What is your highlight of the year so far!!!!

Alright, brace yourself for this :joy: I’ve been on a reading spree lately, and oh boy, have I found some gems!!! Picking a favourite is like choosing a favourite child, so I’ll share a few that really stood out.
A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder
It Starts with Us
It Ends with Us (It took me on an emotional rollercoaster)
Scandalous(the one by L.J Shen, mind you)
Atlas of Six
November 9

There’s more where that came from :sweat_smile: but these are the ones that made the cut. Oh, and I’m keen on reading ‘Haunting Adeline’. It’s all over booktok!!


This part reminds me of the Fae books I used to read on Watty. Given the ample time I have at my disposal, which book from my collection would you recommend I read?

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Oh, it sounds like you’ve had quite the year :sweat_smile: But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and it seems like you’ve found yours amidst the chaos. Here’s to hoping that '24 brings you all the joy and success you deserve!!! I mean, did you realize that the year ends with 123123. Religiously that’s like good omen for the next year :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay I’ve never been to Cali but it sounds like you had yourself a fantastic time!!! Girl you got to see Disneyland TWICE so that’s like rizz for you over there!!! As for the upcoming move, it sounds like a fresh start is just what the doc ordered for you. City life is calling your name gwarl!!! Plus, being closer to your sister and your soon-to-be niece is going to be such a joy. I’m like happy for you coz I too recently became a sister again!!

Gosh ik querying can feel like a Herculean task, but remember, even Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep at it, and who knows, maybe next year, you’ll be sharing the news of your first published work :hugs: :sparkles:

I’ve been so curious about this and was going to get it but found out it’s a series and then I thought well, my wallet’s gonna cry, so I haven’t picked it up yet, but then I slowly lost interest…

But I hear so many people recommending this. How many stars would you give it out of five? And why did you think it was so good?

Do you know about Amanda from Swell Entertainment? She was recently on Smosh and “Haunting Adeline” came up. She said she read it and liked it then when asked about what the book was about, she said, "It was about a stalker :smirk: ". I thought it was paranormal romance of a girl falling in love with a ghost? I’ve been staying away from booktok, so I don’t buy books. Let me know what the book was really about when you read it :grin:

I’m not sure I understand the question :sweat_smile: My collection? Your collection?

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This year has been fairly tedious for me, all work and no play. I’ve also been told that I spend too much time around airplanes. I’m not confident that next year will be any different.

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4/5 and that’s my equivalence of a 5/5 :joy: Am quite stingy with my stars rlly. Anyways, I liked the suspense of it. I’m not gonna spoil it for you but the murderer is someone I didn’t expect to have murdered them and their reason was quite lackluster imo. I can almost say with certainty that the suspect readers thought of was more befitting than the other person. Otherwise it’s a really good book. I acc read a pdf version of it that my friend sent me so if you want it, I still have it :))))

Unfortunately not :((

Pretty much :joy: :joy: There’s more to the book than meets the eye rlly. Makes sense y Zade is one of booktok’s designated husband xD. It’s acc a v steamy book, so if that’s your cup of tea, I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes once I read it.

Forgive me :grimacing: I meant your collection.

Shame, sorry :pleading_face: You def sound like you could do with a long break. What work do you do, if you don’t mind me asking?

I’d hope you aren’t a v passionate activist of climate change :joy: Would be quite contradictory. Anyways jokes aside, if that’s what your job demands of you as a travel opt, there’s not much you can do abt that rlly. If only flying on a broomstick were an opt huh xD

I totes get you, but I’m still gonna wish you have better year next year either way!!! :hugs:

I work in an airport, chasing airplanes.

I’m not; I spend a lot of my time in my head too.

Right… I’ve seen the interior a of boeing 777-300ER more frequently than I have actually travelled.


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That’s good to know :grin: That means your 5 stars are extremely special and rare.
What books have afforded your 5 star rating, btw?

Ahhh, interesting.

Have you read “My Heart is a Chainsaw”?

lol, I also heard about that :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know if it was worth the hype.

Oh okay. Well, thank you for taking interest :grin: In that case, seeing that you seem to enjoy books with darkness in them and not such high fantasy, “The Facade of Quad in Nimrod” might interest you. It takes place in a fictional 1820s in a land inspired by Victorian/Edwardian England. The story is omniscient and largely follows one rich family and a few people who are involved with them.

It’s a satirical story about a broken family, people who are connected but also disconnected from each other, and about the dark side of humans. What happens when greed, obsession, and manipulation go too far? What happens when a dubbed Failure decides that the only way to make a name for himself is through murder?

“The Facade of Quad in Nimrod” also has a complementary magic realism duology I’m working on. You don’t have to have read Facade of Quad to read “Alive At Crepusculum” but the impact of some character reveals would be much more shocking if you do :wink: “Alive At Crepusculum” is going through a slow editing update at the moment. You can read it until a certain point if you want to.

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Guess you run better than Flash on that runway career of yours :joy:

So on top of having to chase airplanes, you’re a head-space traveller too :sweat_smile: Gosh you have your work cut out for you hey.

Sounds like you’ve got a first-class ticket to the “plane” facts xD

That they are!! I’ve acc never read a book worth my 5 stars, that could also be that I’m a hard person to please as a reader ya know

No I haven’t. Is this another book rec from you? :sweat_smile:

Will do!

On Watty and under the same username you use on here right?

Not really :sweat_smile: But our conversation reminded me of it. In my opinion, not that good, but it taught me a lot about slasher movies and the idea of a final girl :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t know about final girls until that book. I don’t watch slasher movies, but I do watch horror movies and now I get it.

Yeah, if you click on my Wacky icon, it’ll show you my profile and you can find the link to it through there.

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You just taught me about that too acc :joy: I’m not much of a movies chick, but I looked it up and it explains why ik nothing about it. xD Not a horror movies girl is me :sweat_smile:

Cool, I’ll check it out tmr and tell you what I think based on the first few chapters. O wait it’s already tmr where I am :crazy_face: Guess it’s when I wake up then!

For some reason, never a final guy. Also, often the final girl is a brunette, or if she’s blond, she’s the “smart” blond :roll_eyes: Horror movies tend to follow a pattern :sweat_smile: It’s the ones that don’t follow patterns that I like :wink: I suppose a lot of genres have patterns though. Like romcoms though I haven’t watched enough to notice any.

What kind of movies do you like? What are your top 3 or 5 favorite movies? If you like anime and want to include it, I would consider an anime that made it to the theaters as a movie :grin: Ghibli included.

lol take your time :wink:

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Nah, I just have a few business-class tickets to fly wherever my company flies to.

Yep, sure sounds like there is a trend :sweat_smile:

Action movies. Guns, bombs and unaliving people. As long as it isn’t horror tho, lol.

V for Vendetta (fave movie of all time)
Tears of the Sun
Spiderman (Limited to Toby Mcguire and Andrew Garfield)
The Expendables
Bodyguard from Beijing

Gosh there are so many more like Close Range, Rush Hour, Escape :joy: I’m guessing you can tell my fave genre based off my choices. My fave anime movie is Spirited Away (it broke my heart). I’m still looking for another one that resonates with me as much as Spirited away did.

So I read the first 10 chapters and I have so many things to say :joy: :joy:

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Are you by any chance a nerd?


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Wait a moment. Someone else, a while back, mentioned this as one of their favorites. I need to find it now :stuck_out_tongue:

All of them or just the first one? And have you seen the bloopers? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s such a good movie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What about Howl’s Moving Castle or My Neighbor Totoro?

Thank you! And I’m curious what you have to say. You can DM me if you like :blush: