When the TV-Y7 show has worse grasp of morality than the TV-MA show

Last night I realized that the horrible treatment of Lotor from Voltron: Legendary Defender is more absurd once you realized that in Getter Robo, one of the main characters is introduced beating a man to death with sadistic glee and goes on to save the universe. Lotor’s crimes were never as truly confirmed but he ends up getting melted to death instead.

This is not helped by the fact that both of his abusive parents get redemption arcs, or at least what passes for redemption arcs these days, but Lotor just gets dead.

I’ll elaborate more on this if you ask questions to me. But I do not believe that any of the three pilots in New Getter Robo are truly redeemed, just convinced to fight on the side of protecting humanity from evil forces.

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Morality in children’s shows are oversimplified. A lack of morality sometimes causes a better outcome than living to the extreme of your moral stance.

This is why we have things like situational ethics. They require a look at the situation before delivering a consequence to the actions.

It’s seen in Star Trek in the most rediculous way. iDIC or a precursor to what we’ve got going on today (tolerance for everyone who is “different”) was done with the twist of allowing every being g to evolve with as little interference as possible, especially avoiding sentient species that haven’t gone into space with a warp drive, in order to not change the course of their evolution.

A strict adherence to that causes them to cause genocide by negligence . Basically, in order to allow creatures to mature naturally, you allow their sun to explode without you relocating a whole world of people.

Believe me, I see plenty of issues with a strict adherence to any belief you can pull up. The frustrating part is when people won’t police their own beliefs–and most people don’t because who cross examines themselves when they are right?


I’m going to have to look into this more. This oversimplification leads to some strangely disturbing implications.

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And I’ll say point blank that we live in an oversimplified world with 90% of our worldview from person to person, which leads to some very nasty justifications out there–on things you would otherwise agree with.

It’s why there was a study that shows that you indulge in evil once you’ve committed a good. I mean, I thought people understood what the implications of a cheat day in a diet meant to motivation in other spheres of self-improvement.