This blurb, would you buy this book based on this blurb?

I have two projects and they are known as Project Tenth Night and Project Nirvana. Right now, I am focusing strictly on Project Tenth Night.

Here is the blurb for Project Tenth Night based on my memories last night.
NOTE: Writing blurbs are hard for me, because I don’t know how to make it short and engaging, not wordy and tedious.


Anjanlor Terris, born with a strange birth defect that makes his mana levels unstable and him sickly. Due to this, he has to take a special medicine to even keep thriving in the town where he lives. However, Anjanlor ends up getting injured after saving a close friend, only to be saved by a mysterious person who ended up healing him and saving his life. Though that wasn’t all the mysterious person did, because days later after learning from his mother that the friend who he saved blame him for getting hurt in the first place. Anger consumes Anjanlor, so much so that his mother’s tears froze in place, not only that his home became an icebox and his entire town. After freezing everyone to death by mistake and force to leave his home upon murdering his family and everyone else, Anjanlor searches for a purpose and the mysterious person who save his life.

Thoughts and Feelings?


Also, how can I make the blurb better if it seems like it is lacking?


The blurb is like the impossible final boss battle for me :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t help you here, sorry :sweat_smile:

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Well, it is great knowing that I am not the only one who struggle with blurbs too.
Thank for making feel not so alone in this, Ena!


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Blurbs are a BEAST.

I’ve seen so many different blurbs and have heard so many different pieces of conflicting advice…

Sigh :melting_face:

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Other than that, what do you think of it in terms of as a reader looking for their next book to read?

Here’s a good formula for writing a blurb. Can you fit your synopsis into this?

  [Character]  was  [Status Quo]  until  [Inciting Incident]  happens,

  and  [Here's how that affected the main character's life]

  Now  [Character]  must  [Goal]  despite  [Conflict]  or else  [Consequence]

So, I didn’t write a blurb, huh?

I knew that shit was too wordy!

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I agree with @Akje that was more of a basic summary than a blurb, I think you should try that formula and see what comes of it. I know writing blurbs can be hard, but you can practice.

If you want more information or advice, Reedsy has some examples here and more advice for writing a blurb:

Editage also has some tips:

I hope you find these resources and the advice helpful as well. :smiley:


Thank you very much.

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This isn’t a proper sentence. Instead of a comma, consider the word ‘was’ or ‘is’ depending on which tense you want to go with.

This part of the sentence is redundant. We only need to know he was saved once.

Consider rephrasing without the ‘not only that’. Perhaps saying ‘his anger froze his mother’s tears, but also his home and entire town.’ It just flows better.

Other than those few minor things, it sounds like a solid blurb.

Edit: it is more of a summary than a blurb, as some people have pointed out. But they gave you the resources to fix that, so I will leave it alone.


Yeah, I had to reread that part and it truly was redundant. LOL!
Thanks for telling what needs to be corrected.

@JohnnyTuturro and @Akje: Thanks for letting know ways to properly do a blurb.


When I think about it, my plots and summaries to my stories are just as bad as my “blurbs”.

Like I can state what the story is about, until I go on some wordy ass tangent that makes the story come off boring and lacking and repetitive as hell.

In my plots/summaries, I have TOO MUCH to say about what the story is about. I have a problem with condensing things and focus on what matters. I have to mention everything without mentioning everything.

Like get to the freaking point already!
Also, I do repeat things too a lot like I forgotten I’ve written that before.



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That’s why I usually end up proof reading and rewriting my stuff several times before settling on it. I end up cutting a bunch of stuff out along the way so it’s not redundant or longwinded. It just takes some tweaking. A second or third pair of eyes always helps too.


A second pair of eyes would be great…if I had someone.

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Technically, though, there’s no real need for a blurb or summary until the book is finished anyway, so I wouldn’t worry about it for now. ( -.-)\(^◡^ )

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True, true. :sweat_smile:

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That would be a no from me because of the grammar ;-;

I think you’ve given away too much information in the blurb. Plus those first and last lines are pretty meh. I’d probably look at it then put it back tbh. It sounds like even you have no idea what’s going on in the story yet


Blurbs were never my strong suit, in all honesty.

So, I need plenty of practice in general. :sweat_smile:


Blurbs are so hard. It took me MONTHS to be happy with my latest one before sharing it :joy: