Vacation spots you RARELY or DON'T ACTUALLY often hear people talk about!

That’s true. Lol. And it can be true everywhere else.

Exactly lol

There’s this British guy on TikTok and he came to America for the first time, and where did he go? He went to the south on his vacation. More specifically, Texas. :woman_facepalming:


Farms, windmills, and wheat feeders (or whatever those giant silos are for :rofl: )

Otherwise, there’s Wichita which has a lot of big crime rates (mostly robbings and rapes from what I hear—the first night my parents went there for work, their truck was stolen). Then there’s Topeka, and whiloe there’s some interesting places to visit there, it’s also not the greatest place either. Another place filled with crime, mostly murder and drugs. The crazy stories I have to tell. :rofl: And then there’s Kansas City which is technically in Missouri, and the only thing you’d do is go to World’s of Fun, which is a theme park and water park duo.

But I mean, “I’m gonna go to Kansas for a vacation!” ?? Either you have family there, you’re on crack, or you’re a really, really boring person. :rofl:


I also just thought of another place!


I had a co-worker who said she was going on vacay, and I was like, “To where?” And she said Kentucky. :flushed: WHAT? :rofl: She had family there, that’s why. But the only reason I’d visit Kentucky out of my own free will as a vacation spot would be the Waverly Hills Sanitorium.




I could honestly care less if somewhere is X friendly or not. The only thing I want to do is relax, not get annoyed with tourists, and do my own thing. No civil wars, no people annoying me, no fucking riots, no drunk tourists.


It might be more argusbly rhe gay capital of the Middleast.

Oh, dont do Pride in New Orleans: not because it aint decadent, it follows the most obnoxious Marid Gras traiditions, after all. But these buts decide to do it the most hurricane hit weekend of the year. Think: Katrina interrupted it, as did Gustav and thr hurricane that took me out of my house for a month.