Superpowers in fiction that seem awesome but are actually nightmare inducing?!

When you’re thinking deeply about certain superpowers that make seem or look awesome on the surface, the powers itself are actually scary as hell/nightmare fuel.

Do you know any superpowers or even magical powers that are just that?

Thoughts and feelings?



Whether it’s from your own story or from popular fiction media, list the power down.

Immortality sounds terrifying and depressing


Turning into a plant monster. Imagine growing wood on your skin.


It does unless you come from a society of immortals or if you only know of immortality, then yes it is.

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Eww and yikes!

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Some of the quirks in My Hero Academia are either pure nightmare fuel or hidden nightmare fuel.

I read somewhere that if you have an infinite lifespan, there’s almost a 100% chance of you eventually getting trapped somewhere where no one will ever find you. Now you’re stuck there alone forever. :eye:

Also what happens when the universe eventually fizzles out, but you can’t die?


Then that is where the problem lies.
Also, you can see the universe dying then being born, but what good is that when you see it alone.

In my story, people either have immortality or extended lifespans than the average human being. But the thing is they still face death and the ones who don’t are the Firstlings.

I can’t think of any books I’ve read with super powers. Maybe some Greek myth retellings like Medusa and whatnot. But only the top dozen gods have super powers, and they constantly misuse them. Which makes them more a danger to innocent bystanders rather than to themselves. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Doesn’t have to be books though.
It can be anything, honestly.

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Any transformation.

Turning into animals, bugs, birds… You’re altering your body in so many different ways. Even the insides. Imagine if you get stuck in the middle of transformation…


I also think that teleportation is a freaky one.
It looks cool in fiction, but to suddenly teleport to one location from another with everything intact is scary. Just as scary as having the ability to walk through objects, like walls and other things.


Isn’t teleport breaking down molecules and stuff? It’s freaky.


In a way, yes.

You vanish from one place to reappear in another all together, is a bit scary. That can backfire if the wielder isn’t great at it or had some terrible event.


Yeah, this is pretty much the reason I chose to keep the immortality thing. Sounds great in theory. In practice, it’s possibly one of the worst


Yet some people are trying hard to come up with some way to achieve it, disregarding the damage it can do.


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Unfortunately I’ve had discussions with people who want to make Humanity immortal :pensive:

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Yeah, some people want to strongly cheat death. The possibility to see what lies in the distant future is “out” there and their motivation to reach that point is stronger than to just simply die, never knowing what could have been.

Strange right?

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Anyone else???