Some people fear the unknown while others get excited/intrigued by it...

Which one does your character fit in, when it comes to something unknown?

What do you think?

My Turn:

Zelen knows nothing of life above ground other than what his master/guardian/father figure told him. He is eager to know everything about the world above, since he was created in an underground kingdom that is currently in ruins.

What about you?


Awesome question and a great response. I find that stories and media who tackle ideas like this “the world is unknown” and the fear of knowing to be some of the most composed masterful works.

Anyway, going with a more idealistic character instead of my one-track minded main character, I present to you: Arwen.

Arwen is a military doctor who spent his entire childhood in two places: The Capital, Pyke, where information is heavily censored. The Czar’s word is law, and God’s word is, well, God’s word–you don’t question. The second place he spent his life was Brustir, which is a military academy that focuses on healing, medical advancement, and a bit of combat training along the sides.

Both are places with limited amounts of information, and yet… Arwen has always wanted more. He’s always dreamt of going to different countries, he always (internally, vocally would be a death sentence) questions the role he’s given, he questions the information he’s fed, and he wonders and dreams for worlds and places outside of Panavora–places where information isn’t censored, places where the world is honest.


Aww shucks! I try. LOL!

So, is information illegal or just censored to hell?

Kind of both. Information is censored to hell so it’s hard to spread around information and talk about things going on in the world because no one actually knows what’s happening for sure. But if information began to spread and populate in which that information was harmful to the government (true or not) that would be seen as illegal, and those people would face execution.

I took a lot of inspiration for how NK functions in government, but not with the same amount of economical strife many of their people currently deal with. So, with this example in mind, information is fed to them–but a lot of it is not real or watered-down and most of it was to make their country seem more idyllic. Like the Americans eat birds commercials that were peddled through NK.

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Wow, that is a tough place to live in.
How is Arwen handling the situation of being in such a world? I mean it seems like he is eager to gain to learn everything he can and seek information, but is there more?

Sorry, if I am misunderstanding things.

Wolfie is excited by it because he’s a dog.

Ok but for real, all of them are afraid of it except for Wind.

He shares this kind of intrigued feeling with his sister, and it only increased when he was traveling with Tetra. The group travels a lot, so there’s a lot of going into the unknown. When everyone else is scared or uneasy of the unknown, Wind helps comfort them at the same time as being fascinated by it all.

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Is there a reason why you have this crossed out? Just curious.

Wind sounds like an awesome character because of his fascination and somewhat eagerness to see the world.

Doggies are always eager to discover new things. So cute…

It was a sort of joke with him usually being a part of Twilight, but in the fanfic he’s seperate.

And yeah, Wolfie also helps Wind with the comforting as well since they’re both more eager.

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Aww…is Wolfe a friendly dog or does it need to get use to someone first?

You’re not misunderstanding anything, and thanks for your questions! :slight_smile:

It’s a bit complicated because of other things, but Arwen’s frustrated but also terrified. If anyone were to discover these ideas, he would be killed. Worse off, anyone found to be close to him would be questioned and killed. That means his friends, family, comrades, and commanding officers. All of them would face extensive questioning/torture and most of them would die.

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He needs to get used to them, but it doesn’t take a long time for that to happen.

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I know that your story doesn’t seem like this well-known novel, but I am getting vibes from it.

I can’t help but to slightly think of Nineteen Eight-Four. Yet there isn’t any Big Brother watching or Thought Police hounding a person.

I know I shouldn’t be it is giving me that feeling and I didn’t want to think that.

Thanks a bunch.


That’s so sweet.

Sorry, I am being a bit weird here.


Oh wow, that’s a huge compliment, haha. I took a lot of inspiration from societies like the one in 1984, so that could be why it feels so similar despite not having some of the aspects.

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Nah, it’s about a dog.

Even fictional dogs are cute.

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It’s human nature to fear the unknown but some people have been able to work through the fear and turn it curiosity.

As for my characters, well, they’re not human and there’s very little they don’t know :laughing:

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It is? Oh, happy day! :blush:

Sounds awesome. I remember many years ago I wanted to write my own version of 1984, but that never really happened.

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Interesting and true.

Aren’t most of your characters deities or something totally alien?

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Yup, exactly. I have one human MC in my main series. The rest are aliens, fantasy species, deities or a mix of all

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