Wattys 2023? chattys, discussys, rantys [I deciphered the new Ongoing Stories rules]

So, for anyone interested and confused, I think I deciphered their weird new thing for ongoing stories:

If your story is still not completed by Wattys submission date, you can submit it as an ongoing story. But there’s a catch.

There’s always a catch.

First, to able to submit it as an ongoing story at all, your story must be published before June 19, 2023, or on June 19, 2023. I looked through people’s comments and Wattpad’s answers, but it sounds like the first date of publication of your ongoing story can be any date. It can be an old story from 2016 if you wanted to do that.

Second, you have to consistently add more than 500 + words every week 80% of the time until the Shortlist is announced on October 16, 2023. However, by the submission date of the Wattys (August 8, 2023), your ongoing story must have at least 20k words on top of having been consistent with updates.

The safest way to go about this, I think, is to just add 500 + words almost every week until you get 20k words by the time of submission. After that, you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t complete the story before the Shortlist is announced. I think this rule is to show to the judges that the story is ongoing.

Third, your story, by the time of Wattys submission (August 8, 2023), has to have 20k words or more and must not be marked as complete (Understandable, right? You’re submitting an ongoing story).

I think the strategy would be to choose a story that you haven’t published yet, but that you have written already, and divide it up into 500 + word sections. Each week, you just add that bit to your story until you get to 20k words.

I saw Wattpad say that it is fine to split already-written, not-yet-published chapters into chunks of words and then add them each week. It’s not cheating the system.

Note: an ongoing story can be part of a series.

If I find out new things, I’ll add it here.

While this is nice, it sounds like a risk of your time if you choose to use an older, ongoing story instead of doing like ONC and writing a new story, updating it every week.

Because if you finish the story before submission (August 8, 2023), you won’t be able to enter it as a completed story if the story was published a long time ago. A completed story must be first published at least from Jan. 2021 (nothing new, right?). I suppose you could unpublish and republish it. But it’s still risky of your time.

You’ll really need to think and pick the right story.

I think I got this right.

Feel free to add anything, and chat about the ongoing stories for the Wattys 2023, or the Wattys in general.

Idk if I’m going to enter this year. I might. Idk. But the ongoing stories thing sounds like a stressful risk, in my opinion. Updating 500 + words weekly to meet the 20k word mark, then submit to the Wattys ongoing stories, and then continue consistent updates until October 16…

Still sounds stressful.

Idk yet if the ongoing stories form will ask for a summary or not. I hope not.


Hm… so my best option is to speed edit and upload before submission date. i see…


I bulk upload quite often. I dont have the patience for that thing.

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I hate bulk uploading :joy:

I’d rather write 30k, and spread it out.

I’m that one fickle pastry.


Then maybe this ongoing stories option will work for you?

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It IS my only option :joy:

No way am I writing 50k in 2 months!


I meaaan


:flushed: I like to think a lot.

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I like the rules for the ongoing stories to be honest :see_no_evil:


Ph, they make perfect sense, just doesnt suit me.

Yeah, it’s not that bad when you think about it and if you have a project that’ll fit. You think you’ll be trying it?

I don’t give a stuff about my plot, to be honest. I’m going for most memorable characters lol.

I am tired of fussing about plots. A simple plot is all you need to build off.

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True, considering the Wattys and short attention spans.

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Very short ones :smiley:

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I was considering using my trilogy for this. 2 books are drafted, 3rd only started so I have a lot of backlog that would last me for the Wattys requirement. A while back I took down whatever was published on WP because I was doing heavy revisions. I never published it back so I could go down that path if I wanted to. Instead of Books, I could call them Seasons, and I could try to split up chapters since it sounds like they want short content. BUT:

This list got long
  1. I promised myself that I wouldn’t rush this project. It’s a complex story and it’s sort of my baby, lol. The whole reason why I didn’t republish the revised book was because I wanted to see how the third book would play out. I wanted to have a draft of the full trilogy completed before publishing the first book just in case something in the third book made me want to revise the early parts.
  2. The first two books need edits. They were actually written as one book which after writing it, I realized would work much better when split into two. But splitting a book into two isn’t as simple as cutting it in half. I have to go back and strengthen the climax of the first book and reconsider how the second will start. Even if I called them seasons, there’s still a need for a strong climax for the season finale. Same logic applies.
    So they need edits and there’s very little time now before the deadline. If I take this challenge on, it’s going to be really stressful time for me.
  3. We’re not allowed to touch any chapters once they’re published. No edits are allowed. If all of this content was edited and ready to go, that wouldn’t be a problem, but it isn’t. Even after I complete the transition from one book to two, there are still edits required. I hate the idea of putting up and leaving up content that isn’t up to my standards.
  4. I was hoping to run this series through a critique partner prior to publishing. Only a few chapters of an early draft has so far been seen by anyone. Submitting it to Wattys this year wouldn’t give me the time for that.
  5. I’m finishing up another book right now which I really wanted to get over with before putting it aside. I really don’t want to leave it unfinished when I’m so close to the finish line.
  6. Another of my WIPs has been on my mind. I’ve been hyping up to get back into that project. If I work on the trilogy, I’d have to put it aside. Again. This kind of pisses me off.

And so I’m seeing a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t publish it. It’s just not ready.

If they have the same category with the same rules next year, I could submit it then. That would give me more time to get it into shape.
Or who knows, maybe I’ll give up on Wattpad by then. I’m really tempted to take down all my originals and only leave up the fanfics.

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Welp. I bit the bullet and entered my WIP to the Wattys. The summary was the most challenging part tbh. Do I think my book is good? Yes. Do I think it’s commercial? Very debatable.

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I have 50k, but need to keep writing. I am posting my story as an “ongoing” story. You have to keep posting that until December every week, right?

i think only until October, thats when the shortlist will be announced.


Ah, aight. I went above and beyond then :joy:

The only reason I’m expanding Mini Moo is for this. (Disqualified on a technicality on 2022 ONC, so I never got a chance for exposure on it.) I don’t expect it to go anywhere, especially if this expansion botches it. But I’m going to try it out, anyway.

It’s just a tiny chance for a little exposure, as I see it. Not really a big deal.