What are somethings that YouTubers do that bitterly annoys you?

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I need to also know this as well.

What is something you want to see more of on YouTube vs. things you are tired of seeing? Does that make sense?


Omg let tell you about it! ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

First of all, I hate it when they copy and paste the same info into every stupid video description and tell you absolutely nothing about the freaking video. All that crap about their age, location, political beliefs and whatnot belongs in the About tab, not posted in the darn video description. When I click on a video, I need to know wtf’s in the video, not their whole biography.

Which brings us to what’s on the video. Omg I hate it when they play a game of Guess What’s On My Video Today. Argh! Especially when they’re reviewing like 20 books at once but they don’t tell you what books those are. I want a list in the video description, dammit! Must be nice to be one of those people who has hours and hours to waste watching a half hour video to find out what’s on it, but I don’t have that kind of time. I need to know what books you’re reviewing first.

I also hate when they tell me to subscribe and ring that bell. We KNOW that, stupid! If we’re not doing it, it’s because you’ve insulted our intelligence by telling us to do that. There are probably other things that annoy me, but I’ll think of them later. (>‿◠):v:


Not gonna lie that is stated a lot in the AuthorTube too. It is a bit annoying, but most of the time I don’t even care.


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HEY WHAT’S UP YOU GUYS!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
type of introduction.

I used to not mind it.

Also hauls.

I stopped watching haul videos because it makes me feel blah. I don’t want to know about how you have space to have all the stuff, how you have money, or how you have privilege to be gifted the stuff. I don’t want to know about it. Not unless it’s Karen Puzzles because she always gives good stories about each one and sometimes there are these super rare puzzles.


I feel that the cartoon commentary community is extremely stagnant. Yeah, you got Steve Reviews and some scattered reviews of half-forgetten novelties like Little Clowns of Happy Town, Doggy Poo (Yes, really), and Madballs: Gross Jokes, and the many mistakes of Hanna-Barbera like Casper meets Charlie’s Angels IN SPACE! Yes, I am not joking.

But 99% of people would much rather make an analysis of a property people actually know and care about, but there aren’t a lot of cartoons coming out every year, so it can feel as if everyone has the exact same things to say about the exact three shows all the time.


Older ytps usually have an accurate and amusing summary in the description but the arrival of the pinned comment seems to have made the description useless


What should they say instead?

I am weird because I love unboxings and haul videos. Even though I lack the money to buy it and whatnot. I mainly watch because it is interesting to see what’s the latest in tech and other things. What people like and stuff.

I probably won’t buy those things even if I have some money, depending on what it is.

What I do hate about the unboxing/haul vids is that everyone is so Apple instead of something else.


it’s annoying but it’s also been proven that way more people do those things when the youtuber reminds them to. And since that’s how youtubers make money…

you might already know this (it took me a while to figure out so idk) but some youtubers divide their video into labelled ‘chapters’ on the timebar itself and you can use those to see what they’ll be taking about and skip around to the parts you want to hear. i don’t know exactly how to descibe it but i can show you example pics if you would like!


I hate the fakeness of YouTubers. You can definitely tell they’re faking their emotions or some kind of news just for the views, and it’s something I’m sick of because you should be your authentic self.

But when it comes to videos itself…

Hauls and Unboxings.

Sometimes I don’t mind hauls if it doesn’t take over the entire video. Like I’ve watched some YouTubers whose purpose of the video is to do some kind of DIY or whatnot and they’ll go to the store to pick up items (without showing us what they truly picked out) and then give us a haul before they get into the rest of the video. I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is an entire video dedicated to a haul. It’s just boring. And unboxings are the same. Again, I don’t mind if you’re doing an unboxing if it isn’t the entire video.

When they keep dragging on an anticipated video only to post it and it’s like 5 minutes long.

Michelle Khare did this, so yeah I’m a little annoyed. xD She recently got married and some of their recent videos were all about the wedding (picking out dresses, venues, etc.) and they’ve been posting snippets of their wedding all over social media, and so I’ve been looking forward to watching their wedding video… but after months of waiting, they finally posted it… and it was five minutes long. :expressionless: It was a disappointment… It was hoping they’d do what Safiya Nygaard did because she also did videos of their wedding plans and stuff and then they posted their wedding video which was thirty minutes long. I mean, I would’ve been fine if Michelle’s video was 10-20 minutes long. But five minutes? That’s way too short.

Sponsor advertisements.

I tend to let it slide because sponsors do let my favorites keep making videos, but I always skip anything with an advertisement. And I’m not talking about when the video pauses for a movie trailer to come on, I’m talking about when the YouTuber takes a moment to talk about some company like Squarespace or something. Like, I’m sorry but no. :rofl: I also can never tell if they’re doing it for the money or if they genuinely use and like it.

I actually like that introduction. :rofl: Especially if they do it a certain way that becomes their signature introduction.

Jacksepticeye’s “Top of the mornin’ to you laddies!”

Markiplier’s “Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier…”

Kate Cavanaugh’s “Hey guys, welcome back, I’m Kate…”

NerdForge’s “Skjera bagera” which is basically translates to “What’s up” in Norwegian.

Safiya Nygaard’s “Hello friends and welcome to another video.”


But I do also like it when, usually if it’s a vlog, if they just skip to the action without much of an introduction like in It’s Black Friday’s videos. lol


I wonder that too.


I can only recall Esper the Bard having only one sponsored segment and it was for a company who make a specific type of mini


Mini what exactly?

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Mini these


One thing I tend to get a bit bitter about are the moving vlogs. I mean I am happy that the person is moving out on their own, but I also get hella jealous because they have the money to move out whether they save money or not, while I don’t have that luxury.

Whether it is a house or an apartment, it kinda bothers me a bit because they are moving on their own and being independent, while I am dealing with mental related crap, being around my mother, staying indoors, and not having my own income or even car.

So, yeah! I am happy for them, but I would be even more happier if it was me going through that.

And yes moving is time consuming and a major hassle, but I kinda want to deal with that if it means being on my own.


Yup, I’ve always known about those. Thanks, though! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


If you guys got anything else to add, please feel free to do so.

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Oh, I definitely understand. I watch Amber Scholl every now and again and she recently moved into a condo (I would say it’s a condo because in her video, you take an elevator to get to her front door lol) near LA and out of her windows, you can see both the ocean and the skyscrapers in Los Angeles itself. I’m ridiculously jealous of it because she is rich (though she did say she spent all of her life savings) and has that ability. Though I know she wouldn’t have moved if it weren’t for her starting a successful YouTube channel. She said that when she moved in LA (which I think she did to go to college), she was sharing a very run down apartment with a few other people—it was very small and there was no air conditioning. She was working for Postmates (a delivery driver) and had dreamed of wanting more. She made a YouTube channel dedicated to DIY fashion on a budget and it boomed. I remember so many years ago where she moved into her very first apartment on her own (and that was beautiful!) and now she moved into another place.

She also gets to travel as well and has a lot of expensive clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I’m so jelly.

But honestly, even though I cry at these videos, I am happy for them and glad to watch it because, if it’s someone I really love, I want to see their life grow and change. As stalkerish as that sounds. :rofl: I mean, in some ways, I grow up watching some of these YouTubers. Like, I’ve technically grown up watching Jonathan Carlin and his brother getting married and settling down. I first found their page when I was sixteen or seventeen and they were just nerdy brothers talking about Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Star Wars in one of their basements. Then they moved their background to another room or basement, Jonathan got married, their studio changed once more as they moved into a bigger house as his wife got pregnant. Then a few years later, she becomes pregnant again with twins and they move into a bigger place (which I think is their recent place), and around this same time, Ben (brother) gets married too. And through the years, their channel not only grows in subscribers, but they moved their studio to an actual office space (and did this twice) and expanded their employees. It’s really crazy to me how much life changes for other people, especially in a small amount of time.

  • ad reads every ten to fifteen minutes in a forty or so minute video
  • spending five minutes in a twenty minute video talking about the title subject, and the rest talking about random nonsense (to meet the minimum time quota, I guess)
  • ad reads taking up half the video’s length
  • not checking the audio for headphones (we have more than one eardrum)
  • being less informed than I am on a topic of interest / title topic…If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room
  • conducting a interview podcast where the interviewee spends the least amount of time talking
  • off-screen drama and vindictive behaviour

Just get right into the topic and not stall. Or just say hi if they really want to.