What are the ten things that all of your fictional worlds have in common with each other?

These are the ten things that your fictional world always seem to need and builds that uniqueness to your fictional worlds.

When you are worldbuilding, these are the ten things that your world seems to need no matter how different the worlds are from each other.

But when it comes to your own worlds, you got to have these things that just makes the world feels like it is your own.

I shall use my fictional world as an example.
My Turn:

  1. A monarch and royal court that governs an entire planet. Along with nations ruled by monarchs as well, all working under the planetary ruler.
  2. Advanced magical technology that coexist with each other and the world set in a futuristic era where magical powers still exist, but works greatly with the advanced technology that is placed in the world.
  3. An organization that works under the planet’s monarch, that serves as a military and police task force and etc.
  4. Skylands (floating towns, cities, countries, and even continents in the sky) and underground countries or city states as well.
  5. Dangerous locations that nobody wants to travel too even for a job assignment.
  6. Magical air that grants immortality of extended lifespans depending on the race and species, along with youth and vigor.
  7. So much mysteries and lore that exist everywhere.
  8. Many, many different species and races of human, humanoid, and non-human beings.
  9. Mythical creatures and deities existing.
  10. An somewhat earth-like planet where time flows so different and the planet itself is completely immortal and will exist for an extremely long time.


My main would to create a deep and historical backstory to explain the current events which blight your world that you have crafted.

The rest is up to you, what you add and such that is…


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I haz been summoned :fox_face:

Are those ten things unique to your world or ten things that all your worlds have in common?

Not sure what to answer, so I’ll list some of my most developed worlds.

My worlds:
The (Other) World: the name comes with the parentheses :stuck_out_tongue:
The Magical Realms: I need to give these a name.
Ozel Emla and Layered Earth
Earth during the Era of Galderkins

In order from most developed, these are the worlds that I did more worldbuilding on compared to the other worlds I have.

Questions? :grin:

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I’m also confused and need more guidance on what I’m supposed to answer :see_no_evil:


Have in common. I am sorry for not explaining things properly.


Sorry for my poor explanation.

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Ah!!! Got it!

My worlds are all mystical or superpowered in some way with tons of diversity and some kind of secret that may or may not lead to the end of the world… Yeah XD,

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Idk actually.

Common…I’ll think about it and get back to you :grin:

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No need to say sorry… None at all…


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I don’t really have something that applies to all my worlds ;-;

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I got it, Qualeshia!


Magick, magick, and more magick.

I write fantasy. I can’t not have magick :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, usually only a hint of religion. Usually, religion is not a big thing in any of my worlds and that’s mainly because it takes a lot of deep thinking and for a pantser, I don’t have time for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk about worlds, but usually my character is related to or involved with some massive ruler (current or past), or a magically powerful being.

I don’t like doing the “well, it turns out character is the rightful ruler of the world!” very often, unless the character makes me do it (that has happened). But I do like having characters that are connected to some big and powerful being or creature and usually they don’t know it, and even when they do learn about it, they don’t really care.

I build my world around my character, btw.

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I asked a way better topic question because the others were stupid and lack sense.

So, tackle this new question better than the last.

@DollyTH, @SecretDurham, and @alenatenjo: The same applies to you all as well.

Sorry for not explaining things properly. I made the topic title better than the last.

Thank you very much! :blush::grin:

Oh yeah, I mean I get what was asked, but I only offered a sample of what it takes (Usually the many tropes often found in fantasy) to make the world coherent. A good reason for the currents events happening is my main, then I choose such things as Royalty, Magic (and who can/will use it), mythical creatures, Evil intent and being/s, Races, Locations and other such as I write. Though I do have a rough plot drawn out, with a slight idea as to what would be needed to write a firm backstory to heighten the events of the current age and their dangers.


  1. History (many thousands of years created for each Race/Protag/Location).
  2. Races (Mainly Men, Elve’s and Dwarve’s)
  3. Years/Time (Twelve months each year, thirty days each month, and seven days each week).
  4. Currency (Simple works best here… Gold and Silver Bars for the most part. 10 Silver= 1 Gold).
  5. Creatures (Dragon’s and other created beings and beasts).
  6. Real world animals… Just seems right to use some of them. Bears, Wolves and Birds of such.
  7. A huge settlement (Capitol of Men, Capitol of Elve’s, and of Dwarves). Smaller settlements of each dotted throughout the lands.
  8. Magic (Magiq, Magik, Magi… Call it what you wish). Used in small parts, I don’t feel the need to have an shed load of it say like Harry Potter level of use, but enough to be used when needed.
  9. Unexpected twists regarding Characters and or Locations or Higher Beings.
  10. Lack of reader base. I guess folk just don’t want to read my stuff… Hahaha!

So yeah, those are pretty much the ten things that are often found within my works which are held similar/common…


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It was not stupid. It was a draft :wink:

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Scratch that one… Or add this one…

10)-11) Fallen Kingdoms (Often related to either past protag wars/interference or other personal events related to a character). The Fall of Undermount had nothing to do with Temulkar (He had no knowledge of Undermount during his war against the Dwarves), but by the Drake Herders themselves was their fall ordained.


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Lol! :laughing:

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