What should you be doing right now but you're not?

I mean… technically I should be in bed right now, but I’m not. Though, personally, I should be writing… and I’m not doing that either. :sweat_smile:



It’s a Sunday, so…nothing :relieved: I’m actually trying not to fall back asleep, lol (it’s nearly 11 AM and I’ve been un since 7), but I might even stop fighting that and give in to a nap, coz…it’s a Sunday :rofl:

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It is 6:20 am and I just woke up not too long ago.

I am about to write.


I had a drawing planned for Belthane of the May Queen but I haven’t drawn her yet. Also, happy May Day.

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Study. And design. And write.


Finishing up my final paper and studying for exams @_@

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Talking to my family haha

Writing, cleaning, sleeping, eating…Ok, I’m watching my kids so my husband can rest because this weekend has not been good for sleep.

I should be working on the final edits for the third book in my trilogy. And I will… just give me a minute. :rofl:

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Quick question: How many edits do you normally do until you reach a point where you feel the story is good and doesn’t need anymore?

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Well, my process is…I guess I found one that works for me. So let me lay it out because I don’t have a definite number.

First draft. That’s when I write the whole story out. I may or may not change a few things while drafting. Depends on my mood. I also may or may not write out of order. It depends on if there are scenes I need to write perfectly before I forget how I want it to go.

I can then look over my outline and the story as a whole to see how happy I am with the plots and what I have. I might go over it a few more times as well, rewriting until I’m happy. I sometimes do this between 2-5 times just depending on the story and when I finally become happy with the plots. Some books I’ve rewritten 5 times before it ever saw beta, and some might only be 3. My current WIP is being rewritten for probably the sixth or seventh time. It’s just a story I’ve been really struggling with but I’m hoping I have it this time.

Then it goes to beta. After they give it back with the feedback, I go over the areas they suggested change. I then have to go through another round after to make sure the entire book flows well and all the new feedback clicks. Then when it’s said and done, I go through a final round when I read out loud so I can catch anything I might have missed before.

So overall, I’d say somewhere between 7-10 rounds?


Wow, that is pretty interesting.

Tell me, where do you find a beta reader? I was thinking about that one day.
I no longer use Wattpad or anything.


I’m in a Facebook group for indie authors, so I post there and on my Instagram. Eventually someone comes along, and sometimes multiple people. But with one of my current stories in beta, I had that one come to me asking to be the beta for it when it was ready. She saw me mention it in my Instagram stories and she wanted to read it. So that was a big help. It’s a lot easier to find betas for standalones than series.

My duology had the same 2 beta readers for both books which helped. But my trilogy had like 6 different betas each book. My original betas got busy and couldn’t finish or they had major life events and stuff so each book had a different one. But I had them look for things that didn’t make sense (like things that happened in earlier books that they wouldn’t know about) just to make sure I caught everything and it all flowed.

Anywho beta readers are free so that’s a big plus. I just don’t recommend having a close friend or family member do it. I want people who don’t know me to point out everything they don’t like so I can make sure my book is as good as it will get.

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Yeah, that makes total sense. They’ll either lie through their teeth or do something else nonsensical.

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I should be socializing with people in my living area.

Finishing up the rest of part 1. I kinda wanna go somewhere fancy.

Studying lol. Got lots of exams.

It would probably crash the forums if I posted my full list. I guess the main thing right now is that I should be making some more coffee.

Doing my assignment for my grade. It was supposed to be done a week ago. 🥲

Picking the vomit towel up off the floor. Going to feed this kid one more time and see if she needs to aim for the thing, still.