What was your hair length in the past vs what it is now?

I know that this picture is a bit exaggerated or not totally accurate in some ways, at least try to tell what based on this picture again.

Here is the picture:
(Sorry for using the female’s version. This is for any one with hair.)

Lend me your thoughts on what your hair length was like when you were younger vs right now?

Also, tell me in a bit of detail, if you prefer the past you or the you right now, in terms of hair length?




Don’t worry, I saw it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mine is head length :flushed:


So, yours is really short, huh?

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Give it a shot when you have the time.
:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Yeah, slightly longer in the winter and shorter in the summer. I prefer it buzzcut in the summer, or close to that. Short and spiky in the winter, for some warmth.

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I really like these haircuts, personally.

Is your hair somewhat like this?
(It might just be.)

I need to get a hair cut like the picture here.

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Yeah, similar style but on me, it looks more like this (not me in the photos, but similar hair):

But in the winter it’s more like (again not me, but similar style):

And you should totally go short for the summer. It helps a lot. It keeps your head fresh and clean in the heat and it’s low maintenance.


I like those haircuts for men and women or pretty much anybody who doesn’t like all that hair on their head.
Yet, I can admire a head full of long flowing hair that is full of volume and bounce. Not going to lie.

I need to get that type of haircut because my hair is growing a bit. I just want to chop it off.



If you can grow it and are happy with it, why not flaunt it? Some people can pull it off, and look after it well so why not?

Makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue: Do it in another month or so.

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mine is hip length when i straighten it, but when it’s curly it’s bra-strap length. i rarely cut it. only did that like twice in my life because i prefer it long.

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I was between waist to hip length 85% of the time until college.

Now I cut it above neck length and let it grow to shoulder before I cut it again.

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Used to be somewhere between mid-back and waist length. Now it’s shoulder length and much easier to style and not as heavy. Wish I’d cut it sooner! (ღ˘ᴗ˘ღ)




I agree.

Thanks for suggesting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would love to have shoulder length hair, but even idealistically I’d want to have hair that reaches my tailbone.

Yeah in an ideal world I can take care and manage hair that long.

Realistically, I rather not have hair that long, but it would be somewhat nice.

Also, I’ve been so used to having very short hair that I can’t even remember what having long-ish hair is like anymore.

Was the experience really great or really annoying?

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I don’t know why but seeing people with naturally curly hair straightens it, makes me smile.

Like I love beautiful curly hair looks, but I also want to know how it would look completely straightened.

From what people tell me about having curly is the absolute hell it is to straightening it or how long it takes. That might not be the case for most people, but I do get told that sometimes.

Yet seeing hair that is naturally wavy, frizzy, or curly hair in a straightened way is so beautiful.

Yet to see straightened hair curled or wavy is just as beautiful.

Now that it’s short, all I remember about having long hair are the bad things. For instance, there was this guy who always sat behind me on the bus no matter where I sat, and he’d always complain that my hair was blowing in his face. So I’d have to either close the window and get roasting hot, or else remember to bring a scrunchy for my hair and of course I had a terrible memory and never remembered to bring one. Why didn’t he just sit somewhere else?! Argh. (-᷅_-᷄๑)

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That would suck!
I mean as much as I would like to have long hair, I just rather have long hair without the issues.

That’s not realistic. So, I would prefer to have a very short haircut instead.

I have to wonder if the other seats were packed, but rereading, I see that might not be the case or something.

So, yeah, people be weird.

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I’ll come back later with actual pictures of me to give you how horrific my hair has been through the years, but in short:

As a kid, I used to have short, wavy hair. In some pictures, it was mostly to my shoulder. As I grew older, I grew it out and it became thicker and curlier. Through adolescence, it mostly stayed around shoulder and arm-pit length, even when straightened. I don’t think I ever grew it out passed the arm-pit because, unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to manage it. I’m the only one in the entire family to have thick, curly and frizzy hair. So my parents couldn’t figure out what to do with it and no one at salons knew what to do with it (because they only ever worked on straight hair).

The shortest I’ve ever had was probably between age 11-12 when it was cut in a mullet-like way (thanks mom) and age 15-16 when I got a pixie cut (basically neck length). I had a few haircuts in my earlier adult years when it was between neck and shoulder length. The last time it was short, though, was way back in 2017 when it was about shoulder length. Last hair cut I had. When straightened, my hair is now at (or around) hip and tailbone length. When I sit, it goes passed by knees. xD

Again, I’ll come back later to show pictures but that’s the best description I can give lol.

I’m not sure, honestly. As much as I hate my hair, I’ve started to like its length (I’m trying to grow it out passed my butt lol) and been getting into understanding on how to take care of it and make it more manageable. I do miss it short, and I have been wondering on cutting it to shoulder length so I can start figuring out how to create an afro-type look because it looks so pretty on so many women that it might look good on me. I don’t know lol.

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