What are your projects and favorite things? And let's chat :D

Hi! :blush:

There hasn’t been one like this for a while, has there? I see occasional new people slipping in here and there and I’m here wondering…“I wonder what they’re working on?” but never having that right timing to ask.

So, here’s what you gotta do: fill out the form below.

Country: (only if you want to share where you’re from)
Projects: (novel writing, photography, screenwriting, knitting, etc. List as many as you want, but do make sure to use the “Hide Details” feature to avoid making something too long. In the case of writing, give title, genre, and one interesting thing about the project.)
3. or more…
A few favorite things: (Can be anything. Your favorite anime, music, books, animals, or whatever you want :blush:)

That’s it! Just this form. And make conversation with others! Ask questions! I know I will :smirk: I’m a curious fox.

I’ll post mine below as a template :wink:


Here’s mine. You can copy me if you want.

Name: Enna
Pronouns: she/her
Country: Japan
I’m gonna write in order of importance at the moment.

Project 1: Celeste the Rat (placeholder title)

First drafting stages.
Genre: YA Portal Fantasy
This story is about a rich girl with a secret infatuation with fantasy stories who ends up in her own fantasy but as a rat. She goes into this cursed realm filled with talking animals. Also, her mom is an FBI agent on a secret mission/project.

Project 2: Dead By Sunrise

First editing stages.
Genre: magical realism, mystery, dark humor, lit fic
It’s the sequel to a series called Their Posthumous Lives. It takes place a fictional country called Iptaj which is inspired by 1850s Egypt. The biggest difference between Iptaj and Egypt is that in Iptaj, the Ottoman Empire never happened.

Project 3: Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound

Idk what version of editing this is. I lost count XD
Genre: YA Fantasy
This project has more importance than project 2. They’re both in editing stages, but LHSB is further down the line. So, I had this professionally developmental edited and realized I had to rewrite the first four chapters or so. It’s a story about a blue bipedal feline trying to keep her race from going extinct. Basically, a story of “What if extinct animals were actively trying to save themselves and had magic that might help them?”

A few favorite things: I like Lindsey Stirling, Heilung, foxes, Shannon Hale’s Books of Bayern books, and Catherine Doyle’s “The Storm Keeper’s Island” trilogy.


I am The Narb.

I am writing a witchy gxg story


Name: Nick
Pronouns: He/him
Country: USA

  1. a Youtube video: Was Teen Titians go really that bad?
    Long story short Teen Titans go was one of the most hated shows on the internet for a while, I should know, I was one of those haters. My opinion of the show has mellowed and after re-watching the original recently as well as watching Go with my younger siblings I thought I’d do a critique of it.

  2. Nate has a Crush:

A story I’ve been working on agian off agian for a year now, it’s a book about a boy named Nate and his attempts to woo a girl who moved in near him. It kind of started off as a wish fulfillment as it was inspired by a girl I had a crush on I was too nervous to talk to back in highschool but I want to rework to being about the fun of being young in the summer.

It’s also meant to be an absurdist comedy as the main villain in it is a furry who tries to take the protagonist’s girlfriend away just to spite him.

  1. misc short stories

So truth be told I’ve kind of been having Adhd while working on stories lately, so I’ve also beening working on random short stories. These include:

  • one about a little girl who was trapped in a honey jar
  • one where someone gets trapped in a werid saw like puzzle room with a sarcastic–I guess “cell mate”–who is much better at solving all the puzzle than the guy is, and said guy starts getting very angry and very jealous.
  • One where someone with a purple glove can alter reality and uses it to cause chaos in an attempt to rule the city he’s currently in and maybe the world later

A few favorite things:
comic books
writing (obviously)
music (seemingly all genres that aren’t country or death metal)
my girlfriend :heart:


Sure you don’t want to add anything else? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The mountains eat people


Name: Qualeshia.
Pronouns: She/her.
Country: United States of America.

  1. Shroom Wars (working title for a finished short story turning into a novel).
  2. Red Reign (novel anthology)

Anime: One Piece and Gintama.
Webtoon: Tower of God.
Music: Anything that sounds good to me.

That is all I got for now. Anything else?
This was fun!


Name: Xelyn
Pronouns: he/him
Country: U.S.
Projects: writing three different novels

  1. Synthetic: Genesis, a sci-fi involving genetically and cybernetically enhanced beings
  2. You are Home, an lgtbq+ romance/drama involving a homeless man and an artistic caregiver
  3. Hollow Conscience, a modern fantasy involving a trouble making fae changeling and his adoptive sister hunting him down
    Also some art stuff.

A few favorite things: robots/androids/synthetic humans, industrial music, sushi, text based roleplaying


Name: Alena
Pronouns: She/Her
Country: Australia

1. Battle for the Photon Core

Genre: Science Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Final edits before publication :partying_face:

2. Queen of Darkness

Genre: Science Fantasy, Action
Doing some much needed editing and shortening the story because WOW did I write more than intended to for the first draft

3. Tear In The Megaverse

Genre: Science Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Latest book in my main series. I’ve finally reached the final section so now have to actually write the final section :joy: Also need to bs a really good ending to lead my readers onto the new book (which will be announced on my profile soon :partying_face:). It’s a very big mission to save all of Creation from falling into the Void. Because stuff happened :eyes:

4. The Young Ones

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Slice Of Life
First book of the spinoff series which focuses more on the kiddies and their adventures. Pretty weird since I’ve never actually written “teenagers” before and had a heavy focus on them but hey, we’re learning :joy: Pretty fun so far and I’m totally NOT ripping off House of Anubis Season 2 in any way, shape or form. Nope. Not even slightly

5. The Sword of Heru

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology

Yep. I’m not overworking myself at all :rofl:

A few favourite things: Reading and writing (duh), Duel Links, skiing (only going once this year :sob:), 90s-00s music


Name: Alicia.

Pronouns: she/her.

Country: USA.


The Sorceress

This is my current project, a YA sci-fi fantasy. The first draft is finished and I’m working on the edits. Currently have 97,000 words in (based on the new revised edition of the beginning) and it has about twenty-one chapters.

In the Dark

This is my previous novel, a new adult murder mystery. It’s currently on Wattpad with 2,000 views and, I think, twenty-two chapters? It’s also finished. Sits at 75,000 words, if I remember correctly…?

Taste of Italy

And this is the book I previously wrote before In the Dark. Also on Wattpad with 43,000 views and, I think, twenty-four chapters? And it’s also finished, sitting at 65,000 words… if I remember correctly?

Those are the last three projects I’ve worked on in recent years.

I’m also reading two novels. One is called Seafire by Natalie C. Parker—a YA fantasy about an all-female pirate ship on the hunt to save the captain’s brother from a horrible man who overtook the seas. The other is called the Final Six by Alexandra Monir—a YA science fiction that takes place in the near future where Earth has gone under by many floods and whatever remains is currently trying to find a way off the planet. NASA and the governments around the world ends up creating a program for the smartest teens to compete and have six of the finalists go out into space to Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

A few other things:

Currently working at a library (some of you may know lol…). I’m twenty-five years old. I’m a Wattpad veteran (been on for ten years) and also a former Wattpad Ambassador (of five years). I’ve never published before, but hoping the Sorceress will be my debut one day. And my recently favorite…

TV shows—Ghosts (2021), Only Murders in the Building, Umbrella Academy.

Books—the High Mountain Court by A.K Mulford, Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen, Vicious by V.E Schwab.

Songs—Victoria Secret by Jax, Voices in My Head by Falling in Reverse, Holy Water by Noah Davis, Unstoppable by Sia.


Reminds me of this Japanese-translated short French story I read about a girl so small she had to be kept inside a drawer. It was written like a fairy tale. In the end she became so small that she’s almost forgotten or was forgotten. What’s yours’ like?

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Hey what’s going on guys? This is a great thread!

Name: Shree
Pronouns: She/her
Country: I’m an Indian-American <3

  1. The main one is my romance sequel to my novella, called Wilted Petals. It’s releasing next Sunday!
  2. I’ve got a lesbian romance in mind.

Favorite things:
Chocolate, big and fluffy dogs, Indian music, and coffee! But really food in general

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I’m the best pastry on the website. :smiley:

Project Ideas:

  • Davie
  • Domingo
  • The Bisexual Bison Ranch farmer
  • The love triangle

Current project? Nothing!

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Of course, they do :woman_shrugging:

I love that title XD

What are some favorites you’ve been listening to recently?

Never had the chance to ask: How do you pronounce your name?

Why do you find these interesting? What sparked the interest?

What ages do you usually write?

How long have you been skiing? Where do you usually go to ski? What’s your favorite part about it?

When’s the last time you looked at “In the Dark”? :stuck_out_tongue: What’s it about?

Do you tend to read YA sci-fi or fantasy? Do you read any other genres? If so, what have you read? Any memorable ones?


Heeeey :blush: I have a character nicknamed Shree! She’s Indian-Hispanic. Shree is such a lovely name :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Awesome! Question, was it always that title or have you changed it? How did you come up with the title? And what is your favorite thing about Wilted Petals and its sequel?

I’m drinking coffee with milk and sugar at the moment. How do you like your coffee?

Still between projects? What’s a genre that you’ve never written before, but that you want to try?


I just finished Wattys and entered Julio’s story into the 2022 Wattys. Davie would be something different. Slice of life. Never tried the love triangle either, or a ranch farmer.


Honestly I’m trying to figure that out.

So far it has a strange opening. A man is walking home from a job interview when he finds an old, moldy looking mason jar filled with honey. When he tries to throw it out it sticks on him, so he smashes it against the wall. The girl that was trapped inside grows to normal size, thanking him and following him home.

after that it becomes clear I didn’t know where to take the story.

The guy’s girlfriend talks to him about the girl, asks if someone slipped something into his coffee, they try to talk to the girl to find out where she came from and if she has a home. She refuses to answer becuase it brings back bad memories, right before someone in a strange suit breaks in to capture her.

The last scene I wrote is them running away from the “retriever” as he’s called as she explains she’s an alien who was captured by some strange being. That’s it. I’m still trying to find out the details.

Someone told me it could work better as a fantasy work, so maybe I can change it to her being a fairy from a hidden land themed around insects, her being a bee (get it? honey?)

The guy who kidnapped her did so becuase he wants to take over the world and a prophecy said someone from her race of fairies would stop him. So he basically kidnapped everyone who was a part of her race, trapping them in the jars as either food or trophies, I’m thinking the latter. Something (originally an asteroid hitting them but I’m probably gonna ditch the sci-fi element) one jar fell out, landing where the guy found it.

It’s a short story, as you could maybe guess.

I dunno, any suggestions on how to make it work?

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Name: Mads (like mazz, like the actor i stole this name from)
Pronouns: they/them
Country: Canada

1. Magpie Black

High fantasy set in a world called Anaroke that is honestly the most fleshed-out setting I’ve ever made. It even has its own brand of racism :grinning: that’s a joke but not really . So what happens is Marsy, the central character, is rescued from a mysterious ruin by the main group (of magic university students) and has no idea how they got there and can’t communicate because of a language barrier. Taking them from the ruin triggers an attack from a bunch of other people just like them, which is super weird because even they didn’t know other people like them existed. And then blah blah blah death, betrayal, dragons, and the next book has a terrorism plotline!

2. Gallows Humour

Post-apocalyptic horror; a disease wiped out humanity and those who remain must survive in a landscape full other starving, desperate survivors. They have split into factions; Civilians who travel in packs and trade for a living. Scavengers who roam alone and rob the abundant corpses of anything valuable and trade to the civilians. Shadow Dwellers, a.k.a. cannibals a.k.a. our stand-in zombies minus the virus. And the Red Faction, who are in direct and aggressive moral opposition to the Scavengers and think they should run the world. The main character is a Scavenger who takes it personally when the Red Faction attacks the market they’re in (killing a merchant they like in the process) and decides to travel across the country to deliver the Faction a kick in the nuts. Their Shadow Dweller stalker follows them.

3. School?

Does this count? I don’t have any other writing projects on the go because I don’t want to drown myself. But the new school year starts in a couple weeks and fam I am working on two diplomas and certificate this year. I might die.

A few favorite things:
Music - I listen to a lot of rock along the lines of The Glorious Sons and Marianas Trench
Mori Kei and techwear/darkwear fashion
The Legend of Zelda
Body mods


I recently started watching this one! Used to read the manga in high school and I haven’t caught up to wear I was back then, but it’s as good as I remember and it seems to follow the manga closely.

I like the fanbase as well. I have no plans at all to participate in it, but it’s so nice to be able to watch an anime who’s fandom doesn’t consist of rabid sixteen-year-olds who rip each other’s carotids out for liking ““toxic”” characters (read: literally any character they don’t personally like) unsubtly side-eyes the bnha fandom. None of that here, just good pirate fun :sweat_smile:


“Adults”. I do have teens in my main series but they and their teenagerness aren’t really the main focus like they will be in the spinoff. Of course, ages are a little weird. The teens are more young adults and, depending on their species, some of them are in their early 200s.

Since I was little, literally an hour or so away depending on traffic, and I just really love the thrill of going “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” down the mountain super fast :joy:

also, just finished editing half of Queen of Darkness so yayyyy!