Wacky Is Looking for Books to Promote on Instagram!

Wacky is looking for books to promote on Instagram.

We would love to promote your stories to display the talented writers on this site. All you have to do is fill out the form below and we’ll choose which books will get featured on our socials. They do not have to be Wattpad, they can be from other platforms or multiple platforms!

  1. Title of your book
  2. Link to all the sites your book is posted on
  3. Tell us in 2 sentences what your book is about
  4. What do you love most about your book and why do you think others would love that aspect as well
  5. Also if you have an Instagram, please put your handle!

We look forward to the submissions – :wackywriters:

Insta handle: wacky_writers

  1. The Art of Remembering
  2. Only on Wattpad
  3. 11 years after her childhood best friend left, Addison’s husband falls ill and they both have to put their trust in the one man Addison swore to forget.
  4. I love writing it; the slice of life plus heart breaking storyline that has nice moments of love, friendship and life just brings it together. I always write a happy ending, so managing to balance the heartbreak and the readers knowing I will make it all happy at some point (lol) is one of the best feelings as both a writer (and I’ve heard as a reader). I’ve been told my writing is good as well, so that helps :wink:

Title Tainted Hearts
Links Tainted Hearts - Jackie 💝💜 - Wattpad
Summary Strong-willed, badass, and bound by the chains of an arranged marriage, Isabela Arias dreams of the freedom to live and love as she chooses. Being sold to the Italian mafia wasn’t exactly on Isabela’s to-do list as she’s forced to navigate the ropes of her new lifestyle, she must also resist the urge for her brooding, stoic bodyguard.
Books I love writing it and think about how I can improve it basically twenty-four hours a day. It’s a good mixture of angst, tension, and spiciness wrapped in a delicious dessert. I always write a happy ending to balance the heartbreak of the storyline and to give my readers a satisfying ending


Btw, feel free to share your Instagram handles if you have one and would like us to mention you!

Retroactive tag @MiniMoxx @ily_ari_grande :grin:

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1 Battle for the Photon Core
2 Amazon/Kindle
3 After the Dark King was sealed away, ten items were hidden across Creation so he wouldn’t be freed again. As his followers once again rise, the hunt is on between the Lyriumians (our heroes) and the Terpolites (our villains) to find all ten first to either free the Dark King or keep him sealed forever.
4 Focus on the action and the adventure, light on the romance, lots of magic, traps systems and fight scenes.
5 @offjesslizcrossauthor


Title: The Last Philosopher
Links: Available at The Last Philosopher - Nick East - Wattpad and The Last Philosopher | Royal Road
Blurb: In the freezing mountains of Empris, Lyeasrakardsul, the oldest living sorcerer suffers from devastating nightmares. At the same time — far away in the sandstone desert of Zenon — Herschel, a man filled to the brim with strange ideas is escaping a prison filled with strange old men.

I’ve been told that it is both unique and funny with great worldbuilding and characters. Others have also said what I would never dare say myself, that my writing has similarities to Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.

Also, thanks and sorry I don’t have instagram :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The Dark Between Dreams
  • Only on Wattpad
  • Sword-wielding ghosts fight monsters in the afterlife.
    Longer answer: A recently deceased ghost arrives in the afterlife and finds it sark and full of monsters. She tries to escape from the afterlife, and ends up uncovering a centuries-old murder and betrayal plot.
  • It’s a fun story to write because any ridiculous thing I want can happen in this world. Others might like it because it has an LGBT main cast, low romance, and lots of action.
  • I’m Jellyghost14 on Insta~
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  1. I’m an Extra in a Tragedy Novel
  2. I'm an Extra in a Tragedy Novel - Fellycia C.H. - Wattpad
  3. This book follows the story of Calypso Berenice, the empress of the Graniel Empire who was executed after her husband’s uncle started a rebellion to usurp the throne. After her execution she woke up to find herself back in time, a year before the whole tragedy started with the memories of first timeline intact; and not only that, she also suddenly remembers her past life as a modern world as well and found out that the world she’s currently living in is nothing but a tragic novel she once read in her past life.
  4. I think what I like most about this story is the beautifully haunting atmosphere that combines fairytale with the reality of the world that’s full of uncertainty and irony. The great characterization is also the strongest aspect about this book. Every character was well-thought of and had colorful personalities and lots of layers just like normal human. Even the protagonist, Calypso, is a severely flawed person whose view on the world gradually changed due to the traumas and misery she went through. It wasn’t an easy transition either. She wasn’t a saint, far from it. But she’s also not a pantomime villain either. She’s just a human, full of contradictions and gray areas like any other. This story will really prove to you that as much as you may love someone, nobody’s perfect. I think instead of the perfect heroine image like in most fantasy-romance novel, readers would love to see a characters that is incredibly relatable and can make you laugh, cry, love and hate the characters at the same time; a character with real flaws and emotions for once, which I might say, is a bit lacking in this genre.
  5. Instagram: mikrokosmoss96
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  1. Title of your book- The War of Crowns
  2. Link to all the sites your book is posted on- The War Of Crowns | #ONC2023 - Miriam Elade - Wattpad
  3. Tell us in 2 sentences what your book is about- Heir to her thrown, Princess Leia decided to take matters into her own hands and end the war between humans and faeries herself. She wasn’t expecting to be caught, and falling in love with the Prince of Faeries definitely wasn’t part of her plan.
  4. What do you love most about your book and why do you think others would love that aspect as well- I love the separation and tension between the humans and faeries that the war has caused, and of course, the dynamic relationship that is growing between the Prince of Faeries and the Princess of the Humans.
  5. Also if you have an Instagram, please put your handle!- @miriamelade
  1. Factory Reset
  2. Factory Reset | ✓ - wren arrior - Wattpad
  3. With only a name and vague memories she can’t decipher, Aura must uncover the truth about who she is and why she can’t leave The Sanctuary.
  4. I love that my novella is a total mindf*ck (wait, can I swear?) and I think others will appreciate the questions that it poses about identity and what makes us human.
  5. I don’t have an Instagram.
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We’re still talking stories!

Can I do a second one? This one is for my trad. published book!

  1. The Burden of Us
  2. Amazon.co.uk
  3. Ella Webb was never destined to be free.

When she turned sixteen, Ella’s only present was an arranged marriage to Dean, her ex-friend.
Desperate for time, she bargained for a three-year reprieve to get an education and graduate before she was forced to marry.

Falling in love with someone else was never Ella’s intention. Yet she allowed herself to fall deep into the rabbit hole of forbidden love and hidden family secrets that Ella wished had stayed buried… but it all might be the key to setting herself free.

  1. I love the characters and the romance. Writing this book - and editing it so much - was so much fun.
  2. @mini_moxx
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I don’t see why not, especially since it’s a different book

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Thank you so much! <3

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  1. Can We Kiss Forever?
  2. Can We Kiss Forever? (Wattys 2022) - 𝐉𝐓 - Wattpad Wattpad
  3. A medium called Julio meets a soccer player who dies and gets to know him in his death. The soccer player, Lombard can’t remember anything, and Julio helps him remember things. There is also a blossoming romance.
  4. I love how my book is different from a lot of books on Wattpad, and how it has a unique angle. I want people to read more diverse books as well.

I don’t have an official Instagram, but you can shout out my Wattpad or something instead. :joy:

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