Wacky Is Looking for Books to Promote on Instagram!

This is such a lovely idea!

  1. Damsel in Control
  2. Wattpad! Damsel in Control (18+ Only) - The Rogue Pack - Roze_prose - Wattpad
  3. Meeting your soulmate has seemed easy enough for most of the wolves that Reyna knows. But what happens if she’s not searching for love and just wants to have a little bit of fun? Why should anyone get a say in how she gets to live her life? And what happens when she discovers a truth that has been hidden for centuries…
  4. My aim with this book was to write erotica that has a story. A lot of published erotica has a story line that doesn’t always intrigue or captivate the reader. What I love about this book is that I’ve written something that will captivate the reader with the story and the smut!
  5. @Roze_prose
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If you can’t provide a link to your story, can you let me know your username on Wattpad so I’m able to search it properly?

  1. Project Shadow
  2. Tori Sparrows (@ShinobiSakura) - Wattpad
    Tori_Sparrows's Profile | Inkitt
  3. The story follows a you g woman named Natasha, after she witnesses the death of her boyfriend in a failed mission. She is called back to work when it looks like the man behind his death, has returned.
  4. I love that its a sci fi book, filled with a lot of action. The protagonist goes up against inhuman creatures a few time and has to get creative in how to handle the situation in one instance.
  5. ShinobiSakura23
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Title: Royally Bumped
2) Royally Bumped - Alex☕️🫖 - Wattpad - it’s also on WeInk which is a new app, but there’s no link to the story but the link to the website of the app is (https://weink.app) if you want that? :rofl: if not just mention wattpad XD
3) When Mila finds out she’s pregnant from a one-night stand with a reluctant prince, she is thrust into a fake romance with him; are her feelings that grow for him genuine or for his way of life that ensures her baby stability?
4) I love Mila as a character, she’s realistic, funny, and takes everything in her stride. I’ve loved writing the series as a whole. It’s been so much fun!
5) @/mini_moxx

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