Thoughts on killing off this particular character and killing off everything?!

I have this thought in my mind on whether or not I should kill off this female character and bring down this organization.

The female character is named Aneirin who was once apart of the Sisterhood of Sin, but defected and fell in love with a man. The idea is that she sacrifices her self to save Elred from some type of danger. Elred tries to save her, but she accepts death and wants to be free.

Another option is that she lives, but doesn’t have the need to run or flee for the rest of her life. Yet Nirvana leaves the Sisterhood of Sin to join up with Elred in searching for the other Breakers, but the Sisterhood of Sin doesn’t shut down or anything, but rather has a new leader.

So, I am stuck on what to do in this regard. I honestly feel bad for Aneirin and Nirvana needs a change in personality a little bit.

Thoughts and feelings?

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These thought are going to drive me a bit crazy!
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Gosh, I can really use answers and a bit of help on this matter.
The part is coming fairly soon.

As someone who has quite literally killed off all their main characters and most of their extra characters, I probably shouldn’t respond to this :rofl:


If in doubt, kill away!


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The only objections I hold is “Tropey”.

Which isn’t bad. Tropes are what makes this world go 'round.

It would be far more interesting to me if they way she sacrifices herself is an anathema to Elred, causing them to split from each other–especially if that particular “death” is off-screen, so you can play “Schrodinger’s Cat” with her. Get to go through the 7 stages of grief, have a chance for a revenge or rescue plot (at the same time), and then have the option to resurrect the character later.

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Actually, I’ve been thinking for a bit on killing her off and how. Aneirin is that character who serves as a type of revenge and sacrificial character in a sense.
She lost everything and even though starting over would seem nice, she is also willing to accept death because she was a member of The Sisterhood of Sin.

Even if she continues to live, the SoS (I can’t believe I did that acronym LOL!) will continue to hunt her down and try to kill her.

This revisiting Nirvana and the organization is to settle the final score which will end in death.

I have no intentions of resurrecting Aneirin. I mean I would love for her to keep living and thriving regardless if the SoS is around or not.

I don’t know, I just want somethings to make sense and not so cliche with this.

Far as Nirvana, having her leave the SoS in another’s capable hands, while she travels and helps Elred is the real issue.

No, I understand. Even if it’s total camp, or is the most sophisticated thing you write–eother direction–yku do what the story needs.

In a sense, my angle draws out the death to a double death scene, effectively.

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Anyone else who has something to add even if a little?
@TheTigerWriter? @Akje? @AMMeyers?

Sorry for summoning you like that! :sweat_smile:

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I find that when I killed off a character it either comes off a lacking, cliche, stupid or doesn’t happen at all.

I either love my characters or don’t know how or a combination of both.

You have to ask yourself these questions:
Why am I killing off this character? Is it because I want to use it as a plot device so that some other characters can shine? Or does it have some big meaningful impact on the plot as a whole?

What does Elred mean to Aneirin? Ask yourself: Am I making Aneirin save Elred because I want to have a character save another character because that’s cool? Does it serve the plot at all? Would the death be meaningful?

But if you decide to keep her, ask: am I keeping this character alive because I like them? Or is keeping her alive have some big meaning in the story?

If you’re having to think of keeping a character alive or kill them off then they must have some major impact on the story, right?

It’s no secret that Pinti’s family dies at the paws of the shadowy shapeshifters. Her family’s death prompts Pinti to finally escape the shapeshifters to try to save her race. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left. And it is that incident that drives her through her journey.

I sometimes think I could have at least let her little sister live, but that feeling is only me, the writer, feeling bad for killing off the sister.

I’ve been thinking about that. Aneirin being there serves some purpose. She was never meant to last long in the story anyway. She is only meant to be for some type of revenge against Nirvana as sad as that sounds.

Aneirin’s story is in a sense is meant show that Nirvana is a cruel indivdiual who manipulates and strikes fear into men and women. She is the only woman who was crazy enough to flee from Nirvana’s hold on her, even though she knew in the end that she would be slain later on.

Elred and Aneirin met in some snowy Shadowland. Elred needed a place to lie low and came across a house that Aneirin was living at. She gave him a place to stay just and they exact information.

I can do this in numerous of ways. She can fight Nirvana who ends up taking her life without her sacrificing herself to save Elred.


Have Elred’s powers kill her when that wasn’t even his intention, but because he is Renna, that is possible.

I really don’t want her to live, but if I kill her off, what purpose would it truly serve other than showing me how fucked up Nirvana is.

It’s funny because Nirvana will eventually leave SoS and travel with Elred to search for clue.

So, yeah, I am a bit lost.

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Hmm this is hard as I personally love to kill off characters… However as mentioned before I would think on the questions like: How would the death affect the plot? Will it help to develop something new or just to ‘get rid of the OC’?

Maybe I am just evil because my MC has death all around her because I love to kill off characters for the plot points and sometimes because I feel fun and haven’t killed a character off for some time

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Honestly, I don’t think it would do too much affecting. I mean I am not saying that Aneirin isn’t important, but she just isn’t that important.

It’s bizarre because she is there yet not there. I would’ve love to have Aneirin actually get involved in the story, but she isn’t meant to have a true purpose since I have no place for her in the next chapters.

That’s the thing. Reading your answers, Aneirin doesn’t sound like she’s got much purpose in the overall plot. Just there to help Elred. Just there to show readers how awful Nirvana is. And then she dies. If I read that, I would wonder why she was even included. Why should I care about her death?

Can’t you just have Elred come into this house and lie low but not dive deep into Aneirin’s story? What point is there for Aneirin to even want to save Elred? Do they make a connection and is that connection important? And do they spend many days together?

If not, maybe she could be there, but all she does is help Elred. Then Nirvana comes almost immediately, kills Aneirin out of…idk, ruthless spite? Elred could become…idk, affected? that Nirvana would kill an innocent soul who has nothing to do with them? Aneirin was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Brainstorming here :wink:

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I am wondering that too. I think I was having a tough time because I “felt sorry” for the girl when in reality having her around is really doing nothing significant to the story other than making Nirvana look good in the worst way.

Yeah…if I edited the story…

Not sure. I honestly think about the fact that she only wanted to save because he slightly reminds her of her late lover a bit and that he wants to seek out Nirvana.

Sorta. They do chat a bit and try to understand each other, but I wouldn’t that much into it because they weren’t meant to form a friendship, since I’ve been thinking about Aneirin’s demise even then a bit.

That could help. I don’t want to do any rewrites/edits yet…LET ME BE IN THE ZONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

I’ll do better, I promise!

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Oh heck yeah, if you can kill off an unnecessary character, then go for it. I’d suggest killing her in a way that makes any potential reader cry and become even more invested in the story, wanting to see revenge for that death or poetic justice to whoever killed her. I know your books are written only for yourself, but I’d recommend writing the character in a way that tears the heart out when she’s slain, yanno? Kill her in a perfectly awful way, and make her a lovable character that would be sorely missed. But that’s just my opinion – take it with a grain of salt. (>‿◠):v:

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It seems you know me a bit well…huh?
LMAO! :rofl:

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No worries for summoning me. :wink:

When it comes to character deaths, it all depends on why they need to die. The best reasoning is through growth—character and story development. Death should be of interest when it needs to propel the main characters further into the story, a motive if you will. In the Hunger Games, Rue died along with several other characters. However, her death was more significant than the others because she was so young and reminded Katniss of her sister. When she died, it made Katniss remember that the true enemy was the Capitol and during her flower burial (sort of), it made everyone else watching how horrific this game is and it jump started the rebellion.

So, you have to think about what purpose Aneirin’s death would cause. What kind of purpose would it hold, what would the aftermath look like?