The Haunted ArtHouse [MOSTLY Free Character Art - CLOSED ALL SLOTS FULL]


Hello. It is I, JellyGhost/HKelle/Kgravez, and I am here to draw your characters terribly.

Tonight the house is:



:ghost: I’m only going to open a few slots at a time.
:ghost: Please use the form.
:ghost: Only request one character at a time. I get tired easily.
:ghost: Don’t expect greatness.
:ghost: I work slow and am prone to burning out, so it might take up to a week or two for me to finish your thing. Please keep that in mind. :smiling_face_with_tear:
:ghost: For Ghoulish art styles, I take payment up front.
:ghost: Please leave your shoes at the door, thanks.



We’ve got two artstyles to choose from.
:ghost:“Spooky” Style
Super simple and cartoony. FREE.


:ghost: “Ghoulish” Style
A new style that I want to practice more. Lil more detailed. Full-body illustrations are not available if you select this style.
I ask for feedback on the first two chapters (per character) of my ghost story in exchange for this style
Story link: The Dark Between Dreams | WATTYS SHORTLIST 2021 - K. Graves - Wattpad

Character Name:
Art style: (Spooky or Ghoulish)
Headshot, Bust, or Full-body: (Full-body not available with Ghoulish style)
Hairstyle and color:
Eye color:
Pose/expression suggestions:
Anything else?: (Feel free to info-dump!)
Image refs: (The more, the merrier!)


:ghost: SayWatt - Grey/spooky/full-body & Asa/Ghoulish/bust DONE
:ghost: MerliFan - Anastasia/Bust/Ghoulish DONE
:ghost: NotARussianBot - Umbrum/Full-body/Spooky DONE

:ghost: Deathinreverie - Ghoulish - Nephele DONE
:ghost: Stella-vigo - Edin - Spooky DONE



you didnt tag me :pensive: but i still came :nootnoot:


My anxiety told me not to ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ
But welcome to the house!


ah well fwiw you can never hurt my feelings with a tag.

I should only submit one character at a time yes, to give other people a chance to req? i have a character req for spooky and one for ghoulish is why i ask.


Eyyyy since you’re the first guest in the house, you can request two characters for your slot ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ


ahhhh thank you! :grin:
brb runs to fill out forms

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Character Name: Anastasia
Art style: (Spooky or Ghoulish) Ghoulish
Headshot, Bust, or Full-body: (Full-body not available with Ghoulish style) Bust
Species: Human
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Hairstyle and color: Tied hair, black hair
Personality: Sweet, caring
Pose/expression suggestions: Smiling for the camera, with gloves and warm clothing
Anything else?: (Feel free to info-dump!) She’s originally from Greece, but moved to Chile for work, she’s an engineer that worked in construction in 2030 until she was called for the Biggest Construction Project in history, an entire City designed to resist -120 degrees celsius at lowest, with the idea of a -85 degrees celsius weather in mind. She was told after the project started that the reason for this is that the weather is changing worldwide, and that -60 to -85 with occasional -100 storms will be the common weather by 2034. She was given a free slot in the city for her services
Nowadays, in 2034, she lives in the city of New Santiago and works in the Research Stations for trying to find a way to revert the climate and improve survival measures. She visits the bar after work often
Image refs: (The more, the merrier!)
Aaaaah! IDK why but it won’t let me post it, wait

Frostpunk_The-Last-Autumn_cosplay-10 (1)
Okay, that made 0 sense, both were authorized formats, and both were the same format actually (jpg), what the hell Wacky?

Anyways! That but with tied hair!


Btw, the fact I filled my thing first… don’t let it ruin this, give the two characters to Say regardless, they were here first lol




You know him, you love him
Character Name: Umbrum
Art style: (Spooky or Ghoulish) Spooky
Headshot, Bust, or Full-body: (Full-body not available with Ghoulish style) Full-body
Species: I’ve been considering calling his type “Urok”, but he is a divine creature
Age: 20 billion
Gender: He’s so masculine he still dresses like a 11th century Viking Cheiftan
Hairstyle and color: He has no hair. Not even eyelashes.
Personality: He has the dual nature of being both terrifying and paranoid, cold and distant but also socially awkward and shy, like the centipede he holds as his patron animal.
Pose/expression suggestions: Blank, vacant or slightly sad
Anything else?: (Feel free to info-dump!) He really likes dark colors and is seen as weirdly cute. He used to look like a normal, slightly unattractive guy with horns but that was a long time ago.
Image refs: (The more, the merrier!)

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Accepted Umbrum!

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He will be fun to draw, I guarantee it!

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Apologies this took way too long (executive dystfunction go brrr) Thank you again so so much (also @Merlifan i see you and appreciate that)

form one

Character Name: Grey
Art style: Spooky
Headshot, Bust, or Full-body: Full body but if too much bust is fine too
Species: Human Ghost
Age: 22-ish
Gender: Female
Hairstyle and color: Afro-american curly black hair with the bangs bigger curls (see pic)
Personality: very upbeat, kind of impulsive jumps to conclusions, a homebody, friendly and chatty but not annoyingly oblivious
Pose/expression suggestions: can she be holding a bottle of chocolate milk and have a knit baby blue and sea-green throw around her shoulders (texture doesn’t need to be detailed)? She can she can be either friendly waving or mischief grin and her free hand fake clawing (see picrew image) your choice either works
Anything else?: She’s very color block aware, as she was studying interior design, so her clothes are well put together despite being sweatpants and shirt/hoodie. she loves choccy milk and soft things and rainy days but is scared of light and humans because those often hurt ghosts.
Image refs:

picrew loose clothes style and hand pose ref ^^
image bang ref^^
overall look ref^^

form 2

Character Name: Asa
Art style: Ghoulish
Headshot, Bust, or Full-body: Bust
Species: angel with an angel and a demon wing
Age: beginning of time but looks like late 30s early 40s
Gender: Male
Hairstyle and color: warm deep brown black hair, short but a little chunky and side of center part with a loose cowlick bang thingy… I’ll provide pics
Personality: friendly and very loyal to his friends, tries to follow rules, but also will bend them to help himself or his friends. Cares a lot about the village he’s assigned to. Respects authority figures but comes to doubt the system.
Pose/expression suggestions: not much pose because it’s a bust. He can be kind of serious but smiling eyes if that makes sense. I think I have a ref pic
Anything else?: prolly mixed some stuff with the personality but he knows two demons, one of whom he got the wing swap with, and he works under an angel supervisor, and he had a angel best friend but they went missing a long time ago. Asa still wants to find them
Image refs:

^^ kinda this face but looking at the camera. idc what the angle is.

for the hair and wings ^^ (angel wing is yellow gold)

overall vibe and moods for him ^^

last pic i swear ^^ outfit ideas but no cap and v optional i trust your skills


I just noticed I misspelled the age, 22 is a bit young for an engineer lol, I edited, sorry


Accepted, thanks!


Sloooowly getting through these lol, sorry. Here’s your ghosty Grey! Let me know if I messed up anything.

Asa’s next!


Will you be doing a second round of these after you finish your first batch? I love your art and would love to request from you :point_right: :point_left:


Thanks! And yeah, for sure! Just don’t know when that’ll be, haha.


Hkelle holy crap

I audibly suckedi n my breath when i saw this. It’s amazing, it captures her so well!

Wow. Thanks. so much.