What makes a best friend? [for you and your MCs]

What kind of traits or personality do you look for when considering someone as your best friend? What does a best friend look like to you?

If you have someone you consider a best friend, what are they to you? An unrelated stranger? A sibling? A relative? Close family? A pet? Maybe someone online? Why do you consider them a “best friend” and not just a friend? What makes them “best”?

Also, what is a best friend to your main characters? Do they have one? Do they want one? Why or why not? What makes a friend a “best” friend?


Asking because my lion girl MC Sovanna has two new best friends, but what she considers as “best” is different from what they consider as “best”. Only one of the two also think Sovanna is their best friend in their own definition.


I don’t have a best friend, unless you count my sisters. xD Because I don’t really have friends that you know, I hang out with.


To me, a best friend is someone who has a similar personality and interests as I do, so I’d like someone who is friendly, honest, likes reading, likes movies and shows (and ones similar to my favorites), etc.

My sisters are my best friends, and I consider them as such because not only do we have common interests and similar personalities, but they get me. They understand me for who I am and don’t try to make me change—or if they do try, they only want the best of me. They are great to hang out with and even when I want my own space, there’s a part of me that just wants to always be with them.

For my main character, Nicolas, a best friend is someone who knows him better than he knows himself and loves every part of him. A best friend is someone who enjoys his company, even if they don’t speak. A best friend is someone who can show him the light within the darkness. This was his girlfriend, Prisylla.


All my friends are in my head… Gets noisy at times…



Example of an ideal friend: a dog.

Dogs are the friends we don’t deserve ~ Unknown quote
If there are no dogs in heaven, I do not want to go there ~ Will Rogers
The more I learn about people, the more I appreciate my dog ~ Mark Twain


I hate going “I’m neurodivergent”, but in this case, it’s necessary.

Most of what makes a great friend doesn’t work right in me.

Friends can hug each other?

Don’t touch me. Especially get out my face and DEFINATELY don’t test me when I’m focused elsewhere or I’m going to rip you up one side and down the other before I’ve even processed everything.

That ain’t me 24/7, or I’d be unbearable. It depends heavily on how stressed and absorbed I am with other things. For example, if I can see it coming, I can brace my self to “behave normal”. For my kids, I’ve got to fight with this all day, and only the oldest is old enough to understand and THAT kid is just like me but claustrophobia-inducing clingy.

Because of this, I won’t ever get parenting perfect, and have moy own behaviors to correct.

Friends think about each other?

Nope, don’t do that one much either. Don’t have any interest in bugging friends on a disly basis, don’t think about them all day. Things don’t remind me of people. I’m lucky I can recall what your face looks like after you left 10 minutes ago.

But other aspects to friendship don’t change: I understand loyalty, being there for someone. When memories do hit me, and I miss someone, I grieve just like anyone else does. If we ha g out, I’ll do stuff.

  1. No getting attached to each other. This is strictly a transaction.
  2. Don’t pretend to be “for me” and “my friend” if you’re just gonna waste my time.
  3. You buy me things, and I buy you things to show appreciation back.
  4. Leave me alone. I’ll text you.
  5. If you’re a dog, you get a free pass against 1-4 because I know I can trust you.

The more likely you complete steps 1-4 without any trouble, then I will bump you up the ranks to “best friend”, or “good friend”.



It’s a very guy way of doing that. Less complicated.


The less complex, the better IMO.


Harder to miscommunicate if it’s straightforward.



I like to be as direct as I can.

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It’s when I see things like this, that I envy siblings a little bit :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have a best friend either. I have friends, but not best friends. Some people might say their life partner is their best friend, but for me, I separate life partner from best friend. Your best friend changes as you age, but your life partner doesn’t. Anyway, that’s my take.

Despite my take, I totally get this as well.

Basically, I think a best friend and a life partner can go hand in hand sometimes.

What would you feel if it suddenly became quiet?

idk why, but this one made me laugh. I’m still in “Camp Cats Are Better” though.

Actually, me either. In fact, most of the time it’s like “oh yeah, so-and-so’s birthday is coming up. Do I want to do anything?”

You’re lucky if I can remember your name after we met 5 minutes ago. Seriously horrible with names unless you constantly remind me. Barely remember people on Wacky even though I see your usernames ALL THE TIME.

I’m the opposite. For me it’s “I buy you things for events like birthday or whatever because we’re friends and me giving you things is part of the deal here”. I have this tendency to gift people things to the point where my friends said “we’re too old for that”. Doesn’t mean I’m not still friends with those people :stuck_out_tongue:

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The reason I dislike that word so much is that really a lot of being unable to remember people is a lack of care. Not because of unimportance, but because of lack of necessity. If it was horribly important, like with my kids: if they were missing in a store? Yes, I’d know what they look like, no issues.

It’s just that a lot of things about people aren’t a dire need to know or remember.

I have this friend who took an acne medicine as a teen and it discolored his face, makes him look like he wears makeup.

I asked him about t it once in highscbool, got that answer and filled it under unimportant because it’s just his looks and he’s way more than that.

Well, in college s few years later, I asked him again, and he tells me, again. Then he fussed be cause he told me not even 2-3 years before that: and so I told him I had mentally filed it under unimportant because it’s not a big part of him–he he looks doesn’t phase me… But since it bothered him that I couldn’t remember that about him (because I’m sure people picked on him about it), that it’s going to be filed differently from now on.

This was 20 years ago. I have not forgotten because it was important to him that I remember.

When it’s left to me, I throw out way too much information for other people.


I think that’s pretty normal. There was no way for him to know you would do that, or for you to know he saw that as important that you commit it to memory, unless you guys had that conversation when you first asked about it.

If it’s looks, I also don’t find those things particularly of importance to remember why it’s like that unless I have an actual conversation, and they actually delve deep into how important it is to them that I remember certain things about them.

Basically, unless the conversation to remember comes up, I’d probably do the same thing, so what you’re saying isn’t strange. Pretty sure plenty people do the same.


Dogs love everyone but nothing compares to the companionship of a cat.

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I find it difficult to discern a true-blue friend from a fair-weather friend but all I ask for is understanding and loyalty.

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That’s what I meant by hating “neurodivergent” . Really what that is you have something is quite normal and mundane on steroids.

For example: Stimming.

A chronic use of that? Yeah it’s considered Neurodivergent. But it’s also called self-soothing in babies. It’s how you teach them to comfort themselves without relying on their mom and dad 24/7. So people grow up with little tricks to calm themselves that they mostly grow out of.

In effect, we call something neurodivergent not because it’s unnatural, but because it’s beyond it’s normal use.

And it’s really that way with most everything we label: within the realm of human behaviors but to an extreme.

So, we should be able to relate to people who are on the higher end of use by looking at outages. But it’s really hard to navigate with people claiming to be things and people trying to show things they haven’t got a real grasp on yet. Just a mess out there.


I just don’t know?..

Could be nice for a while, might be less productive, would be lonely for sure… I like most of them, they’re kinda goofy and fun for the most part… I guess, I’d miss them too much, and probably ask them to return.

One would never leave though, Aporica. She’s my advisor, and dearest to me.



Dogs have masters, cats have staff ~ Unknown quote.


Yeah… Cat’s use humans…

They piss off for many days and weeks before returning with a broken sparrow in their mouth to say sorry… “Fuck you cat! That don’t cut it! I’ve worried my mind out wondering where you have been for weeks! And you show up here with a rotten bird to say sorry!”


“Naaa! Fuck you kitty, fuck you!”

Cat’s are utter users, and don’t forget this! And their eyes are pure evil… Mark my words!


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The studies lead scientists to think that cats bring you prey because they think of you as a crappy hunter who needs to be fed like a kitten. They probably bring you less dead animals if you increase the amount of meat you offer them.

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