Wacky Is Looking for Books to Promote on Instagram!

Yep! I’ve got out of the contract today, so dont worry about promoting it at all! I’m going to upload it back to wattpad at some point once I’ve decided what to do XD so I’ll come back when it’s done if thats okay! Sorry about that! <3

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No worries!

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We are still taking books :tada:

Here’s my ONC book that I just finished. :3

  • The Bones Below
  • On Wattpad
  • In a post-apocalyptic world where all of humankind has perished, a half-blind red fox named Kip and her two kits must struggle to survive.
  • It’s a gripping action-packed tale of survival inspired by Watership Down, featuring an atypical protagonist, set in a strange world that’s a combination of life and decay.
  • @/jellyghost14 on Instagram
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  1. A Little Love for Pennies

  2. A Little Love for Pennies | ✓ - mittu ravi - Wattpad

  3. In the midst of repeating his second year in a chaotic Computer Science degree, missing his older brother’s funeral, and somehow winding up in a brothel one night with no desire to be touched, Vignesh Vadivazhagan – aka Vicky – decides the last thing he’d rather do is sell hugs for some sh**ts and giggles on Tinder. After all, who’d give a second look at someone who’d never even been glanced at, right?

  4. It features queer characters who are grappling with grief and learning more about their gender and asexuality, which really hits home for me and I hope it will for others.

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Y’all better not be shy around here :eyes:

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Just so you know, this is still open :wink:

  1. The Burden of Us
  2. now only on wattpad
  3. Ella has met the love of her life despite being in an arranged marriage before she was born and now, she is against the clock to get out of it to be with her true love.
  4. This was my first pure contemporary romance book, and it made me fall in love with the genre. The characters also were just amazing to write, and I loved writing the plots.
  5. @/mini_moxx

Thank you! <3