What's something you want to talk about, but no one asks you?

I think we all have topics inside ourselves we really want to talk about, but no one asks us. Maybe we even ask them to others in hopes they will ask back. But some people don’t get what it means to have a conversation, and it doesn’t come back the other way, so we never get to say the thing we want to say :sweat_smile: This can’t be something that just happens to me…right? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, this is the place to say it. I will warn you, if it’s music or anime or movies, I might not be familiar at all with the thing. Regardless, someone might. So tell me what you want to talk about but no one has asked you and now you’re desperate to tell someone?

It can be a bunch. You don’t even have to state the topic. Blurt it out :grin: Oh, but be kind though. Nothing too unpopular :wink:

Oh yes, I have to add, some of mine and yours will appears as topics in fox chat if I think they might be interesting to talk about over there in more detail :wink:



I think Courtney Hadwin is awesome. She now has 1M subs on YouTube. Yes! I can’t wait for her to be on the top of the charts one day.

Brands are dying? Including fashion, makeup, publishing.

Colleen Ballinger is back. Of course, she is. Why wouldn’t she? Shane Dawson and James Charles and Jeffree Star have all returned. Why wouldn’t they? :sweat_smile:

If you are a small creator, it makes more sense to follow and engage with other small creators to grow together than trying to connect with a big creator because everyone is trying to connect to a big creator and big creators might not even notice you.

Dolphin shows at aquariums…I don’t think I can go enjoy them anymore. I can’t help but think of the ethics and that one zoo performance I saw where the animal was obviously stressed out and the zoo park I went to where the poor white tiger had patches of fur missing.

Totally unrelated to all of the above, I’m going to make a book of poetry.

Some of my topics and some of your topics might make it to fox chat to involve more people.


What would happen if Neil Gaiman made Dragonball? How would the gods and such be handled? Would it still be really weird?


All white tigers are inbred, which doesn’t help…


Neil Gaiman should have an anime, but not Dragonball. One of his own stories, though I don’t think it matters much which one. He could make zillions with it! Just his name alone would sell it. Stephen King should do one too. ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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I don’t know, man, I’d pay good money to see The Sandman train on King Kai’s planet…

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You could write Dragonball in the style of Neil Gaiman if you feel ambitious? :smirk:


Do you really think I could do that and get away with Bulma shooting Goku with a gun the first time they meet?


Honestly, all I’d want is for someone to ask me if I’m okay and NOT tell me I’m being overdramatic or making things up and actually, like, be supportive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On less frustrating topics:

  • The Wilde-Chase series is AMAZING (I didn’t even know there was a new book til I happened to see it yesterday in the shops and buy it!)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Classic is the best version (abridged being a close second) and how fun Duel Links it :joy:
  • Astrophysics, M-Theory and quantum mechanics :partying_face:

In the real world, writing. :sweat_smile:

I’ll admit, I’m a little shy when it comes to the conversation (because my coworkers do know I am a writer, and I have talked about what I’m writing) but I do love talking about it, whether it’s your own personal story related or it’s something about the craft. It never really gets brought up in conversation, so it’s just something that is never talked about.

Some other things include…

  • Shows, movies, or musical artists that some may like. For example, Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes or the Taylor Swift Eras movie, or the final episode of Loki. I know some coworkers may have watched these things, but it’s just not asked about (to me).

  • Disney stuff related. Whether it’s the theme parks, merchandise, or upcoming/new/old films.

  • Life and dreams. I’m a big dreamer—thinking I can have it all when I know for certain I can’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk about it. I also like talking about life and just overly complicated topics and issues.


I have no idea who or what Bulma is, but you could try and see? :wink:


Sending a fox hug :fox_face: :hugs:

So, how are you?

If you’d like to chat about feelings but don’t want the whole forum to know, you can DM me :blush: Sometimes all we need or want is for someone to listen even if its virtual.


Vegeta’s wife from Dragon Ball Z.

The character of Dragon ball too.


I think that’s wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve never really been that interested in Taylor Swift until I watched people’s reviews or reactions to the Eras tour and how she did the performances. That kind of overview of her entire career type of performance, I’m actually kind of interested in. It sounded like the performance was really creative, too.

So, this movie, is it a behind the scenes of her tour or something?

Alright, have you ever done Disney bounding?

And list five of your favorite classic Disney movies of all time (like, Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, etc.) and five of your favorite Disney Pixar movies of all time (from this list).

As for me, for Disney Pixar,
Coco, Finding Nemo, Up, Toy Story 2, Ratatouille,
honorable mention: The Incredibles and Toy Story (the first Toy Story had lots of scenes that were kind of disturbing and hard to understand, and that left an impression on me :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, WALL-E, depending on how I feel that day, could replace Toy Story 2 or Ratatouille.

Ugh, but it’s so hard to choose. I want to include Cars and Inside Out.


“Our story begins, as all good ones do, with a teenage girl almost running over a young boy.”

This is going to be a fantastic shitpost.


It really was! There was so many various elements to each song and performance that it felt like storytelling in some ways. Phenomenal!

Unfortunately, no. :sweat_smile: The movie

was of the performance itself—basically a front row seat to the tour, but without actually having been there lol 3 hours of songs and dancing :sweat_smile:

But it was fantastic, and I cried. :joy: Partially because it was beautiful, and partially because I gave up my tickets so I could go to California. As much as I regret and feel sad for giving up my tickets, it was worth it. My seats were really high up and on the corner, so you pretty much only saw the screen only unless she went out onto the long stage… and my California trip was an absolute dream, so I think it was the right choice.

I wish they made one of the behind the scenes, though! I love watching documentaries of my favorite artists/actors/celebrities lol Though, I’ve only seen a couple of documentaries—a couple from Taylor, one from Selena Gomez, a couple from Demi Lovato, and then one from Katy Perry.

I have not. What is that, actually? :sweat_smile:

Oooof. Hard choices…

I can list five random ones I really love? :sweat_smile:

Oliver and Company. Mulan. Treasure Planet. Hunchback of Notre Dame. Brother Bear.

This one is easy, actually. :sweat_smile:

Brave - Merida is actually my favorite Disney Princess. Inside Out - cannot wait for the sequel. Toy Story 3 - the series is amazing, and while this is one of the saddest ones, it’s probably my favorite among the four. I also heard they’re making a fifth movie?? Don’t know what that’ll be like—should’ve stopped it at 3, but I honestly hope they show Andy again. Finding Nemo. The Incredibles.

Have you ever heard about the Pixar Theory?

Coco is a really good one, which would be on my honorable mention list, along with Wall-E, Soul, and Onward.

Haha, I don’t blame ya. The animation is also a bit scary, so it does not help when it came to the neighbor trying to blow off the toy’s heads and stuff. :joy:


Mainly for adults dressing up to go to Disney as their favorite character, but it’s not cosplay. You just wear clothes that would remind you of the character.



Some fan started it. On Instagram, I think. Some girl. I can’t remember the history. But Disney didn’t start it. It’s so that adults can enjoy dressing up at Disney but not confuse the kids.


Idk if I’d want to watch 3 hours, but I’m certainly interested in the performance. Since I don’t think you could tell me your favorite performance out of all of them, how about this: What songs/performances were the biggest highlights in your opinion?

I love this movie! It’s so underrated. I forgot Oliver and Company was Disney :open_mouth:

Same thoughts :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t even seen 4.

oh yes :grin: I was following it until Frozen 2…I think. Then I heard about Pixar debunking some of the theories and couldn’t keep up anymore :stuck_out_tongue: What are your thoughts on it?

I haven’t even gotten to see these yet :pleading_face: They didn’t come to Japanese theaters or the rental store. I also want to see Red, but that’s not in Japan either. I’d have to find it on Amazon :confused: Have you seen Red?

I really did not like that spider doll head creature :sweat_smile:

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Daw thanks :heart: And I’m dealing.
Short version: medical stuff is making life hard and all my “friends” ditched me when I asked for support with getting through it and the ones that did stick around (or claim to have) keep saying I’m being overdramatic and that it can’t be that bad :roll_eyes: bunch of ungrateful dicks

As someone who hates wearing makeup, YAS FINALLY :joy: Shame about the other 2 tho

Omg yes. It would be so much better if small creators went for small creators because we’re usually more open to helping spread the word because we all know how hard it is for each other. When it comes to big creators, you kinda disappear into the crowd. Not saying that doesn’t happen for small ones, but it is a far bigger issue.


The other thing I love talking about is the local wildlife. I live on a farm in rural Australia and the animals do the weirdest things sometimes :joy: