UPDATED!! Ask me about characters, magick, setting, and I'll ask you, too

Tell me about these rings. Are they rings within each other (like Attack on Titan with the different walls) or are they territories in different places? Are they walls, cities, towns, outposts, etc.

What’s Thorn like, and why did they have to befriend him secretly? Is his kind dangerous, is he apart of a different species/race, or is it more like magic?

What’s the place Hybrid’s have in their world? Is it like DND where half-elves are discriminated against, or is it more open/accepting? Is being a hybrid common?

Also, Bonus Question: Do different races age at different speeds?

lol, super realistic, yet, so important.

So, who is your oldest human character and how old are they?



So, this goes all the way back to when I first created the planet, Elgana. Each “ring” or torus planet having one species living on it was the initial idea. There are six rings, but the fifth ring (counting from the center) is a jail ring. That means I would have five races. And then, well, here we are :stuck_out_tongue:

Great question! And no, they didn’t. Humans came from our future, super overpopulated Earth. Kattalunae and Ilvagis are the oldest native species of Elgana. Hybrids and Sorcerers came about after Humans started integrating themselves into Elgana.

I guess I already answered this question :stuck_out_tongue:

So, no one truly knows why Kattalunae ended up being blue. It could be because they traditionally lived under open sky and their fur soaked up the blue from the sky. Or, it could be because they ate a lot of hudder berries which are the most blue-pigmented fruit you can imagine. They make paint with it, too. In terms of camouflage, it’s super inconvenient to be blue. There’s no blue foliage where they live.

Only the Kattaluna race.

Yes, kind of. Guardian magick is not from the same source, but it does share similarities to magick that came out of the source.

No :stuck_out_tongue: It’s uh, just magick XD

  • Humans: The oldest was 120 at one point. Not so different from us.
  • Kattalunae: The oldest was 100. Not so different from Humans (although it was during a time of peace. Right now, it could be between 60 and 70.)
  • Ilvagis: Immortal and cannot easily be killed. They have been around since the creation of species on Elgana. Elgana is 800 years old. A LOT younger than Earth.
  • Sorcerers: Immortal, or so they claim. You see, they only came about when Humans came, so the oldest living Sorcerer is around 600 years old.
  • Hybrids: Oldest was about 120 or so. Not so different from Humans.

The biggest event was the Great Racial War in which all races, unsatisfied with their territories, had a giant war amongst themselves. This involved every weapon imaginable, every magick imaginable, and murder left and right. It lasted for about 10 years. You know who started it? Humans :stuck_out_tongue: They got greedy like they did on Earth.

Interesting question. Never had this one before :thinking: One big problem with environment is actually with native race preservation. The natives of Elgana are all animal bipeds (but not all animals). Humans forcefully integrated themselves with the natives and since the natives’ genes were weaker against Humans, instead of animal biped children being born, only hybrids or Humans were born.

The current natives of Elgana are the indestructible Ilvagis and the Kattalunae. Kattaluna are actually facing extinction. There are four clans and only about a hundred in each. 400 years before the current story of Pinti, there was a wild lion biped race and despite being conserved with the help of Humans, they eventually went extinct thanks to the Humans who didn’t care, and then were unable to survive in the developing world.

Pinti’s home ring, the Third Ring (third torus planet from the center), is also suffering from deforestation and loss of prey because of it.

Scientists do exist because magick isn’t everything and most Humans and Hybrids can’t use magick.

Thanks for the questions :blush:

Let’s have a female character and a male character of your choice. Preferably ones you don’t get asked about often :wink:


Not normal. Pinti is considered the youngest clan leader in history. The reason being, the Kattalunae magick was dying and her father, the clan leader, could no longer do his healing practices. Only a clan leader can do healing, so, he decided to make her clan leader early. Adulthood starts from 16 for Kattalunae, but clan leader usually isn’t until 19, even 20.

Rare case, desperate times.

Previously, when there was peace, the eldest could go up to 100-110. But now with war and food shortages, 60-70. Maybe 80, but quite rare.

Valan’s just like that :stuck_out_tongue: But in truth, he’s dead serious, and super passionate about making the clan strong. It comes off as him being mean and rude and grumpy.

It used to be a city with stone castles and a place where the native Elganian high class lived. The stone castles remain and on top of them Humans have built brick towers. When those crumbled during war, they built glass and metal towers on top of them. So, many buildings look like a mixture of eras.

The roads are also a mess. Everything was built and then later added on to without consideration for easy access. Curvy, twisty roads will curve back onto themselves in circles if you don’t know which walls turn into doors at which dead ends. Non-Syaraize citizens will get lost without a doubt even with a map.

Not to mention, since the city is located right next to the biggest travel portal of Elgana, the magick from the portal distorts time and space which makes roads turn into walls, walls open to new paths, and noon turn to night in seconds (at least, that’s what it feels like). The closer you are to the portal, the more messed up everything is. Only locals truly know which path will be accessible at which location and at what time of day.

It is the prestigious magick of the prestigious Sorcerer race (read it like a snob here :stuck_out_tongue: ). What you need to know is that to be a Sorcerer, you have to have the genetics to access the magick in the air. You can be either a Human Sorcerer or a Hybrid Sorcerer. Sorcerer magick uses runic tongue for spells. They used to call each rune out to form a sigil (completed spell), but modern days, they call out the sigil from the start.

Humans and native Elganians a.k.a animal bipeds created Hybrids. Not all animals were intelligent animal bipeds. Native Elganians looked like, bears, various felines, birds, reptiles, dogs, and foxes.

Universal is the name of the language that everyone in Elgana speaks. If you can speak this, you can speak to the world. It’s a Human-originated language in that it mixes all the common Human languages when Humans first came about. Don’t ask me the details, because I have no idea XD

Lol, it’s for spells XD But Sorcerers do like to put color on their magick for dramatics and aesthetics. Color magick is a type of spell that takes up no magick energy and so, Sorcerers usually have two to three representative colors for their personal aesthetics that they put into their magick when saying the spells.

Example, there’s a Sorcerer in Pinti’s story called Galag and he uses orange, yellow, and red for his magick. Another Sorcerer uses silver, indigo, and light blue.

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Novel_Worm I asked some here, have you seen these?


You’re welcome :blush:

You’re welcome! Excited to see what you’ll end up with :wink:


I changed this a tiny bit since then :stuck_out_tongue: Pinti hasn’t had time to take it all in that she’s now the clan leader, so she has to put the clan before herself. She wants to help with healing, but the thing is, just because she can heal, she feels like that’s the only reason her father chose her as his successor.

So, on one paw, she wants to help with the clan and be a great leader like her father was (he’s still alive, in case you were wondering). But on the other paw, she’s not sure she’s good enough as a leader. Maybe she’s a good healer but does she really have the full package? Pinti doubts herself…and at the same time, she wants to prove to her clan that she is a good leader.

So, she goes through character conflict, forces herself to try to overcome it, because she feels this strong sense of duty. The only thing that makes her push on is duty.

oooh, I like that comparison to the Force. I would say it’s kind of similar, but it’s not hate. For Sorcerer magick, one thing that can break it is aesthetic possession.

Sorcerers follow aesthetic ethics and anything considered beautiful, they love. But there are times when they see something they love for their aesthetics and think they need to have it. So, they will try to get it even if it is a person.

The longer they can’t get it, their magick begins to act up and become corrupted, and in the worst cases, cause them to lose themselves and go crazy. Their entire being becomes focused on that thing they “need” but can’t have.

Usually, Sorcerers don’t end up in this extreme and can easily regulate their desires.

I find this interesting, because it almost happened with Elgana. Humans came along with their technology and although not all of it was good, a lot of it helped Elgana evolve.

I don’t think I asked you this: What are the limitations of the magic? And what are some illegal types of magic?

Sorcerer magick, for example, you’re not allowed to resurrect people or time travel among other things.

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Do nekojin count as humans?

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I will reply when im back at the hotel :joy:

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I’m back with some more Questions! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • How did Pinti become clan leader so young?

  • Has she always wanted to be clan leader?

  • If she wasn’t a clan leader, what career would she choose for herself?

  • What is something that Pinti struggles with as her role of clan leader?

  • What do her clan mates/other clans think about having a leader that’s so young?

  • What does Tendri want to be when she grows up?

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Ahhh, thank you <3

Ahh, this feels like a nice change! I feel like it’s kind of rare to see a character start off in a position of power, but when they do it only adds another layer of conflict, and it introduces far more stakes. Now, Pinti has to deliberate her actions more carefully, because the consequences could have a larger impact.

Ahh, so she almost feels like she hasn’t earned her place as a healer? Does this create any character conflicts? Like another side-character wants to be an effective healer, but can no longer do so because she takes up the position? Or perhaps with her father?

I really like this change, it adds more layers to Pinti’s character and introduces more conflict to the story, motivation to continue towards a bigger adventure perhaps?

Ahhh, this is very interesting! So, it’s almost like they keep aesthetics around because they want them/need them to perform a duty/magic. But once it becomes a personal manifestation, their intentions become corrupted and their actions follow suit?

Mhm, before it’s corruption, there were strict laws also against raising the dead, both for moral and magical means. A life that has lost cannot be unlost sorta thing.

Combat magic was also restricted, a normal citizen caught performing such magic would be jailed (unless they had a good reason).

Mind-controlling magic or mind-melding was strictly forbidden. It is believed that the will of man is an intrinsic part in wielding magic and connecting them with nature. Overtaking that will was seen as an abdominal sin.

Now, unless you are a sanctioned magic user, all magic is strictly banned (at least in Panavora, in other places it’s use is allowed.) How they control this is through a device called an orsa (or diapause) is implanted in them at birth, cutting them off from magic use. It can be removed, but the process is painful and illegal.

Sanctioned magic users are heavily guarded and watched, they are only allowed to perform magic that serves the religion/kingdom. The magic they use is more often than not for practical means: healing, repairing equipment, etc.

I’ve worked out all the details of Panavora, and should clarify that the laws/sanctions taking place are focused on one continent, which is very isolationist. In places like Suncerot, magic use is allowed and encouraged, with relatively the same laws in place. Mostly there, they use a philosophy on restraint, discipline, and understanding ones key role in the universe. To use magic, you muse prepared to face the consequences (it is still corrupted, and not every spell goes right, powerfully casted spells have a tendency to go horrendously wrong). I’ve not fleshed out either of these places nearly enough, mainly because they don’t take place on-screen until later in the series (I plan at least 2 books).

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Hmmmm. Of my main cast, the ones I don’t get asked about the most are these ones:

Female: Carmin (Vision Dragonoid), Kayla (Zer), Ema (Fae/Terpolite)
Male: Dan (Fire Dragonoid), Jay (Fae)
Fluid: Zoe (Light-Bender)

Then there’s also pretty much all of my next generation characters: Hathor (Lyriumian/Fae/Human/Demigod), Maddie (Lyriumian), Troy (Wolf Shifter), Sky (Water-Weaver/Fae), Imogene (Firebringer) and Isaiah (Glacis)

Does that mean magick fades with age as well as dying out in general? If not, why can Pinti do it and not her father?

That makes sense :joy:

Ah, yes, that sounds like something Humans could do. What happen to the native Elganian high class?

That does sound like an absolute mess

That sounds both very cool, very confusing and very annoying

What’s made the genetics necessary? Do you still need the genes to make ruin magic work?

Soooooo I probably shouldn’t ask how hybrids came to be, right? :joy:

“speak to the world”? :eyes:

Relatable with languages tbh :joy:

Ooooo very cool. And that way you can keep track of who is doing what

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I want to know about your full humans.

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Her father’s lunar magick died and only the clan leader can do healing of clan members. Pinti is the last Kattaluna with lunar magick. So, he’s like “I need you to do this.” and makes her clan leader really early. The starting age for adulthood is 16, but usually clan leaders don’t get their role until 19 or 20 because there are various levels of training they have to do.

Pinti’s case is rare. Desperate times.

Yes. She admires her father and she’s grateful for the clan that allowed her to stay and wants to give back somehow.

Clan leader :stuck_out_tongue:

She would have chosen that. But let’s imagine she is interested in other options. She might have become some type of historian because she likes languages or a chronicler preserving memories.

Not being enough. She has lunar magick, yes, but she feels like she should be doing more for the clan. She can heal injuries, but not her sister’s trauma. She can’t save everyone either when war strikes.

Pinti also struggles with why she was made clan leader. Is it because of her or her magick? If she didn’t have this magick, would her father not have made her clan leader? She doubts herself.

They see she can heal with her magick and they like it. Although there are some who disapprove of her father’s decision, yet, they are loyal to him and it’s against clan rules to question their leader. They grumble about it. Pinti knows this.


That was Tendri, not me :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s read many stories of the brave travelers from centuries ago. She’s also in line to be clan leader one day and always says she wants to be just like Pinti :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have some new ghost questions.

  • Can ghosts see themselves in the mirror?
  • Can they appear in photographs?
  • Do ghosts in Afterlife use technology? What’s the level of tech there?
  • What are ghost restaurants like?
  • Are there schools there for children? If the children never age, how do they figure out when to graduate?
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Only the clan leader is allowed to do healing. Nobody else. They can assist but the one who does the actual practice is the leader. This is inspired partially by shamanism :wink: The clan leader is called Shaman for males, Shamala for females.

Pinti’s father actually feels guilty for giving this position to her and tries to take some of the burden off by letting her rest and taking over. This backfires on him because then Pinti sees this as him not valuing her to be a good leader on her own. She will take a stand and tell her father to back down :wink:

Oh, but these two don’t fight for long. Her father will apologize and they will hug :grin:

Perhaps :wink:

So, aesthetic ethics can be directed to any object, situation, person, or space. Sorcerers have common ones that everyone agrees are beautiful like long, flowing capes freshly pressed, or gold. Anything gold and sparkly. Long hair. Stars in the sky. Moon in the sky…etc. But individuals also have their own personal ones.

A Sorcerer character, Cypur, who has his own story in “Lone Gold, Daring Purple” sees dance as aesthetically beautiful. He could attend an event and watch it without leaving to do anything. Sorcerers become enthralled before their personal aesthetics. If allowed, they will lose themselves in a sort of trance. Most of the time, they don’t lose themselves and keep a sound mind.

Sorcerers don’t need aesthetics to do anything. But it’s in their nature to want pretty things. It’s like how crows like sparkly things or how some people are obsessed with cottagecore or something like that. You don’t need it, you want it, right? It’s pretty and makes you feel happy.

For some Sorcerers, the happiness can feel as strong as deep love for a person.

Imagine if something or someone stops you from having that person. Wouldn’t you get a little angry? Sorcerers especially feel this when faced with a rare, pretty thing. Like a raven girl who can fly (usually hybrid ravens cannot fly). Some Sorcerers go wild for this. The desire is off the charts.

You can actually see it happen. It’s scary. Their eyes turn black. The only way to snap them out of it is to knock them out. Once aesthetic possessiveness begins, you cannot reason with them. Thankfully, this phenomenon is rare because it usually only happens when Sorcerers see rare things.

  • What’s the settings where the story takes place? Era, culture, technology, terrain…what’s it like?
  • What happens if the dead is raised? Or is it not possible at all?
  • What can one do with combat magic?

How does it exactly work? How is the magic stopped? Is the person who can’t use magic negatively affected in any way?

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Not with age. No one knows why it’s dying despite being used. It’s just dying :confused:

Actually, I do know why. It’s got something to do with the Lunar Goddess and the Chief Guardian and the moonstone and the child of balance. I can’t tell you anymore than this. It’s quite a rabbit hole of information.

Pinti is an unusual case. She came with lunar magick as a baby. Such magick was thought to only be passed down through the clan leader. Her father took this as a sign because at the time, he was without child and his magick was already fading.

Now here’s a child with lunar magick. Meant to be? Perhaps.

They were integrated and went extinct. Elganian natives are all animal bipeds whose genes are weak against Human genes. Every child born between them were either Human or Hybrid.

I have a story “Paws Chase Murder Case” where two hybrids in police academy have to go to Syaraize to find a criminal hideout and get super lost. Not to mention it’s summer and hot. The MC, Scotch, is smart enough to eventually realize there’s a pattern to how things move.

Runic magick is just the tool to project magick. To make any magick work, you need the genetics.

The genetics have always been necessary. Sorcerers didn’t exist until some Humans went to explore the Fourth Ring (where magick is dense) and realized some could use magick and others couldn’t. So, they separated into a whole new race (and became snobbish).

I think you can guess :stuck_out_tongue: Humans… eeesh :grimacing:

Should I mention this? Maybe I will. Bipeds (a.k.a native Elganians) are a head taller than Humans.


Sorry for the weird phrasing :stuck_out_tongue: I meant, speak to everyone in the world.

Exactly! Great for a duel :stuck_out_tongue:

  • What can a light-bender do? What are some of the most wildest things they can do? I have story with a character that uses light magick and he can create lightning. Can your character do that?
  • What is a Zer? And what are the languages that Kayla speaks?
  • What is the difference between a Vision Dragonoid and a Fire Dragonoid? Do Carmin and Dan know each other?
  • What are the rules that a Fae must abide by?
  • What’s a Terpolite? What physical features of Ema shows they are a Fae/Terpolite?

Oh OK. Morgana is a full human woman who is later middle age, is Egyptian (that is NOT her real name), and works as a fortune teller and mentor for Niko.

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I can imagine her having her own standalone book that’s a sort of occult thriller.

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What does Morgana do in her free time?

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Goldfish breeding

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Why goldfish?

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Carp are too big

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Get a pond. Goldfish are small creeps.

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