What is your current job and what is your dream job?

It’s been a while since someone posted something new on here, so I thought I’d start a new topic…

And of course, the dream is to not work. :joy: :sob: BUT because most don’t have the luxury of retiring at 18, what would your dream job be? What is your current job?


Current job: I’m a full-time graphic designer for a tire repair equipment distributor. It’s nothing glamorous, but I love it.

Previous jobs: I’ve also been a full-time graphic designer/marketer for an outdoor recreational resort and for a home builder company (that last one was the worst job ever).

Dream job: Honestly, I would not like to be a full-time writer. I think that would make me hate writing. If I spent the rest of my life working my current job, I’d be pretty happy. I love my job lol. I love the people I work with, and I love all the stuff I create, which I couldn’t say for my previous jobs. Also, the commute’s pretty short and easy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Just need a bigger paycheck and some work from home days, and then it would be perfect haha).


Current Job: full-time unemployed.

Dream Job: Ex-special forces (Aussie Commandos / SAS) bodyguard / personal assistant for a 20-something Monaco heiress.


Current Job: Idfk I’m an Electronics Engineering / Computer Systems student I’m probably gonna be aaall over the place in the coming years

Dream Job: I dunno man probably what I’m studying—look as long as I don’t have to interact with people I’m game okay :sob:


Current job: Full-time student, doing food delivery as a side job. Hoping to land a part-time pharmacy intern position if possible so I can get more experience before graduation.

Dream job: I’m studying pharmacy rn, my goal is to end up in hospital or ambulatory care pharmacy (more so hospital, as I enjoyed what I did when doing summer rotations at one, plus its much less hectic than community pharmacy). If I can end up doing pharmaceutical research of some sort that’d be awesome. I guess if I wasn’t studying pharmacy I’d be working on a farm with all sorts of animals and plants :joy: though I do want a garden of my own someday.


Current job: Unemployed (I’m a community college student; does that count?)

Dream job: Something creative.


Current Job: 6th Grade ELA and History Teacher
Previous Job: US Navy (ret)
Dream Job: To get paid to write stores… :slight_smile: STill working that angle…


Current job: I’m a student, but I do accept commissions for art/writing

Dream job: Owning a book cafe lmao or teaching PolSci I guess.


Current job: Writing books.

Dream job: Getting paid for it. ٩(˘◡˘)۶


Current occupation: Bot-Student

Dream Occupation: Ghost Rider


Current occupation: Moldy Pastry

Dream Job: None :joy:


That’s so cool, though! So, do you only do graphic design or do they have you do other tasks not particularly related to graphic design? As a part of the job, do you also do photography or do you pick out pictures through the internet, Canva, etc.?

That’s pretty fair. xD

How come? What happened? :eyes:


Like, I can’t really work from home unless I had a lot of projects from work that weren’t done… but I don’t think my bosses would like that lol. Only our boss can, or has at least, worked from home. I wish I could. Or just never come in. xD

Bigger paycheck is always a need, too.

If money wasn’t an issue, I’d totally rock that boat right with ya. xD

Sounds like a novel. :eyes:

That sounds… difficult. :eye: :lips: :eye:

Do you like doing it? Was it something you were interested in before you got into it, or was it just something you saw and said, “Screw it, I’ll do it”?

I feel that.

I love what I do, but I’m tired of people real quick so I wish I could just curl up like a hermit and never have to speak to another soul again. xD

Ah, food delivery. I’ve heard that’s rough, or it can be anyway? Just because of the customer service side. Is it through those app services or with an actual establishment?

Pharmacies in stores like Walgreens and Walmart have to be chaotic… :eye: :lips: :eye: lol but that’s cool you’d love to do that, especially not in a community type of pharmacy lol What got you into wanting do that?

I’d say that counts! :sweat_smile:

Have you ever had a job before, or did any volunteering?

Same lol

Have any hobbies?

That’s so cool!!

How is it so far, especially with the new school year and everything (if you currently live in the US—if not, ignore lol)? How come you do two subjects or was that just something you planned on doing or took hold of when there was a shortage, etc.?

Navy? :eye: :lips: :eye: (as you can see, this has become my new favorite emoji response lol) How long did you serve for?

I feel like the angle is working us at this point. :rofl:

Awh, that’s so cool! Is it just a side hustle or are you making a small, decent wage (like enough to say that it’s a part-time job (work, sweat, and tears aside lol))? Do you sell them online, have a Patreon, etc.?

Oooh, a book cafe sounds so cute!

:eye: :lips: :eye:

(I swear I love these emojis together :rofl:) especially since they’re my actual reaction hahaha

So you write books for a living? Damnnnnnn. :eyes: Any side hustles, any secrets worth telling to the group? :rofl: How long have you been doing it?

Like building robots? :eyes: :robot:

All I can think of is the movie Ghost Rider where Nicolas Cage sells his soul to the Devil. :rofl: Is that what you mean? Or is there a whole other occupation out there called this that I’m just clueless on? xD

Wait… what? xD Making pastries out of mold, or selling moldy pastries? Or am I missing something? :rofl:


I’ll add in my own answer here, too. c:

Current job: I’m a teen programming coordinator for my local library. Was recently promoted during the summer from being a library assistant. Technically, my job “started” in late July, but I haven’t done any programs yet. Our programming starts next week, where I’ll finally get to actually start my job. xD

Dream job: My dream is to be a full-time writer, and or own a bookstore with a cafe. Nowhere near close to receiving either of these dream careers, unfortunately. On the writer side, I have nothing published so I have nothing to sell… but I’m working on the story that I hope will get me published… maybe? And as for the bookstore, I’m kind of thinking of setting up a small version of it and creating a bookmobile filled with used books (because the actual bookstore I have in mind is both used and new). Only problem? No money to invest in it. According to what I’ve read in Google, a building with employees can cost up to 300,000 dollars on average (with most fancier ones probably being close to the 800K), but if I start off small, a bookmobile filled with used books can start me off at 5,000–10,000 dollars. And while I have neither of these, I wish to save what I can and maybe open one up in the future. To at least get me started anyway.

I’m currently saving so I could move to Ohio next year, but after I move and get settled, I’m planning on saving for my little bookmobile business, and hopefully make an okay living and maybe even get to travel and do cool things. That’s where I want to be in like five or so years from now.


Current sahm. Future: there isn’t a job I want to work. lol

I really don’t know. I’m out of work until the youngest goes to school, but I’m not sure what I’ll want to tackle as a job after that.

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I am the moldy pastry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Listening to music, watching YouTube videos, and looking up pop culture on the Internet.

I do it through an app! In terms of challenges so far, haven’t had trouble on the customer service side :thinking: customers can leave specific instructions in the app, and can be texted/called if needed, so I don’t get much contact with clients beyond a few seconds

Most challenging thing for me has been traffic and the GPS trying to get me into places I can’t go into :upside_down_face:

What got me into pharmacy? Partially from one of my aunts, she told me about her job and all the different areas she’s gotten to work in (academia, community, hospice care, etc.), and got me real interested in how wide-reaching this field is and how much opportunity is in there

Helps that there is demand for pharmacists where I live

And well, figured from a young age I’d end up working in something science-related no matter what, so here I am!

And yes, retail & independent community pharmacies get real chaotic sometimes :joy: my last rotation in one such place had days where the amount of prescriptions we got seemed endlesss (not helped by certain impatient people calling a lot)

Getting a rotation in a hospital felt like an amazing change of scenery, its rather quiet most of the time, plus I was much more interested in the tasks (especially getting to do math, looking at patient cases and analyzing them, or go into :sparkles: the sterile compounding room :sparkles:)

Yes, there is still stress when medications aren’t ready and other staff are pushing to get those done asap, or when a doctor makes a mistake (luckily pharmacists can catch those errors before a drug is given to a patient, even better when multiple people check the same order)

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I read some of the comic’s early run, it was pretty cool.

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Mostly just graphic design. I don’t do as much “marketing” here as I did with my other jobs, but then again my company doesn’t advertise to the public lol. We’re also working on building a brand new website that displays all of our products and are looking into how to build an app.

Some of the graphic design projects we do can be pretty random though. We’ve made some pretty cute beach towels for a company meeting in the Bahamas before. :3

Yeah, we take pictures of our products and edit them. They’re just cell phone pics, though, nothing fancy haha. We also download stock from Adobe and Canva for all of our projects. Taking pictures from the internet is a no-no, though. :slight_smile:

*Haaaaa* so many things
  • First of all, they wanted mindless work-obsessed robots.
  • My work hours were 8am-5pm. …But I got in trouble if I left at 5pm. :upside_down_face: Working well past 5 every day was the unspoken expectation for everyone. They didn’t care that I arrived early around 7:30am every day and never took breaks ever.
  • After that, I’d still have to drive an hour home through shitty traffic. And then I’d have to work after hours from home because every little thing is an emergency. Oh yeah, and I had to work weekends too lol. I am not a work-aholic. I like my free-time.
  • The work load was INSANE. It only got worse as the housing market started to tank and we couldn’t get our houses to sell anymore. One of my teammates who had worked for other construction companies before told us that all other marketing teams do a lot less than we all did and with a lot more people.
  • Too much traveling too different states.
  • My mental health was going down the drain there. Magically, my anxiety and depression went away as soon as I left that place behind. Go figure. :laughing:
  • I swear my boss was just a bunch of lizards in a person suit.

Long story short: Don’t ever work in construction. :slight_smile:

It’s funny because there’s a guy who works at my current place who also came from construction like me. We both laughed about how terrible an industry it is and that we both took pay-cuts to escape it.

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Current:- Support Worker.

Dream:- Retirement and/or possibly Selling Millions of Books.