Which character in your story would use the Death Note to kill?

For those who do not know what a Death Note is, it is a notebook that pretty much kills a person whose name is written in it. In the manga and anime, the Death Note was founded by some teenager named Light Yagami who wanted to rewrite the world by killing those he felt were well horrible people. The Death Note comes was actually dropped by a Shinigami into the world of Japan which kicks things off the for Light Yagami. When people are killed because of the Death Note, it is usually a heart attack or something along those lines.

This is as much as my memory takes me. I only asked this because I have an actual Death Note. Well, not really, it is just a book based on the manga and anime. But it was strictly made to look like the real deal inside. It is a pretty cool prop.

Now, tell me, knowing this which character from any one of your novels would use the Death Note to kill people they do not like?

What do you think?



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Please don’t tell me it is someone named Jack. Yeah, yeah, I know. It was a terrible joke in terrible taste.
Yadda, yadda.


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I don’t tend to write people who play around when it is time to kill.

Any of my lawful good/lawful neutral killers would, if they are certain it’s a lawful kill.

Like Dreithan. ML for In the Game of the Gods. Dude decapitates another Elf while trying not to skid down a mountain. A notebook wouldn’t put him and his partner at risk. Sssyraine took a bad bruise to trap the one they killed, and he took the dudes’ head as evidence as well as staring into the man’s eyes until brain death finally took hold.

Athelai, MC for Broadside is a mercenary, first. One of the much later scenes has her throwing a sword directly at her King’s brother for having men block her path back home, in front of her king and would-be husband. A middle scene has her quickly ending that same brother’s lover, as she was “hired” to do.

Harvold Twelvthborn is a mage. That book would be his due to it not being an artifact that you could leave to untrained hands. He already dabbles with favors to a demon, a book is nothing.

Althalos Fourthborn is probably my gentlest of these types of characters–but that is because he’s not lawful. Where the law is unfeeling, he will avoid the law. That changes in the 2nd book, but it’s because where he has been messes him up.

Any Alpha would. This isn’t lawful good, this is a survival of the fittest mentality.

Instead of a “fair pack war”, one of Nathaniel’s guys mated with a female sniper and he used her for a killshot on another Alpha before it got far enough to have a fight because, and I quote, “I ain’t playing.” Most the rest of the pack would look to their Alpha before making the decision–just the way they are wired.

Thea has moments where she would readily write her own mate’s name in that book without a care. There’s plenty of “lesser people” who would be easier to get out the way like that.


Bellamy would honestly use one. He understands the importance and usefulness of killing in the right situations but he doesn’t actually like to do it, so it would provide a much cleaner way for him to take care of people who need to die.

Also Fallon would use it to kill one specific person.


Okay, so, I was going to say my immortal assassin Richard, but then I realized he probably wouldn’t want to use tools like that. He likes to do it himself. He likes to get up close and personal with murder.

Maybe my charismatic jerk, Jack. Not to kill Jill XD lol, I copied you XD
Jack, at the end of his story, could use with a handy-dandy notebook! (it’s a Blue’s Clues reference. a children’s show)



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The killer in my book is named Kyle, and his goal is to kill every woman in the world…or at least all the ones in his home town. If he could do that just by writing the word “women” in a notebook, he’d love that! ٩(˘◡˘)۶

Did you ever watch the anime? I got halfway through the manga, then quit when you-know-who died. It just wasn’t the same after that…one day I want to see the anime, though.

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See my first thought was my demon Dom but then I realized there’s no way he’d miss out on the fun part of murder :joy:

I watched the anime, but I have not read the manga.

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Oh, Beira would love to use a death note to get rid of her nemesis, but I don’t know if it would work since that nemesis is a goddess. I guess it depends on how powerful the magic is.

I don’t think any of my other characters have it in them to kill someone.


all of them




Nah, kidding. I’d put Rico Marquez as a name and line them up and let the book kill all three generations of them :flushed:



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Wait, you have a character named Pissy?
Like for real? LOL!

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True, immediately lol.

they’re the only one who comes to mind right away and without a doubt, but i’m sure out of 300+ characters, with a little time I could reason out who else would scribble a name down.

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Yeah, his real name is Christian but everyone calls him Pissy.


That’s embarrassing and awkward. LOL!

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Sara and Malika both have similar moral compasses, yet Sara’s more likely to use it freely. Malika would use it only on very terrible people