What roles does your MAIN character(s) play in your story? (READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT)

And no I am not talking about these roles like “protagonist”, “hero/heroine”, “villain”, or something along those lines.

When I say “roles” I mean like life roles in their daily lives.

For example/My Turn:

Zelen’s role is actually an interesting one. Although he is a machine created by his master who also bestowed magecraft on him as well, Zelen’s role isn’t strictly master and servant. No, Zelen is the son while his master is the father figure. Zelen’s role is not only son, but he is the younger brother to Gisella. Zelen is good at fulfilling those roles because he cares deeply about his family.

Bonus Question:

  1. Is your main character fulfilling those roles as they should? Are they being a good parent, child, mentor, friend, or role model? Are they bad at those roles?

Since I’m in Begging is for Losers?

Rachel (MC) is a sleeper agent sent in for espionage, specifically to prevent part of the traditional ceremony that officially makes the next generation leaders, and specifically chosen by the Goddess to be the mate of the next Alpha. This means: both agent and leader. She’s also a “trophy piece” for having peculiar talents.

So, she’s a lover, a betrayer, a decision maker, and a tool.


Damn…she is both a lover but also a betrays too?
That depends on the type of person, right?

She didn’t want to betray, and it does end up well enough, but it’s an aspect of the “tool” that could chronically blow up in their face if she was less in control.

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Oh wow.

It’s something she doesn’t want to do but has to do?

So, she gets to keep her mate, but it causes a lot of pack wars, making them one of the last packs that is forced to run run “the old way” in an era of human heavy surveillance, so they are always at risk of being taken over or exposure.

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She has a peculiar talent (siren) and lacks the strength to physically drag a wolf away from what it wants to do. She’s damn strict about it because it’s dangerous?

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So, her running with some mate led a pack war and the destruction of her pack in the same token?
My god, is she hated by the few survivors of the pack or no?

Am I misunderstanding things or not at all?

It could be read that way. But no, the sabotage is against the stone idol this pack has. The betrayal saves them. It’s the fact that she is 1 of 3 people with that talent that keeps getting them attacked. To cut down on some of that, she gives her mother to another pack (she’s not a nice person). Perhaps if her mother hadn’t been selfish, this could have ended in her generation.

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So, Rachel’s mother is selfish and comes from another pack?

Has Rachel and her mother never really gotten along so well? Did that event test their relationship or has it always been tested?

Mom is an anomaly, no mention of where her ability comes from, and is is a grade a jerk. Her father is from a South American pack, and won’t leave her like he should have. As it is, they haven’t been in her life since she was about 10, so she could properly sound like she’s a local.

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She grew up with her uncle and his wife. They’re not nice people either.

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So, does Rachel meet some nice and cool people in her life that she values more than anything else in the world?

The younger core members of the pack, even likes her mate and he’s a typical needs to be punted ML or the genre, at first.

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Talbott (my MC) 's role is to be a shop assistant. And he’s a very bad one.

For starters, his employer practically demands him to fight off all known physics laws to appear before him whenever he needs help; right that very second.

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So, he is a shop assistant who doesn’t know how to do his job right?

Precisely, yes.

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What are his other roles in life?
Just curious.

I had to think about this one real hard for a minute, because my MC in my current project plays the role of a complete stranger who just kind wiggles his way into the other character’s lives. He doesn’t want to be there though and keeps trying to leave, but they pull him back in. I don’t know how you would categorize that. I suppose his role started as a stranger but then evolved into a friend and he’s just really bad at the friend role. As the story progresses he’ll also turn into a love interest for a single mother, which means he’ll take on a father figure role. He’ll be really bad at that too though because he’s absolutely a terrible influence, lol.

tldr; His roles progress from stranger > friend > love interest/father figure (not to the same person, obviously).

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He’s a common fellow. Wants the basic things and is willing to work for it. As someone without a family or friend, Talbott doesn’t have a familial role. He basically associates himself with work. He was once a clockmaker, then a car mechanic and an assistant all one after the other before he was fired.

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