What’s your bookish crime?

What is something you do that would land you in Book Jail? Things that people consider “evil”?

I just posted a new video to my work’s Library TikTok account about bookish crimes (I’m the second person in the video), and everyone was like, “THAT IS PURE EVIL” about mine which is… I prefer most movies than the books. :sweat_smile:


I dog-ear books :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

One time way back in high school, I was reading by myself and some random chick caught me dog-earing my own book, freaked out, and ran over to me and un-dog-eared my book.

And now I dog-ear books out of spite. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This one would most definitely land me in jail. :rofl:

If i buy a book but find out later i dont like it, yet i am in love with the cover, i turn it into art collages. I cut it up.

And i too, usually watch movies from books ive mever read. Im terrible like that.


Dog ear. Leave them in high moisture environments (its just soggy down here), Ive brokenna spine or two.

But Ive also recovered bibles in leather from old purses.


I pirate light novels


Forget to turn in a library book or throw books away in the trash rather than sell it.

I’m on death row aren’t I?


Annotation is a crime? :eyes: I don’t do highlights and sticky tabs. But I do love a good pencil underline and comment.

Oh and I rest books open and face down sometimes to mark the page where I left off :see_no_evil:


Lmao an actual crime.


I’m going to burn in Hell evidently, for I’ve ripped photos out of library books before returning them simply because I wanted to keep the pictures. Yes, I’m ashamed of myself. But those photos still look great framed on my wall today. (♯ᴖ.ლ)


That’s why we have ebooks and ebook readers :wink:


I’ve got a list:

  • Annotate books
  • Fold over pages
  • Bend back the cover/pages I’ve read when reading
  • Read books in the bath and sometimes drop them in
  • I like Harry Potter and have read all the books/listened to the audiobooks more times than I can count
  • When I was a teenager I came home after a heavy night out, got into bed with my book, fell asleep trying to read it, and woke up a few hours later and was sick on it. It was Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and I know this because I still have that book, stained with sick from the nineties on my bookshelf.

But my cat has the worst book crime:

  • If I leave a book anywhere he can reach it, he’ll start eating the cover, leaving me with lots of tattered or coverless books

Yeah but it’s more satisfying to annotate on paper, especially if they’re designed for it like those Fitzcarraldo Editions. Plus I like pulling out a random book from the shelf and flipping through to see my thoughts and passages I resonated with.


Fair enough but I think that soon they will try and emulate real books somewhat more with eInk.

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I clean my nails on page corners. I can’t explain why but it’s satisfying.

Not evil. Just a chaotic neutral. Anything can become a bookmark, including the book itself.
I think the funniest bookmarks I’ve used would be something random like a sock. :sweat_smile:

Besides the above, not reading much is likely my biggest crime.

In my defense, I’ve finally figured out why that is and I think it’s a very valid excuse.

It’s the same as when I hear someone play guitar. It makes me want to play too. Not what they’re playing, just to play something.

Same thing happens when I read. I get this sudden urge to write. I’m not going to write what I’ve just read, but I get inspired and start thinking about my own WIP while I’m reading someone else’s.

I can’t remember when was the last time I finished reading a whole book.


Same, especially with my TBR pile I have accumulated.


Yeah, I just start and never finish.


I dont set out to do that, but I HAVE done that.


To a lot of people, piracy is the 8th deadly sin.


I dog ear and annotate.

I like to dog-ear (my own) books because when I re-read it gives me a sense of accomplishment. If I stopped reading in chapter two, the second time I read through I might get past it. It’s interesting to see my progress through a story. Annotate because I like to look over my previous thoughts. I will re-read books years after first reading them so it’s good to compare my perceptions then to the perceptions I have now.

I’ve always believed a well-loved book will have those types of creases, notes, etc. not everyone agrees, but I like to make my books feel used.


Book angel coming in here XD I don’t have any crimes.

Only twice in my entire life have I ever dog-eared a book. The first was to return to a particular kissing scene in an upper middle grade book when I was a teen, first discovering romance.

The second was a weird occurrence where I had a dream of a kissing scene (LI asks: “Is this okay?” MC says “It’s very okay.”). Then I read a 90% similar scene in a romance book my grandmother gave me (LI asks: “Is this okay?” MC says, “Yes, it’s okay.”). The way their bodies were positioned standing up was the exact same in my dream. It was so weird, I asked the book to forgive me, and dog-eared that one page.