?

kids wake up. kids are screaming. mom is mad


Seri promised Ruby he’ll take him to the orchard after locking him up in the basement.

Seri’s aunt came by and didn’t leave enough food for two so they need all the fruit they can gather.

As they were leaving, Ruby questioned him about the aunt’s strange rules and Seri had to defend her.

Next up, the orchard scene.


I’m writing about cambions so I’m very curious what the cambion status is in your story.

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