Who are you and what are you doing? [an intro to you]

Okay, so, it’s one of those, “what are you guys up to” types of threads. It’s been a while :wink:

  1. Name you want to be called by, and pronouns
  2. What are you working on now? What’s it about?
  3. What are your three favorite animals?
  4. When did you start writing?
  5. Give 5 facts about yourself

My example:

  1. Enna or Tiger or Fox whichever you feel like. She/her.
  2. The Rat Girl story first-drafting, blue feline Pinti’s story (Elgana book) preparing for rewrite, also want to edit my magick realism story taking place in fictional desert country, and I’m also working on the Open Novella Contest for Wattpad.
The Rat Girl story

About a girl who hides her identity because her mom’s whereabouts were leaked to enemies. When her bird starts to talk to her cat, she finds out about a fantasy land called Wodeland that is cursed. She finds out her family line used to be the most powerful there and so, it’s up to her to battle the big bad.

Blue feline story

About a bipedal blue feline’s fight for survival in a world where her race is about to go extinct. How far is Pinti willing to go to save her race? (eventually, in the future, I want to self-publish this)

Magic realism story

Dead By Sunrise is the sequel in Their Posthumous Lives duology where the main characters are almost all villains or not good adults. Following a story taking place in a fictional USA-like country, Dead By Sunrise’s Iptaj is inspired by Egypt in the 1850s. There’s demons fighting demons, a detective searching for his abducted son, and a possible side story of an unattainable romance thing. I hardly ever write romance, so we’ll see how this goes :sweat_smile:

ONC story

The ONC story, In the Lost Protector is an Emerald Soul, is an Ozel Emla Tale which means it takes place in and around a world inspired by L. Frank Baum’s Oz. The story follows Mitchell as he wakes up with amnesia and a dead body next to him in the bed. He then finds himself in Ozel Emla and it all seems familiar. All he can remember is that he had run away from there and it was his brother’s fault.

  1. Fox, tiger, cat
  2. Started crafting stories when I was four or five. Didn’t start writing the stories down until junior high. Once I learned how to type in high school, I have not stopped.
  3. I live in Japan, I speak Japanese, I make my own Wattpad covers, I have an illustration account on IG @ foxwoodartist , and I’ve done a little hula in the past :wink:

Now your turn :smile:


Qualeshia. She/her.

The Breakers at the moment.

Aw…man. Pretty much a Knight turn Renegade named Elred tries to unravel who he is by finding people who know more about him than he knows about himself while trying to outrun the Knighthood Federation and more.

Honestly, as much as I like animals. I don’t think I ever really had a favorite.

6-8 years old. I want to say.

  1. Love anime/manga/started developing a love for Korean webtoons.
  2. Love the color pink.
  3. Not so much a fact, but I am thirty-two years old yet I am young at heart.
  4. Has a serious spending problem when I had money.
  5. Owns a lot of electronics and STILL doesn’t think that is enough.

Oh a chat thread. Don’t mind if I do

Lex they/them

In this exact moment, I’m working on a javascript project to comb through a webpage and click a link to go to another webpage. It’ll keep going through webpages looking for a phrase–probably “hotdog.”

Writing-wise, I’m working on a novella I started around Christmas. It’s about a vegan Vampire, her sister, and trying to evade a military force that wants her to work for them.

Ooh okay bumblebees, jumping spiders, and heifer cows

ugh too long ago. This most recent project I started ~2 months ago

  • I have a Southern accent
  • I love linguistics and computers
  • I spend too much time in the rp/games bit of the forum :woozy_face:
  • 我说汉语!(I can speak Chinese!)
  • I wish I could speak Cantonese.

SecretDurham (No Spaces). He/Lord Secret. Haha!

Fantasy Tale The Endurlon. Ancient Powers/Primordial Gods/War/Immortals/Dragons and more…
I currently keep fish (freshwater) But I have had Birds, and Dogs in the past also (Three Fave animals).
I started writing about 9-10 years ago after a breakdown, and it helped me to recover in many ways…
I am a Carer, an Artist, a lover of Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies, Father of Four, and a Husband to a wonderful wife…



JLO is fine.

The Essence of U ONC 2023
One of the 7 remaining ONC trials, this sucker may be darker than what I intended to start with, which may change its age range. I’d like to keep it YA.

But it’s about a kid who is a manifestation of sin and becomes it’s judge/jury/executioner. Giving a ton more away than that would both expose too much and I’ve not written enough of it to know all the details yet.

I’m partial to Koalas, pit bulls are my favorite pet, and I like the idea of raising chickens and rabbits.

Late highschool?

I’m old.
I’m grumpy.
My Brian likes to screech I’m Smrt while shoving crayons up it’s nose.
Oh, and I’m highly imaginative and sardonic.


Q. Name you want to be called by, and pronouns
A. Xelyn or Lyn, he/him

Q. What are you working on now? What’s it about?
A. Planning out my second draft of Synthetic: Genesis. It’s the first book in a science fiction trilogy I want to get published some day.

Q. What are your three favorite animals?
A. Dogs, bears, octopus

Q. When did you start writing?
A. I started writing text based RP when I was 14 but I actually got serious about writing about 5 years ago, give or take.

Q. Give 5 facts about yourself
A. My favorite color is silver/chrome, I’ve lived in 4 different states but never left the country (U.S.), I used to play the drums but no longer have a set, I can’t roll my R’s no matter how hard I try, my favorite cryptid creature is the wendigo.


I’m Alicia! She/her.

I’m working on my third draft for a YA sci-fi fantasy. I’m on… I think… chapter eight. Or nine. Can’t remember at the moment.

The book is about a teenage soldier who leads a small group of other soldiers to kill a magical queen who has been terrorizing the world for centuries.

Cats. Wolves. Dogs.

I started writing (and reading) when I was twelve, shortly after I read the Twilight series.

  1. I’ve lived in hotels for most of my life.
  2. I grew up traveling the US–been to about every state except for Alaska, Florida, and Hawaii.
  3. My life has changed quite a lot over the last few years. I’m turning twenty-six in a few weeks—as of 2019 (age twenty-two), I have a driver’s license, I’m living away from my parents (still live with family though lol), I have debit and credit cards, I work a full-time job and one that I got on my own, I bought my first car, and I’ve been able to check a few things off my bucket list: going on an air plane, go to a Taylor Swift concert (I have tickets for the Era concert in July), and work at a library.
  4. I’ve been an extra on a reality TV episode when I was sixteen, and when I was six, I was in a town’s newspaper for basically just being cute lol.
  5. I dropped out of high school when I was eighteen. I was two years behind because I didn’t have enough credits to graduate despite having a 3.5 GPA (B average). So, at the end of my sophomore year, after I turned eighteen, seeing all of my friends from past schools graduate, I was told that I could just leave since I was of age and “move on with my life.” I did just that. I don’t even have my GED.
  1. Rue. She/They/Fae
  2. I’m working on a few things right now: I’ve just started planning and pre-writing a historical fiction called Laurens; I’m plantsing Embers and Ash; I’m rewriting Letters from an Angel; I’m drafting Once Upon A Band.

About a guy during the American Revolution named John Laurens, whose last 5 years of life unfold in a secret relationship with Alexander Hamilton. It’s a tragic historical fiction novel that focuses on the inevitability of one’s demise.

Embers and Ash

A complex dark fantasy that follows a princess and faery who are, in loose terms, “married,” and they also marry others as they, on their accord, find ways to deal with darkness plaguing the world. But they may be pawns in a plan much darker than a curse of darkness.

Letters from an Angel

About two women who were best friends in their childhood and reunite after a series of misfortune leads the protagonist, Aisling, to move to Paris as the next generation forms in Aisling’s womb all the while she battles cancer.

Once Upon A Band

About a girl getting revenge on a college professor with the help of her new classmates in exchange for being the lead singer of a band in a competition.

  1. Pugs, Boxers, Vizlas
  2. I started writing … that’s a hard question. I don’t know when. Probably in school, and then slowly it became a passion.
  • I wrote a fanfic that garnered 1.3K votes on Wattpad before I took it down. One person described the book as addictive.
  • I’m published at a nearby art museum. I don’t get money for it.
  • I was a editor-in-chief for my high school magazine/website in my senior year
  • I won an award in journalism for an article I wrote on American Sign Language.

My name is Seyn. I don’t know if I’ve ever said that here.

Training AI to replicate my art style from a 3D source. Of which I’m not currently doing. Because I have to study.

Then I’m taking the output and overlaying it on 3D models I’ll eventually finish to get some kind of coherent 2D transformation and transform that into further comic panels. Should be fun.

I like rabbits and rodents a little too much I suppose.

Zero idea. Probably extremely young.

  • I prefer visual mediums to written mediums and predominantly do the former.
  • Currently holding an offer for an MEng degree at a top 100 global university. :clap:
  • I am addicted to sunscreen filters and am gonna branch out to stabilising ascorbic acid with patented chemical concentrations once I get lab access. Also currently trying to figure out how silicone hydrogel contact lenses are made.
  • I like machines more than I do people.
  • I look suspiciously similar to my profile picture; thank you, AI generated stylisation.
  • Name you want to be called by, and pronouns
    HKelle is fine here

  • What are you working on now? What’s it about?

my current ONC project, The Bones Below

It’s about a one-eyed mother fox trying to protect her kits in a post-apocalyptic world where all the humans are dead.

Draft 3 of The Dark Between Dreams

Short answer: Sword-wielding ghosts fighting monsters in the afterlife. Longer answer: A recently deceased ghost tries to escape from the afterlife, and ends up uncovering a centuries-old murder and betrayal plot, and ends up usurping a ghost king.

  • What are your three favorite animals?
    Foxes, rabbits, and crows for the time being

  • When did you start writing?
    November 2019

  • Give 5 facts about yourself

  1. I don’t like writing lol. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I’m obsessed with ghosts.
  3. Ghost and Starset are my favorite bands
  4. I have three tattoos, and planning more!
  5. I could’ve died in a fishing boat accident years ago lol.

That is the most honest thing a “writer” could say.

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I like telling and sharing stories. But the actual act of sitting in front of a computer and typing it all down is…blech :sweat_smile:


Too bad there isn’t a surefire way where you can write fictional stories…verbally.

That can be still considered writing just not by hand or typing.

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  1. Hello, I’m Monica (or Lost, idc really). She/her
  2. Im currently working on 2 stories, intending to publish both this year.

One is a pirate romance story with sirens and ghosts and all the good stuff. Im almost finished. I just finished draft 3 today and i start draft 4 this weekend. Its been a messy manuscript. It follows Lucille as she escapes the noblewoman life, becomes a pirate and falls for the captain. She may also be able to see and talk to ghosts… :eyes: It has forbidden romance, a hidden identity, and action of course.

The second is a vampire romance. I dont know what draft number im on, please dont ask. :rofl: Its gone through SO many rewrites. But i have about 15 more chapters to write until the book is going to beta readers. I’ll say not much more until next month when i begin officially talking about it. Just know its very dark. Enemies to lovers. Lots of grieving. Violence galore. Action. Also a forbidden romance.

  1. Tiger. Dog. Um, pigs probably. They’re cute.
  2. When i was 12. Ive always been a reader but i never started my own stories until was 12, on youtube. Ive been in love ever since.
  3. Im an artist—graphics and traditional art. I recently have decided to travel to new states every year. My favorite fairytale is actually Rapunzel. My favorite creature in fantasy romance is an angel. I am also really into horror.

Name you want to be called by, and pronouns
Jojo (he/him)

What are you working on now? What’s it about?
A research paper on carnivals and the carnivalesque, which I’m pissed off abt because I didn’t get to go to Malta for carnival, instead I’m stuck with Notting Hill later this year. Not fun.

Another paper on queer spaces, which is very fun because I get to go clubbing every weekend for “research”.

Haven’t written fiction recently. The last one was a short story called Incredible Nordic Oatmilk. It’s about a guy who inherits his late granddad’s farm, which leads him to question his difficult childhood, masculinity, and veganism. It’s not as didactic as it sounds.

What are your three favorite animals?
Just three?! Farm animals. I’ve trespassed just to pet ducks.

When did you start writing?
Been a while. At six or seven years old. I wrote a short story about the king of frogs.

Give 5 facts about yourself

  • I love baking as a method of stress-relief.
  • My go-to comfort movies are giallo and French new wave.
  • I’m a queer activist involved with a lot of local community projects.
  • I play the trumpet (classical), ukulele (decently), guitar (poorly) and piano (horrendously).
  • I roam the moors every now and then in search of ghosts and/or Kate Bush.


Various things, but as a master of procrastination, not much progress is being made on much of anything.

Dog, Wolf, Fox

If memory serves, around 2011-2012.

  • I like cereal
  • When I do roleplaying, I stay away from real world settings because they’re boring, in my opinion. I greatly prefer fantasy and action as I use roleplaying as an escape from reality, not to embrace the boredom of reality even more.
  • While usually fairly quiet, I get a bit…loud when playing racing games specifically
  • Not a fan of most western published works these days, especially romance. I greatly prefer light novels these days.
  • I can’t think of a fifth one. There really isn’t much about me to know.

lmk how this goes! i love ai and deep learning


Same here! 30 and young at heart :wink:

I have no spider fear, but I’m curious, why do you like jumping spiders?

I like Southern accents. Are you willing to say exactly what Southern accent? I’m pretty sure they all sound different depending on where you live, right?

Also, I have a question. Is country music popular in the south? I like country music and country music artists do seem to have fans in the south, but I kind of wonder sometimes if it’s kind of like anime in Japan. Living in Japan doesn’t always mean you like anime or anime music. Sure, there’s lots of people in Japan who do, but I’m not one of them and neither are my friends. I wouldn’t say it’s popular. The most popular thing in Japan is probably K-pop.

So, what’s it like? Is it kind of like that or actually the most popular type of music?

What kind of fish do you keep? Do you breed them? Or you just have some as pets?

lol XD That’s what makes you awesome.
Good facts that sum you up :wink:

Do you have pit bulls currently?

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No. Our last dog died and she was a retriever of some sort. I might not go with pit bulls again because they are very athletic dogs and need a very active adult in their youth, and that’s not me. Lol

Yep they’re all different!

Mine is a general Southeast Coast dialect—noted by vowel backing and certain grammatical words (like “ain’t”). My bf, though (he lives five hours away) uses the Appalachian dialect, so there a lot of vowel fronting for him.

Yeah it’s kinda similar to anime in japan.

There’s also the fact that there are so many genres of country music. Every year, the South hosts the international bluegrass festival, but Bluegrass (iirc) is really only popular in the US, whereas Country/Country-Rock is much more popular outside the US. I play and consume way too much bluegrass music so… lol.

Bluegrass was founded in Kentucky so it kinda adds up.