Vlogging on YouTube?

Ah, yes, the vlogs on YouTube and TikTok.
Some people hate them, other like them a lot, and then there are some who don’t have an opinion on them/don’t care.

Personally, I love a vlog when the YouTuber doesn’t show their face unless they have to. It creates an air of mystery because I want to know who you are yet don’t need to know who you are.

I came to see your life play out and that is all. I mostly watch vlogs on YouTube where people who don’t show themselves (sometimes) and either study, watch anime, read manga, write their stories, or leave their home to do other things. And also unboxings and shopping too.

I love it when they don’t speak and use subtitles or speak some, use some subtitles, and do whatever it is they are doing.

Most of the vloggers are young people. I haven’t really encountered anyone who is around my age (32) and doing that type of stuff.

I am starting to think that doing certain things might be an age requirement for some people.

Anyway, I love vlogs that are sometimes or most times silent minus the music and whatnot.

So, why did I make this thread? I know I’ve mentioned that I’ve wanted to do a YouTube channel and stuff, yet I’ve had more think to ponder on the matter.

Yes, I am not mentally there to start a YouTube channel or show my face to the world, but honestly I rather do a YouTube channel where I show people what I enjoy doing rather than them seeing my face wondering if I look…good or not.

I’ll try not to reveal so much in a way that would make even me wonder why I’d do that. But just enough to have people wonder if this is something worth coming back for more or not.

All I need is the right tripod stands for the job. I would love to buy a camera, but I am not getting that much money next month for that to happen.

Anyway, I need to stop making these type of threads and just do the damn thing.

I am just really uneasy about doing things like this because people are so venomous with things that bother them or they just don’t overall like it.

So, what are your thoughts on this hopefully final matter?

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Main my focus for my YouTube channel:

1.Writing my stories.
2.Watching anime and reading manga or webtoons.
3. Possibly cleaning and maybe cooking (if in the mood)
5. Write with me sprints.
6. Possible unboxings if I want to.
7. And lastly outings with friends or family or myself.

These will be my only focus. Nothing else will matter and I AM NOT SHOWING MY FACE OR DOING SOME STANDARD VLOG THINGS THAT OTHER VLOGGERS DO!!!

So, yeah, I shall be watching plenty of silent vlogs aesthetics and those good balance of writing/talking/other things.



If you were to ask me “why do you want to do a YouTube if your so afraid to do it?” I would tell you this straight up.

I’ve always wanted to do a channel where I make videos since the last two-ish videos I’ve made when I was a hardcore Hetalian.

Thank god those days are gone!
I, now, want to make YouTube channels where people don’t need to know me and who I am. All they need to know is that I am showing them what I like and doing something that most people don’t think of doing.

Like, how many Black WriterTubers have you seen where they want to show themselves writing/talking a little or not talking at all and using subtitles/doing other things they like without actually SHOWING THEMSELVES or show them selves less?

It is crazy standard YouTube is. I just want to break that standard for my sake and maybe others.

Is it wrong to get a tired of the same thing and no one is willing to challenge and/or change things?

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I don’t see why you can’t make whatever kind of video you like, as long as it’s within Google’s rules. Go for it! It sounds like it might be fun, and if you ever change your mind about publishing your books someday it will help having a YT channel with lots of content already in place when you start advertising those books. Also, you can make money on YouTube if you hit the magic number of followers, which I think is 10k now, although that number might be wrong. Have fun! (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭‧˚₊・゚*̥✧


Thank you so much!
I just been watching different vlogs and how those silent vloggers do things and Writer/AuthorTubers as well.

So, I figure, why not combine it an a way where I can write and do other things without people seeing me and without me getting in their faces?

I see it as a win-win personally to combine two things I love into something amazing that can be done great over time.

I am VERY NEW to the video editing game!
I am going to need plenty of practice on the matter.

That alone shouldn’t stop me.
Far as publishing, I’ll see how I feel and if I am up for it.


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Like most things, there’s typically a niche group and with it comes random demographics. Most vlogging, I’ve seen, usually are from younger audiences but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any older ones. I watch a lot of various YouTubers, both vloggers and other, and the majority are in their 30s or 40s, and some of them are even the bigger YouTubers. Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Casey Neistat, Safiya Nygaard, Mark Crilley, Thomas Sanders, Peter McKinnon—they’re all within the “older” group of YouTube. Heck, I recently found out one of my favorite animated channels, sWooZie, (his real name is Adande) is 42. Many of the others I follow are close to that age range, too. I also watch Sam and Colby (mid-20s), Amber Scholl (late 20s), TheOdd1sOut (mid-20s), etc.

But like, this doesn’t mean people won’t be interested in their channel just because of their age. Or that their age restricts them from having any fun or doing certain things. You’re never “too old” to get into things you want to do.

No, not wrong. If you’re tired of the same old videos and you want to make videos outside the norm, it’s definitely worth the challenge.

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Huh…I did not know that…the more you know.

Thank you very much for the comment.
The only things I need to get started is tripods for my phone since I can’t afford a camera or anything else tech related.

And since I am makes “writing” and daily vlogs where I am silent and not showing my face, having a tripod or two is important.

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Also, the more I am noticing the signs of ADHD, I might have to make a sublet warning for the viewers/audience that can calm my nerves.

I mean that’s none of their business, but honestly if you are watching someone make videos where the realism really shows then you might be aware that the YouTuber is struggling in a way.

If I post videos while I am suffering from ADHD and have zero medication and therapy (for now), I can tell that things will be a jumbled for the viewers.

Like they might see it as something is clearly wrong when I am trying to make things right.

Not trying to scare myself out of doing it, just want to be ready for the possibly long road ahead of me.

Honestly, making a second YouTube channel might do wonders.

@AMMeyers and @Akje: Thoughts and feelings on this?

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I honestly know nothing about ADHD, but I think @J.L.O does. Just what are the symptoms, and what does that mean for your videos?

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ADHD ranges in severely and kind of has its own seasons, but the biggest thing that would hamper making my own videos is executive function: the ability to start a plan, stick to it, and see it to completion, then go back and do this on repeat for the rest of my online career?

Yeesh, that’s asking a lot.


That is so true.
I tend to get bored and impatient fast.
That is why I haven’t posted a story of mine online in a long time.

So, even though I want to go through with it, am I fully ready in the long run?


If you're interested in knowing their actual ages...

Safiya is turning 31 this year. Markiplier is turning 34 this year. Jacksepticeye just turned 33. Casey will be 42 later this month. Peter will turn 36 this year. Thomas is turning 33 next month. And Mark Crilley is turning 57 in two months. And most YouTubers I’ve seen are in their 30s or about to hit their 30s or are about to hit their 40s. So it’s not like you’re the oldest one in the room. :wink:

Oh, most definitely! You can find very inexpensive tripods, and plus, you can use random objects to help keep your phone still. When I tried to do my own channel, I would use a mug to hold my phone in place as I typed for a time lapse because I didn’t have a phone tripod. :wink:

I mean, if you expressed that you have ADHD, your viewers will be more forgiving in that sense because it’d let them know why a video might be jumbled. But as JLO said, I do think you should create a plan of what to do, execute it as best as possible, and keep at it. This doesn’t mean you can’t have jumbled videos because you can say, “This is a random video of my day” or maybe “I did a lot of writing and reading over the weekend—this is what I’d been up to” and then do a compilation of random videos you recorded throughout the day.


The way I am? I write because I’m fast and can post things after a couple edits that aren’t absolutely crud.

But the type of work to perfect writing? No, that is where this becomes a real struggle to do.

And the longer the story, the less likely it is to be finished.

So, if I was to persue this? I’d make a video, look at it to see how much work it is, and then decide.


I forgot to mention fear also plays a role that too.
When I post my story for an entire day and barely get any views, I feel defeated in myself for not gaining views and comments along with nothing is happening.

I worry too that if someone reads it won’t be a matter of if they disliked or plain hate it, it’s more like I have to stick to it and entertain the readers in a sense.

That’s the same with if I do the YouTube.
I still want to give it a shot. It is more like until I can figuring things out for myself on a mental level, I shall be a bit more comfortable if things take a better turn for the worse.

What I mean by “jumbled” isn’t purely editing or video wise, more like what I am doing in the video. Like If I am recording me having a writing day, chances are I am going to do other things in the video from staring into space/daydreaming to procrastinating, to mindlessly scrolling, to losing massive amounts of focus, watching anime more than doing other stuff when it should be for breaks on when I am free, and saying I’ll do something, but don’t do it.

I mean I can do that since that is the reality of me having ADHD, but I am also unsure giving people that sense of realism.

Most people want fake shit…I would rather not be fake.

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Look, I actually am cool with not having comments. I’ve got one of my stories for this ONC with a reader that comments and I’m having half a heart attack right now going, “where’s the holy water!” I thought I’d be more of a fan of this over time…and they are just what we are supposed to be looking for.Next week, as I adjust to be idea, I’ll be good but right now, today, a ton of responses on my 7 chapters? Nopenopenope.

And I comment on here all the time , so you know it’s not just interaction.

Again, better tomorrow. Just got to remind myself.


Why not do videos about what it’s like to have ADHD then? You could then be as real as you like, and your viewers would probably relate. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Do vlogs where I show people what it is like to have ADHD while I am trying to stick to my hobbies and daily life overall?

:raised_hand: Wait, a minute! You are giving me a lot to think about.

thinking about it Hmm…hmmm…HMMMM!!!

That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I am not talking/showing subtitles and not showing my face though. I can show my actions though.

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Looking forward to seeing more of your comments!
:grin: :+1:

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