What is your highlight of the year so far!!!!

Wow, I’ve had quite the year! From fun beach cleanups to hikes, campus fun weeks, and even scoring a scholarship - high five to me!!! :raised_hands: Making new friends and meeting some pretty cool people is just the cherry on top. It’s like I’ve been on a rollercoaster of awesomeness! :roller_coaster: As for next year, who knows? Maybe it’ll be filled with more unexpected adventures and delightful surprises.

So like, spill the beans, y’all! What are your highlights of the year so far or plans for the coming year? :grin: :pikachu:


Next year I will go into my college dorms. And also I will be legal to drink in the US.


That’s awesome! College dorms are like a surprise party every day - you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll end up doing. And roommates? They’re the lottery of life. You might hit the jackpot or… well, let’s just say earplugs can be a lifesaver or you end up getting yourself a single room to spare you the trauma :joy:

And ah, the sweet freedom of legal drinking! Just remember, the goal is to make memories, not lose them. So, don’t go full ‘party animal’ like someone here did (side-eye to myself) on your first night out. You don’t want your debut to be a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons. :beers::wink:

College life is a damn rollercoaster, so buckle up and be sure to make the best it. There will be ups, downs, and the occasional loop-de-loop (usually around exam time). But hey, that’s all part of the fun. Cheers to you tho!! :tada::books::beers:

Sorry for the speech :joy: :joy:


Not dying.




Well, we might all very well be on a leisurely stroll towards the inevitable, but that’s the way to go! Anything to defy the permanent resident of the underworld ig :sweat_smile:


Yes :smiley:

It’s good to be alive right now,
even if the world is going to crap.


I mean I wouldn’t say being alive in this day and age is the “best” thing with all the chaos happening all around us. Guess all we’re dng is waiting for the last breath.


Lots of wins! Received an award for my research, got published for the first time in a zine, started performing my poetry, got commissioned to write for an art installation. did some background acting, traveled a ton over summer, successfully fought off depression for another year (whoop whoop).

I don’t have many plans. I’ll for sure be doing a ton more research work next year.


It feels like I barely even remember this year.
I had many mental health problems and other gripes.

The only good thing is that have ways of helping myself mentally and physically a.k.a certain doctors.


Just waking up this morning was a great thing… And that is about as good as it can be!



A few wins for me this year: Made it through the toughest year of the program, had a great practice rotation at a hospital, finished my first novel, started writing a new novel, had fun paddleboarding in the summer, went on a nice paint & wine recently, hung out with friends & my bf a lot, and got a nice scholarship for this year!

I’d say I’ve had a nice year overall, feel like my mental health’s in a better place compared to this time last year


That’s an incredible array of accomplishments! You certainly deserve a round of applause :relieved: :tada: :sparkles: It’s inspiring to hear about your successful management of your health - that’s a major victory! :blush:

Could you share some of the places you visited and the fascinating sights you saw? I’ve always dreamt of enjoying a coffee at the Place de la Concorde in Paris :sweat_smile:.

But, joking aside, it seems like you’ve had a fruitful year and I wish you the same success for the coming year :grin:


It sounds like you’ve faced a tough year, and I can empathize with your situation as I’ve also dealt with numerous health challenges. Fortunately, we both had the support of doctors to navigate through these difficulties, and medication has been a helpful aid
for me during tougher times.

Perhaps the silver lining in all this is the help you’ve received from your doctors and your own resilience in managing these challenges. Trust me, recognizing when to seek help is indeed a significant achievement, so I hope you’re giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back after reading this! :smile:


Absolutely, it’s undeniable - every day is a new beginning!

Your response was a simple fact that many of us tend to forget so thanks for reminding me that waking up is a blessing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: In these times, not everyone has the chance to witness the break of day, so just experiencing that is a highlight in itself.

I so hope something exciting comes your way to wrap up your year on a high note! :smile:

It seems like y’all have had some amazing experiences so far. These are truly wonderful highlights!

I trust you took the time to celebrate your making it thru your program and successful rotations - I know I would have :joy:. As someone who hasn’t penned anything in a while, I envy your accomplishment in completing your novel and starting a new one. That’s truly commendable :pinched_fingers:

Above all, it’s heartening to hear about the improvement in your mental health. That’s a big victory, and I salute you for it. Sorry I’m a big advocate for mental health :sweat_smile:

Ya know what, imma dedicate “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons y’all. You’ve earned it! :blush:


Aww that’s sweet.

Haha isn’t that the Parisian dream?

My summer adventures, minus the raging at horrid train services

Funny enough I was in France for a few days. In Le Havre, helping a friend pack up and move. It’s a really cool small city, with very distinct modernist architecture. Met a men’s choir performing old Normandy sea shanties, which was interesting. I wanted to go to Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo but we didn’t have much time.

By traveled I mostly mean sitting on trains back and forth between Cardiff and London lol. I was staying with a friend in the Welsh countryside, helping him fix up his new house. It was nice, I hadn’t been to Wales before. Another friend tried teaching me Welsh but all I can utter confidently is “tatws” (potatoes). The arcades in Cardiff are gorgeous. I spent an ungodly amount of afternoons sitting in shops with a pizza or a coffee, watching people squeeze by (it’s very narrow in some parts).

Celebrated my birthday Bristol with my old university housemates. Wish I could remember it but we hit all the bars and pubs in Old City starting midday to three in the morning. I visited Reading on accident because of a train mishap. I walked around the red-brick city centre one afternoon — it’s cool but there isn’t much to do. London is my spiritual home, so it’s always exciting being there. Soho is beautiful when it’s buzzing with people, and the gay bars are good any day of the week.


Oof it so absolutely is! Who wouldn’t want to spend their days sipping coffee in charming cafés and enjoying fresh baguettes under the Eiffel Tower? :joy: That’s the Parisian dream indeed!!!:tokyo_tower::coffee:

O yeah, it so does. I briefly recall dng a topic abt the architecture during one of my high school classes. I def wanna visit the Modern Art Andre Malraux one day. Did you get the chance to see it as well?

Okay, idk abt the sea shanties, but they did remind me of Jack Sparrow. So, I’m hoping I’m correct in assuming these are sailor songs, yes? :sweat_smile:

Gosh I can’t remember the last time I was on a train. Tho it sounds like you’ve seen more train interiors than most people have seen landscape​:bullettrain_side::smile:

Well that makes the two of us. The most I’ve heard about Wales, is the Prince of Wales :joy: :joy:

Ah, nothing like a reunion with old university housemates to celebrate a birthday! Happy belated born day tho :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sounds like you had yourself a fun time indeed!!!

Indeed, from what I gather, the city is truly enchanting :pinched_fingers: I often see snapshots of its stunning sights from my cousins, and boy, do I envy them! I’m stuck here until I complete my course, then I can finally relocate, haha.
I’ve never visited a gay bar before, but if my gay friends’ stories are anything to go by, it’s quite the lively spot.

Gosh!!! You’re making me green with envy because it seems like you’ve had a fantastic year :sob:

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Oh, I’m sure it will!


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I’d personally avoid 7th arr tbh. Tourists are especially insufferable near the tower (says a tourist himself) :see_no_evil:

Oh cool. Yeah I went to MuMa. It was okay. Lots of artists I’d never heard of. Saw a few Monets — not the famous ones though.

Yeah lol pretty much. It’s an almost forgotten part of maritime heritage now, which is sad.

London has its problems but it’s still the best city in the world :wink:

I’m sure you’ve had a great year too :blush: it’s not over yet

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Thank you so much!! :grin:

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