Weird Question Time: What is a genre that you would read, but never actually write?

I say that this is a weird question because most people would only read a genre that they would love to write one day. Considering if they are into writing.

So, there are loads of ways to tackle this question. I want to know what your “way” is exactly.

Tell me, is there a genre that you like or love to read, but when it comes to writing in that genre, you won’t do it?

How come that is the case?

Lend me your thoughts.


Comic/manga/ graphic novels I don’t think I could do the story justice in so little text. And my drawing is shit.

I want to actually try this in the future but one I’m very iffy about is actually a age range aka Middle Grade. I do have a story/ series idea that I want to mess with in the future but I’m 80% sure it’s going to fall into YA territory by the end.


Oh, I so get this. LOL!

I love to read manga, but to actually draw/write it, is not in the cards for me. My drawing skills are beyond shitty. So, I couldn’t do it even if I really wanted too. Plus, I don’t even know how. LOL!


Nope, can’t think of anything I love to read that I wouldn’t try to write myself. I love a challenge! I tend to go the other way–I write things I would never read. For instance, I don’t read horror or crime fiction, but I’ve written both. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


I dunno? SciFi to a degree?


I’d say Sci-Fi. I love reading high fantasy and Sci-fi, but my world building skills is limited at the least and pathetic at best unfortunately. I just don’t think I’d be able to pull off a believable story. (And I don’t think I really have any stories in those genres to really tell.)


That’s a lot harder to come up with. I never thought I’d touch straight up romance, and I’ll write textbooks if I feel like it, so I’m game for most anything.

I probably would never write a murder mystery: but I’d use the elements like crazy: whodunit suspense makes plotting tons easier. I write cops, mercenaries, assassin’s, so they are a lot like watching an episode of CSI as far as unraveling a case, but to actually write out a novel of this sort, relying heavily on being in that genre requires writing on a level that people cannot guess what is happening next…

And because I can predict stuff sometimes in the first chapter of those things, I have a hard time gauging how subtle you have to be to keep some of the brainiest readers in existence(not smartest, here, those who plain have their brains turned on for a read an aren’t even remotely avoiding cerebral overstimulation: these are crossword puzzle addicts of readers) from getting bored.

This stuff is an anathema to my ADHD.

Anyway, parallel is thrillers, and I wouldn’t have a problem writing that because all that is is making you squirm for2-3 hours of reading, and I’m demented enough to do that. I mean, to the point where many of you would likely research how to off someone in a specific manner, while I looked that stuff up 20 years ago or thought of how to do it before there was search engines. I predate rural homes having surveillance systems or kidsbbeing forbidden the fireworks.

And no, that ain’t about thinking I’d get it perfect. I just wouldn’t feel like I’m drowning touching much of anything except specifically trying to outwit readers over every single word choice.

But I actually write very little scifi due to it being a genre where you really have to know your stuff. Hard fantasy with scifi elements is far easier.


I don’t mind reading high fantasy either, but to write it will drive me up the wall. Not because of the worldbuilding but because there is no elements of old and new coming together.

I LOVE science-fantasy because it is a combination of magical old meets futuristic new.

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That’s interesting.

So, how do you know if you are doing the horror and/or crime fiction story justice if you aren’t reading it?

Well, to be fair you can research things to help you on the internet, but wouldn’t reading some works from well-known authors help even if a little?

Forgive me if that seems rude of me.

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I can’t write pure science-fiction either and I actually like watching or reading it. That is why I gravitate to writing science-fantasy in a sense because it is the best of both worlds.

I can do it, I just can’t safely churn it out without having to open up references unless I’m being extremely vague. This is one of those things that needs multiple edits to do well, for most people.

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Romance. I can read pure romance but I can’t write it outside of short stories

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No worries, it’s not rude at all! Actually, I have no way of knowing if I’m doing them justice, but I don’t care because I don’t like writing to formula anyhow, regardless of genre. I don’t expect anyone to ever read my books, so there’s a certain freedom in that. If no one expects anything from you, you can write what you want! And my goal is to write books the way I think they ought to be, not the way tradition has determined they must be. ( ^◡^)っ✂

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That is such a beautiful philosophy to have.
Teach me, sensei, teach me how to be like you!


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Horror, thriller, and sci-fi. I like them, but I’d never write them since I only write romance. The only way i can write them is if I add romance to the mix.

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Probably Space Opera?

Space terrifies me. I can watch it sometimes, reading about it is out of the question, and writing about it I think would break my sanity.

Romance is hard for me, too. I’m asexual, and why I do like reading cute romance stories, or watching a romcom, I’m naturally predisposition away from fully identifying with it. It doesn’t disgust me, but I honestly can’t understand it and I think writing a romance-focused story would… be pretty bad. I’m working on this, though, as romance usually adds an extra layer of fun even if it’s not apart of the main plot.

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That’s fine if you add romance to those genres.

Also, I can never write pure sci-fi because it is too challenging. Science-Fantasy is more or less my bread and butter. LOL!

I wish I could write Space Opera, but I like to set a story on a fictional planet or something.

That’s understandable.

Science fiction & fantasy

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Me too… All of this…