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Ask me questions about any of the things below. You can grill me and make me repeat myself. You don’t have to look at previous posts to see if you are asking the same question.

I will, in turn, ask you questions. We can chat about our world building and characters and maybe work out issues and stuff on the way. Who knows?

How to begin? Tell me something about your main character and we’ll go from there :blush:

Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound specifically, after Pinti leaves her home and becomes a survivor.



main character. 16. Leader of Makiista Clan. Has to find the moonstone for Ilvagis in two weeks or her sister and father (and all other captive Kattalunae) will be murdered.


an Ilvagi (shapeshifting shadow beast) was a secret friend of Pinti. Betrayed her by attacking her and her friends. Manipulated Bloodstone wall to reduce Kattaluna territory.


Pinti’s second-in-command. 23 yrs old. Grumpy, but respects Pinti and tries his very best to support her. Is against her decision to destroy Bloodstone.


the leader of Prendai Clan. Has an unhealthy thirst for violence. She lost an arm to an Ilvagi. Even with three legs during fighting, she’s trouble. Constantly tries to be the leader of survivors.


Kalis’ nephew and sole successor. 19. Disagrees with his aunt more as he got older. Supports Pinti’s desire to search for the moonstone to save Kattalunae, but does not like her or what she’s about.


the life partner (a.k.a wife) of the leader of Jurana Clan (whom Pinti hates). Like Vaiter, she supports Pinti but does not like her. She likes Kalis and wants to be the second-in-command of Kalis in the group of survivors.


Zar and Kra

two supposed Ilvagi friends, who appear in Pinti’s visions, and once, supposedly in real life. Zar is more emotional and sounds like he trusts Kra. Kra is more held back with emotions but sounds like he genuinely cares for his friend. It is a known fact that Ilvagis do not understand emotions and have difficulty expressing them. So an emotional Ilvagi should be impossible :eyes:

Serelia Scuttle
Sparrow “Arrow” Scuttle - twin brother of Serelia



a planet made out of six torus plants one inside the other from small to big. Looks like a bull’s eye in space. Each Ring houses a different race except the Fifth Ring, the jail Ring.


a place made by a buried old Life Ship. Life Ship had two types, but the one in the desert was a generational ship and the only of it’s kind. Some humans who live here have ancestors that traveled on the ship.


Human city with twisted time. Looks like noon here, but is actually night out there? A domed city to protect from sand. Has the largest most popular Portal Station.

Ulk Pyne

A pocket realm made by a Sorcerer. He lives here with his assistant and does experiments and has a big lovely garden.

The Forest Crup

A pocket realm with infinite layers of possible lands which was created to throw away magical experiments. One of them is One Prestigious Parlor, a place creature.


  • Shadow magick (only Ilvagis)
  • Lunar magick (only Kattalunae)
  • Sorcerer magick (only Sorcerers)
  • Guardian magick (only Guardians)


  • Human - First Ring
  • Hybrid - Second Ring
  • Kattaluna - Third Ring
  • Sorcerer - Fourth Ring
  • Ilvagi - Sixth Ring

On the planet Elgana, bipedal blue felines, called the Kattalunae, are isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded on all sides by a deadly barrier. In one clan, a young female, Pinti, is the last Kattaluna left with working lunar magick. She rises to leadership in her clan and faces challenges with rivals, but a part of her desires the outside.

One day, she uses lunar magick to break the barrier causing shapeshifter shadow beasts to destroy her home, and take her family captive. The beasts give her an offer. They will free her family if she brings them a powerful moonstone hidden in the land of Sorcerers.

So, she sets out into unknown parts of Elgana, but the beasts are on her trail to snatch the moonstone from her if she finds it making any other race reluctant to help her. When Pinti hears her sister is dying, she can either return home to be with her family, or travel alone to find the moonstone. Each choice weighs heavy, but she has no time to ponder. The beasts have found her.

And put this here:

Your questions:
Moving them over here because I will be switching stories soon.


  1. I want to know about the Rhaks. Can you tell me what they are again?

  2. In Jorildyn’s life, what is her best childhood memory?

  3. If the world were to end tomorrow, what would Jorildyn do?

  4. In which nation does Jorildyn’s story mostly take place? Will she travel to other nations in the story?

  5. Is there a way to get rid of the Shadowland in your lore?

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There we go.

I shall answer these later.
I have an appointment in a bit.


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Rhaks are crimson red skinned divine beings that are on par with the First Ones of the Firstlings in raw divine supreme power…maybe more.

The Rhaks are a product of Nirvana who is actually hoping for an entire race of being to end her life if she couldn’t get Genesis to do it.

The leader of the Rhaks is Nirvana’s “daughter” the Heretic Queen Renna. Nirvana had the Rhaks go against the Firstlings in order to greatly see if they have the potential to destroy her life.

Yet the Rhaks are insanely strong, but it isn’t enough to end the life of Nirvana. However, there is Renna, who has to potential to probably slain Nirvana.

Renna and the rest of the Rhaks have a mind of their own and did whatever they wanted, ignoring their initial duty.

There’s is the blood child of Renna, who is the Heretic Princess, with the name Annika.

Yet that child disappeared and that child might be more of the granddaughter of Genesis and less of Nirvana.

Annika may be the will of Genesis or rather Genesis getting freed…somehow.

That is a tough one. I haven’t delve deep into her childhood yet.

Depending on what it, she would work to save it.

The Empire of Jaeblia and Kingdom (now Shadowland) of Alroria.

Yes, she will go to other nations as the story progresses.

What do you mean?

Shadowlands are a product of a Total Cleansing or a nation falling into ruin unable to regain what it lost.

Majority of the Shadowlands are highly toxic (due to being Purge) area that NOBODY wants to restore. Yet the ones that haven’t went through a Total Cleansing and just fallen into ruin, are just abandoned for a long time until some rich person turns the Shadowland into a nation of their very own.

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Can’t respond to your answers right now with my brain total mush, but feel free to ask questions about this next story :grin:

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I shall!

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  1. Does Pinti not want to become the new leader of her people? What is something she wanted that if she had the option of choosing, she would go for it?

  2. How would define “working magick” in regards to Pinti?

  3. Which part of the Elgana ring does Pinti and her people dwell on?

  4. Also, if I hugged Pinti, would she stare at me in confusion or hug me right back or push me away and glare?

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Are there other types of divine power?

I remember you saying Nirvana is so destructive and somehow she doesn’t have control over her destruction, yet she has enough morals left to know what she’s doing is wrong and wants to stop, but can’t. Did I get that right?

So, Nirvana wants to stop and she thinks the only way to do that is for someone more powerful than her to kill her. But because she’s so powerful, so far, only Genesis can do it. But in order to get Genesis to come out, Nirvana has to be destructive to the point of being unstoppable. And only then will Genesis come out to kill Nirvana.


So, is there really no way to save Nirvana from herself that doesn’t involve her death?

So, instead of spending time with loved ones?

  1. What is the Empire of Jaeblia most known for in terms of food?
  2. Did Jaeblia and Alroria used to get along?
  3. What happens to the people and buildings in Alroria once it became a Shadowland?
  4. How can a nation avoid becoming a Shadowland?
  5. How are the Shadowlands toxic? Do you mean that people will die if they go there because of some poison in the air?
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Pinti wants to become the leader of her clan. This is her way of giving back what she was given. Since she’s a found child, she doesn’t know where she came from, but her clan loves her and she wants to do something for them. Also, she’s in line to be the successor, so that works out.

If she wasn’t the daughter of the clan leader, she’d probably be a healer because she’s the last Kattaluna that can use magick and make the herbal potions stronger.

She can use her magick to do actual magical things. Other Kattaluna can only make their forehead markings glow. Pinti can put her magick into potions and strengthen their effects.

The third ring. It’s where all Kattaluna live and have for centuries. It’s a lot of rocky areas and forests with swamps.

lol, I love this question. Pinti’s not a touchy-feely kind. She would push you away at first and then, if she feels like it, hug you from behind. But with her little sister, that’s another story :wink:


What does Pinti like to do when she’s got free time? How would she react if she were suddenly dropped in the middle of our world, say in NYC or Tokyo, and what would her favourite places in our world be?

Actually story related questions:
What is the hierarchy of the Kattaluna tribe?
Do they have any sort of ‘trials’ that Pinti had to go through before becoming leader?
Is there any ritual that the tribe really values as a part of their culture?
What festivals do they celebrate and how?

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Pinti likes to draw. It’s her way of preserving memories, too.

If she were dropped in NYC or Tokyo, she would probably think about the Human cities on Elgana which are quite similar. In the beginning of the story, she hasn’t been to them, but she’s heard stories. She would LOVE Starbucks because once she goes to Human cities in Elgana, she falls in love with coffee :wink:

Kattaluna is a race, not a tribe. Her clan is called Makiista. The clan leader is Shaman if male, Shamala if female, and they hold the most power. Second to them is their spouse male or female, doesn’t matter. Below that is the successor of the clan leader, usually the eldest child, but not all clans do the same.

Makiista clan sticks to the ancient tradition of the eldest child taking the leading position, but Jurana clan chooses after the eldest children go through some trials. The strongest one becomes the successor.

The clan leader also commands the Hunters who take on hunting for prey and for enemies. The Head Hunter during battle is the second-in-command to the clan leader.

Anyone who does healing practices or is a midwife is considered almost as important as the clan leader. Since they are often elderly, the clan leader may also go to them for advice.

In terms of ranks, it’s like that.

Makiista don’t have trials as everything is kept in the family. All they have is a ceremony to celebrate and also to tell their ancestors that Pinti will be taking on the role.

The Makiista clan (forest clan) used to be close to the now extinct royal Kattaluna family and so, they follow some slightly old ways of doing things. One is the coming-of-age ritual for young male Hunters which other clans find quite dangerous. Even the usually strict Prendai clan (river/swamp clan) doesn’t do this ritual anymore.

Hunters are initiated by hunting for legged snakes which are essentially giant centipedes that are poisonous and burrow into the ground. Usually, the legged snakes don’t come out of the ground, so there’s no worry.

Hunters will deliberately find holes and smoke them out. Catching one with a spear is, of course, okay, but the preferred way is the wild way of biting on the neck where there is no poison. After that, the initiated Hunter will wear the skin around their neck as a trophy until it gets too brittle.

(Huh. I just made that bit up. Going to use that in the story.)

Oooh, so, I haven’t had much chance to get into this. The only one I have so far in detail is the successor ceremony where the eldest child of the clan leader becomes the next leader. They do it at night under a full moon. The earliest age for clan leader is sixteen.

Sixteen is also considered the age of adulthood for Kattaluna, so for Pinti, her coming-of-age ceremony is mashed together with her clan leader successor ceremony. Her becoming clan leader this early has to do with her father’s illness and he also believed she is ready.

I haven’t thought much about the exact details, but at some point, the clan leader will say the “words of the passing” and pass on his Shaman powers to his daughter. These powers are magical. They will (hopefully) enable the new leader to receive the dreams from the Lunar Goddess.

In truth, Kattaluna magick is dying, so all it will do is make their forehead markings glow. However, for Pinti who has working Kattaluna magick, it enables her to feel the ancient power called Lunar magick which is the pure magick gifted from the moon.

After the passing of power, they will have a dancing party and feast.

These were all really good questions :grin: Definitely using that ritual for the Hunters. I did have a ritual for them, but it wasn’t as fleshed out as what I wrote :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happens all the time! I really like it when this stuff happens, because it’s always fun to learn something new about the world.

Other questions that come to mind after reading this:
Since Kattaluna is a race, do they, or any other races, face any sort of discrimination in the world?
What is the overall governing system of the world?
How do Kattaluna tribes interact with one another?
What gods, other than the Lunar goddess, do they worship?
Do they have any specific ways that they show their worship (even to the Lunar Goddess)?

Is this ritual carried out in groups or alone? And what happens to those who fail to complete it?

Gets me thinking… Are there any sort of magical illnesses in the story?
How are funerals held?
And a big one: What is special about Pinti that makes her retain her magick, while everyone else is losing theirs?

oops, just realized I went crazy with these. Have fun with the answers, and feel free to skip any questions since there are so many

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Nirvana is to be the epitome of evil and malice of being ultra-super powerful in a bizarre yet godly way. Yet she isn’t truly evil since Genesis lie within her and can break free until Nirvana reaches a point where Genesis can leave Nirvana’s body and stop her that way.


Is there a way to rid the world of evil and have it stay good? It’s that YinYang thing that exist. Bad things happen and good things happen. You can’t have one without the other and the world will be unstable because of it.

Nirvana want to die and thinking she has a way to do it, but Genesis knows that even though Nirvana is crazy and “evil” she is still needed.

Nirvana is going to learn the hard way that she can’t truly be killed off by good, just merely stopped.

Half and Half. She will spend some time with her family while the other time is her saving the world with a bunch of people.

Her family understands that she is a Knight and that it is in her duty to save and protect the people.

In Jaeblia, there’s a spongey cake that is blue and is naturally sweet and clear blue noodles that resemble the artificial oceans of Jaeblia with some creamy white sauce and chunks of meat.

Haven’t gotten a name for it.

In Alroria, there’s a baked desert that resembles a pie but is made of cheese, meat, and some assorted fruits.

Don’t have a name for that either.

Sorta till, Fiora took the throne of Jaeblia and Miranda became Queen of Alroria. After that, they nations greatly hated each other in secret.

Standing, but empty.

It is NOT that easy. A nation becomes a Shadowland by being Purge, falls into ruin from being unable to sustain it self, or some type of rebellion/revolution of the citizens.

Once a nation becomes a Shadowland, if it hasn’t been Purged/gone through a Total Cleansing, it will remain a Shadowland till some rich person or whatever claims the location as it’s own and makes it a new nation.

If a nation went through a Total Cleansing, there is ZERO way of saving it and it shall remain a Shadowland forever.

When a Total Cleansing happens, the First Mist becomes tampered in a way that breathing it is highly potent. It becomes so dense that it is reaches a toxic level of some supernatural radiation. Even people who dwell in locations with high dense First Mist/Air states that to live in that type of environment is so harmful.

The toxic levels in a Purged Shadowland is so severe that nations nearby can feel it and are getting sick because of it. Whereas distant nations that are still close enough are just getting a bit sick, but nowhere near as bad as the closest nation to the Purged Shadowland.

Also, A Total Cleansing/Purge is when a nation is hit with a magical nuclear atomic bomb that wipes the entire nation and the people in a way of cleansing the place.

They do that when a nation is having a civil war or war between countries or when a person commits a terrible crime behind the scene and gets caught (this one is a bit rare).

Alagossia’s “no war of all kinds” policy is so unbelievably strict that they don’t try to go about peaceful ways of ending war, but just rid the nations that started the war to make a point.

To Alagossia, war is horrible and bad, we have to cleanse and purge it at all cost.

Just because they do this, doesn’t make it fair and means Alagossia is a great place…because it is not.

Anything else?

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  1. What is the title of the story you’re working on now and what’s it about?
  2. What does your MC(s) fear the most?
  3. If the world were to end tomorrow, what would your MC(s) do?
  4. Where does most of the story take place? What’s it famous for?
  5. Are there seasonal festivals in this place? What do they celebrate?
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Kattaluna do face discrimination. They are the only bipedal animal race left alive and they have blue fur.

When they leave their homeland for the first time, they are met with lots of discrimination by other races. Some see them as monsters and beasts, savage and non-civilized, meant to be in zoos or cages. Some see them as trophies or prizes, meant to be hunted and killed with their fur selling for thousands. Others see them as “poor threatened animals that need sympathy and help” which to many Kattaluna makes them feel frustrated because they’re not helpless on their own.

And then there are those that see them as amazing, unique creatures which can be photographed, gawked at, touched, and called “kitty”. Although it’s not hurtful, it’s demeaning to them :sweat_smile:

Elgana is an empire democracy :stuck_out_tongue: So, there’s one single body that rules the entire world called the High Collection. Traditionally, one representative from each race joins the High Collection and together, without bias to their own races, they decide the laws and take care of criminals.

It’s a democracy because the representatives are voted for by the public. How the candidates are chosen, however, is left up to each race’s practices. As long as they have up to three candidates in the end.

There are four. Makiista, Jurana, Yajis, and Prendai. They can each clan members can meet each other in the middle of their borders and clan leaders with their spouses or successors can meet under the Truce Tree. Convenient place for Makiista, Jurana, and Prendai. Yajis are the farthest away, but they travel a lot anyway as nomads and don’t mind the trip.

Makiista, being sort of in the middle of the three others are tasked to let them know when the next Truce Tree meeting is.

No, just the Lunar Goddess :stuck_out_tongue: Either that, or nothing.

All clans used to have ritualistic festivals. The royal family were the ones leading the festivals and they had the strongest worshippers. Everyone else followed their lead.

When the royals perished, there was no one to continue on the practice, so it died out. The times they do address the Lunar Goddess is during marriage, births including birthdays, deaths, coming-of-age, and the ceremony of the next successor. But it’s more like they are just saying it and not actually believing it.

The Lead/Head Hunter reports to the clan leader that they will carry it out. The clan leader gives their “okay” and that’s that. If the young males fail, well, there’s always next month. They used to do it yearly, but these days, they are getting desperate. Makiista is a little traditional, only allowing males to be Hunters and only females to be Healers or Midwifes.

Well, yes, sort of. The enemy’s magick is too strong for Kattaluna and if they stay near the Bloodstone Wall for too long, they can get sick. A little is okay, it will go away, but if they happen to be there for hours, it will affect them.

Previously, in Makiista, with ritual addressing the Lunar Goddess to please take this soul to your skies and set them free among the stars, or something like that. Some herbs would be sprinkled on the body. The clan leader will give their blessings. Currently, the clan just bury the bodies and say a few words and that’s it. Young Hunters are then made to put the soil over.

That’s uh…a spoiler :stuck_out_tongue: It’s in her backstory related to where she comes from. All I can tell you is that she has some of the ancient Lunar Magick inside of her, and this makes her able to use Kattaluna magick. One type of magick triggering the other type.

This kind of magick relationship once existed for another bipedal race long ago—the Kaunlutha, a bipedal lion race. The princess had the magick of the sun, Solar Magick, which triggered the remainder of Kaunlutha magick inside of her. It enabled her to accomplish a little more than her fellow Kaunlutha.

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oops, I just answered all of them XD Have run reading :stuck_out_tongue:

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Questions shall unlock more questions

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  1. Is the magick where Pinti and her people dwell dying or something else entirely?

  2. How old would Pinti be in human years?

  3. Who is the antagonist in the story and what is their reason for the things they do?

  4. Can you even imagine a evil and villainous Pinti? What would that even look like to you?

  5. What happened to Pinti’s mother? Did she die or something else because she isn’t that relevant to the story?

  6. Are there people that Pinti befriends others who journey with her to find the ancient specter or is this a solo mission?

  7. What is the absolute most powerful creature or being or person that is relevant to the story, but Pinti probably won’t meet that person/creature/being just yet or at all?

  8. Is there something that any of the main characters beside Pinti want or desire, but can’t claim it for whatever reason?

  9. How would Pinti’s father react if his daughter died trying to save her people? Who would the position of leader go to if Pinti dies?

  10. Does Pinti have long or short hair (mane)?

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