The Wackies (an idea)

So a topic that came up in this thread is an annual writing competition sort of like the Wattys. Just want to explore the idea of a writing contest on the forums, not like the Crystal Crown. Wonder how that would work and if it’s feasible right now.
Also, before that, a shout to the @moderators for working so hard to keep this up and running. And one to @CJtheSiteWizard Cj, who is the amazing creator of this place. We love you guys!
Here’s a list of obstacles (i’ll keep adding if there is stuff) and we can brainstorm ways to circumvent that. I’ll add in possible solutions, too.

  1. We don’t have anything to offer as prizes
Possible solution

A self publishing package with professional cover, editing, layout, IBSN and a push at major retailers in ebook and paperback format. Post #2


What about a publishing package? Nothing at the level of major publishers, of course, but a professional cover, layout, editing job, ISBN, and push to major retailers (online) like Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc, in paperback and e-book format?


Yup, that would be amazing! How feasible is that, though? I’m sure we have in-house designers and editors, and we could do the formatting, so all an author has to do is hit publish. Maybe we could a website feature to the mix, plus some promotional blog articles for the runner ups…



Very. Commercial resources and professional editors/designers are available to help. It would literally be a professional publishing package, we just obviously don’t have the reach the big 5 have. We could also send a hardcover version to the author (the publishing package would include paperback and e-book).

Not even that, we could do it for them.

Oh definitely, that’s a given: we always do that for contest winners lol.



Yay! So happy to hear that!

Yup! And we could offer harcover edition at a cost, which is still lower than if the author had to put a hardcover pack themselves. That way, some of that hard work pays off.

Haha true. I was thinking more like ceremonial launch party experience lol.

Ooh great, then!

So, what’s stopping this idea right now?


Actually, it might be possible to offer the hardcover on the main site. I’d have to check.

Oh that would be cute.

A previously started project which is taking up most of our time and resources right now lol. But I think the writing contest idea is something we could implement before the end of the year.


Yeah, that might be great, too!

Yup! How amazing would seeing all that hardwork come to this one click be? I imagine that launch party would be fun!

Ah! So this is in development. I thought this was an idea that had roadblocks of some sort, so we could brainstorm ways to circumvent that.

End of the year, you say? Picture this: applications in November, judging throughout December, and announcement precisely on the first. (Any timezone, ofc) If that’s doable, it would be a great start-of-the-year thing for the winners, and the books and contest might bring more traffic to Wacky.


There are always roadblocks to all our big ideas, I just have a stubborn streak determined to figure out ways to circumvent them lol.

The only reason I would hesitate on this timeline is that the mods/staff are typically in and out a lot during this time due to the various holidays, but yeah, it might work.

I’m hopeful that we’ll have lots of big new improvements coming soon that will do this too.


Oh yes. That’s how Wacky came into existence, right? If I can be of assistance in non monetary endeavours, do let me know!

Ah yes! I hadn’t thought if that one, since December isn’t usually vacation month in my country.

Yay! All the best!