Who else wants to gush on our female MAIN characters with me? Well, come on friends!

NOTE: Don’t worry, because I will make another thread focusing on male only main characters tomorrow. If you have a gender fluid character, then you can add them in either this one or the one coming tomorrow.

  1. What is it about your female MAIN character(s) that you like most of all in terms of personality, character, motivations, mannerisms, and anything else?

  2. What’s the main character’s name? What do they do for a living?

  3. Someone tells your female character they aren’t “like most girls” how would they respond?

  4. Is romance in life? Not at all? Maybe some day?

  5. Do they use magic? Are they a humanoid species or just a magical human?

  6. Is the character a visionary beauty? Average in looks? Plain yet unappealing?

  7. How strong is this character(s) in terms of emotionally, physically, and/or mentally?

  8. How does your character(s) handle their societal norms in their world?

  9. What’s their home life and what parent or parental figure do they share a closer bond with?

Tell me anything else.
Thoughts and feelings?




Come gather here, everyone! I have plenty of questions for you all too!

You can answer which ones you find to your liking or answer all of them if that suits your fancy!



  1. I wanted to make my main character a stoic warrior who is professional, strategic, experienced, and relatively calm, with a fun revenge arc to go along with it. I noticed that, a lot of the time, these motivations are oftentimes given to male characters so I wanted to give my main character these motivations (and traits) to explore that side of femininity and explore how (perhaps) more “masculine” traits and motivations would shape her journey of womanhood (without completely removing her femininity or diminishing her identity as a woman). I also like that, although she is a deeply emotional person, she doesn’t often show that side of herself. She is entirely collected. She’s someone you turn to in a crisis because you have full trust they will remain calm and know what to do. I love that leadership quality and, to be honest, emotional people who are also emotionally reserved is of great interest to me.
  2. My main character’s name is Elrissa Koter (Elya for short). She is one of the (soon to be) captain’s of the fifth-sect and commands around 30 men and women . Which means she’s specialized in fighting demons, people with magic, and exorcisms, as well as has a leadership role and responsibility.
  3. She’d probably be a little frustrated. In their society, women and men are mostly treated with equality. “What are most girls supposed to be like, pray tell? What makes you the authority on “most” women? Please, lend me your expert opinion.”
  4. None at all. She had a romantic interest in the past, but the relationship was, to a degree, toxic, and not very committed. They weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend. Now, truth be told, she has no time for romantic dalliances and has no interest in them. Her mental state would not allow for a healthy relationship, not that she desires one. I have considered giving her a romantic interest in the future, but that is a looong way away. She is in no place to consider such things.
  5. They do not use magic (yet :wink:), they are a human.
  6. She is sort of brutal looking, but pretty. Years of military service has made her softer beauty much rougher. She has a tough look to her.
  7. She is very strong physically (she is a master swordsmen, and proficient in most weapons), she is intelligent mostly in battle strategies though she has a good knowledge of basic education and how politics work, emotionally she’s not very intelligent. She’s blunt and likes to get to the point, and she rarely spends time thinking in-depth about her own emotions and likes to be very closed off with anyone and everyone.
  8. They didn’t come naturally, this is for certain. She has a really strong knowledge of societal norms, due to her education as a child, but she deeply resents this part of society (as her society deeply resents people like her). But she plays the game when she has to. She doesn’t let this resentment cloud her judgement in how she acts and behaves. She’s pretty deceptive.
  9. Very complicated. To start, Elya is what their society calls a ‘bastia’. She is born of sin and, as per their belief, must spend the rest of her life redeeming herself of this sin (they believe she is inherently evil, or struggles more than most people between good and evil). She was raised from the time she was a baby to nine years old by her maternal grandmother, who resented her status as bastia and was abusive towards her. She had a governess whom she saw as a mother-figure, but due to some poor decision making and their corrupt society, her governess/mother-figure was executed for betraying the crown. From then on, she was raised by her mentor/instructor, Bassus, who taught her the way of the blade until she was old enough to join the military. He was good to her where others were not. Her father, the king, deeply resents her (blames her for ruining his marriage) and has behaved nothing short of evil towards her, but they don’t see one another often. Elya absolutely despises him and wants him dead. Her mother is… passive. She visited her often when she was a little girl, but often ignored her mistreatment. Although her mother loves her, she also wasn’t the best towards her and their relationship is strained.

Thanks for answering!
I shall tackle this a bit later.


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Thank you for the question, and tyt <3

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I have no female main characters in my current wip, so I’ll respond to the other thread tomorrow. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Any of your stories will do, it doesn’t have to be a current work!

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Summons Alicia.

Alicia is a very enthusiastic, and upbeat woman (pretty much the opposite of Max, but they compliment each other because of it. Opposites attract, and all that). I like how she is her own person, and she doesn’t change for men, or her friends. She is always up for a laugh, and good fun to be around.

  • What’s the main character’s name? What do they do for a living?

Alicia Velez, and she doesn’t really have a job per-se (a full time job), but she sells handmade good that she makes on Etsy, and people buy them. It’s very low key, and she uses that money for her own leisure time.

She still lives at home with her Mom, and Stepdad, and brother Domingo (when he’s home).

She’s mostly known for being “Domingo’s hyper younger sister” within the gang he mans, and also within the general social circle but she doesn’t mind that.

  • Someone tells your female character they aren’t “like most girls” how would they respond?

“I know right? HA HA!”

  • Is romance in life? Not at all? Maybe some day?

Well, she is into Max and really likes him and being around him. Maybe they will get married someday? But for now, she likes being his girlfriend and they appreciate each others’ presence.

  • Do they use magic? Are they a humanoid species or just a magical human?

Nope. She’s a human, but she’d say she was magic :wink: haha.

  • Is the character a visionary beauty? Average in looks? Plain yet unappealing?

She’s pretty attractive, with a kind smile and long, dark hair. She has brown eyes, and a friendly face, and likes to dress up in alternative/punk looks. She also has tanned skin.

  • How strong is this character(s) in terms of emotionally, physically, and/or mentally?

She is very strong, and stubborn about her opinions and has a very strong emotional presence. She’s not weak physically, but doesn’t lean on it. She can hold her own, if she really has to, but doesn’t go out of her way to fight people.

  • How does your character(s) handle their societal norms in their world?

She said “screw it, this is who I am” a long time ago, and beats to the beat of her own drum. Some people find her too intense, and loud/borderline annoying but she doesn’t care.

  • What’s their home life and what parent or parental figure do they share a closer bond with?

She is more close to Domingo and enjoys his preserence, though he’s a very intense, fiery individual. He looks after her, until she finds Max, and has an equal, relaxed relationship with him, without being constrained by her family. As for the rest of ehr family, she gets on fine with her family, but she prefers to explore relations on her own.


I shall return a few days to give proper answers.

I am going to focus on writing for those days. Yet this thread can continue growing.

You can all still chat and gush about your female characters to each other.

Also, I shall put up the male only thread tomorrow if I can.

@JohnnyTuturro @lowarlo @Akje


I’ll answer in terms of my main main characters :joy:

Amneris: Mainly how she just doesn’t take shit from anyone, no matter how stupid it is. She also doesn’t hesitate to stand up for her friends, family and people, no matter how much they piss her off because, very deep down, she does care. I personally relate a lot to her sarcasm :joy:

Xix: Very smart and most certainly a voice of reason. Definitely more of your classic introvert who loves exploring, travelling, learning and helping. While she can be a bit awkward and doesn’t always know what to say (and has to deal with the side effects of being part of her bloodline), she does her best to not judge the people judging her and be her best self.

Hathor: The closest I get to a teenager in my writing :joy: She’s a mix of Amneris and Xix’s personalities. Tries her best to not take shit from people and not judge them but actually does judge them very heavily, smarter than the average bear but still in school, and can be a tad oblivious socially sometimes

Amneris Topanga: Queen of Lyriumia and Balance Keeper
Xix Acheron: Queen of Terpola and Balance Keeper
Hathor Topanga: Princess of Lyriumia and Vessel of Time

Amneris: “The F does that mean?”
Xix: “I am unsure; Is that a completement or insult?”
Hathor: “Oh.” whips out makeup set and starts applying it “Is this what you were expecting?”

Amneris is in a uh confusing multi-lifetime long-term relationship

Xix did have a girlfriend who died so she’s still in the grieving stage but she does meet a new chick later down the line

Hathor’s not really all that interested but she does have a crush on one of her best friends

Yes for all. Humanoid species for all.

Uhhhh as someone who doesn’t understand the societal obsession of looks and who doesn’t experience attraction based on looks, I honestly can’t answer this question because I don’t know the answer ;-; I mean, I think they all look nice but I have no idea what other people think

Oh boy the fun question :joy:

Amneris is physically too strong, but fairly average emotionally and mentally.

Xix is has more average physical strength but she’s pretty emotionally and mentally strong.

Hathor’s a teenager so that answers emotional and mental :joy: She’s very strong physically but nowhere near as strong as her mum (Amneris)

For Amneris and Hathor who live on Lyriumia, they handle it really well. Overall, their world gets along quite well but there are a few uhm incidents

Xix is trying to change the norms on Terpola because she and others know they’re more harmful than good, but it’s a long road to change. The current ones she doesn’t agree with so does sometimes do faux pas

Home life is extremely relative. For Amneris and Hathor who live in a big family, it can be chaotic at times and they sometimes want to kill each other but they ultimately all get along and love each other very much. Xix has lost majority of her family so was ‘adopted’ into Amneris and Hathor’s family and is very much still trying to figure out what the heck is going on :joy:

As for parental figures, Amneris shares a close bond with her adoptive father Lvaane, Hathor shares a strong bond with her mum Amneris, and Xix was recently ‘adopted’ by Lvaane who she now has a strong bond with since her own father died.

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Mainly how OTHERS see them, not what they think of themselves.
Sorry for not being clear.

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Ohhhhhh. Yeah, again, that’s not something I focus on or even look into cause I don’t get beauty standards ;-;

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All I can say is that Riona is great…

I guess you’d have to read The Endurlon to know why I have a love of her…


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My female MCs don’t all fit into one type, so idk how to answer this.

I would say though, I do like making tough characters. They’re resilient in some way or other. It can be good (Pinti) or bad (Valerie).

All my FMCs? :stuck_out_tongue: I have many more than my two main projects, but I guess I’ll focus on those.
Two main projects’ FMCs are Eryn and Pinti. Eryn is a high school girl. Pinti is the leader of her clan.

Eryn: I know. I’m a popular girl. hair flip
Pinti: Not “girl”. I’m a female Kattaluna, not even a Human. Who are you comparing me to?

For Eryn, 100000% yes.
For Pinti, well, she’s not entirely sure. Maybe some day.

Eryn doesn’t use magick, although she does have some kind of power. Unclear if it’s magical or if it’s just some kind of energy. She’s a normal human person girl.

Pinti uses lunar magick and she’s a blue bipedal feline species called a Kattaluna.

I think they’re both cute :grin:

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Doesn’t matter.

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I’ll try doing this for both Marta and Lilian:

Marta: I like her determination even when knowing she’s tracking down a killer she’d have no chance against if confronted directly. She’s scared, yet willing to see this case to the very end just to keep her home safe.

Lilian: I don’t know much about her yet, but she seems cool and professional when it comes to her job, yet lowkey passionate about the subjects she teaches.

Marta I. Díaz Aponte: orphanage caretaker

Lilian: Potion-making and History of Forbidden Magics professor

Marta: “What do you mean?”

Lilian: “Of course not.” * proceeds to show off her arms in a not-so-discreet way *

Marta: She has dated in the past, but her workaholic habits make it difficult to maintain meaningful relationships outside of the orphanage. Though she is very friendly with the townsfolk, she’s not very close with anyone aside from Teresa. Heck, I think Teresa is her only true friend, and she’s Marta’s boss. She does seem a teensy bit interested in Diego at this point in the story though, so who knows? :wink:

Lilian: No interest in romance… yet… maybe.

Marta: No magic, just a regular human.

Lilian: Human sorceress, uses a type of dark/shadow magic (haven’t developed this magic system yet, so no specifics).

Marta: Somewhere between average and pretty, depending on who you ask

Lilian: Average, some find her unappealing or sickly-looking due to the pitch-black stains on her arms (a side effect of her magic)

Marta: definitely emotionally strong, more so as she has about 10 kids to care for. Her mental strength is decent, though the stress of having a killer in town + an unhealthy need to be productive are taking their toll. Her physical strength is that of a person who regularly does garden work, so its decent, but not enough to fight vampires or the like.

Lilian: I’d say her mental strength is the best of the three, as she’s very intelligent when it comes to magic knowledge and world history. Her physical strength is decent, considering she walks regularly and travels often. She relies more on magic in combat though. Not very emotionally intelligent since she’s more to-the-point, doesn’t talk much outside of classes or her research, and doesn’t think much about her own feelings.

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It’s not always a good thing to be unique. Esme is 20, thought she was 24. Humans, in her realm, are adults at 16, while Aelifs (dark Elves) are adult at 40, and Hive are roughly adult at 10. She’s a blend of all 3, so where is she adult enough at?

They aren’t sure where to place her. By human and hive, she’s easily adult, but by Aelif standards, she’s not. (This is the least dominant of her ancestry, so it’s got the least hold on her age.)

Her reaction to possibly being labeled a child is this:

Esme’s mouth dropped from much of that tirade, only to snap shut to grit out a forceful response. “I see me as an adult and think all of you can go hang if you dare think to take that away from me. Including you, All. I don’t think like some nubile child.”

Althalos began to protest but she placed her hand on top of his-gripping his knuckles tightly in her own-then barreled through. “I know I don’t have your education or experience. If you use those as the standard, I’ll never catch up to you. You all say I’m different, allow me to be so.”

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I’ve been working on an alien oni girl named Joy, an energetic girl with a big heart and lots of fighting spirit. I don’t see a lot of characters like her in speculative ficiton as protags these days.


I think most of those questions are answered in my (very rough) character description notes below.

Krista Gallant character bio

Character Name: Krista Gallant

Nationality: Israeli

Languages: Hebrew, Russian, German, English

Relationship status: Single

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Eye color: Light blue

Hair: Long, blonde

Skin: Fair with a light tan

Complexion: Youthful, energetic, model-like beauty

Height: 155cm

Body Type: Lithe, petite, toned

Personality: Confronting, intelligent, humours, abrasive, flirtatious, yet also wise, protective and affectionate towards her family and close friends, speaks with a confident daring manner

Occupation: School student; Freyja’s closest friend, roommate, and companion; the bane of Dov’s sanity, yet also his supporter and comic relief

Other Notes: Krista grew up in a fortress-villa situated outside Be’er Sheva, in Israel. Krista was raised among a group of mercenaries, who’s members included Krista’s parents. As Krista’s parents were often overseas, fighting in distant wars, she was nurtured and raised by Gur, her older brother. Gur was 6 years older than Krista. Krista and Gur were known for being very close, even by Israel’s standards. Krista even taught herself to play the violin, at symphony orchestra standards, so she could help Gur relax from his future stressful days.

When Gur enlisted in the IDF, at the age of 18, Krista asked Gur to join the Paratroopers, so Krista could have a spare red beret for her outfits. Krista’s favourite colour is burgundy-red. Gur agreed and he joined the IDF’s Paratroopers with little effort, due to his high stamina and strength. After Gur’s graduation, the 2014 Gaza war began. Gur was killed in an ambush while searching for the cross-border tunnels. Krista was devastated by Gur’s loss, and she treated his death as an act of betrayal by the adult world.

Krista also named her giant ornate teddy bear Gur, in honour of her lost brother. The teddy bear was the last gift she received from him. The teddy bear became Krista’s favourite therapy / anti-stress toy. Krista is often seen hugging or holding her bear during moments of high emotion or distress, even though she will never admit to having personal issues to either her parents or to the other mercenaries. Any instance of Krista revealing or talking about her insecurities or trauma is a rare event, and evidence of Krista’s extraordinary trust and closeness in her honoured companion.

Krista never had many friends (except for Karen’s mercenaries) during her childhood, and she had no interest in dating or relationships at school, or any of the associated drama. Krista considered her fellow school students (junior and senior years) to be beneath her. Only the students who could compare with Karen’s mercenaries were viewed by Krista as equals, so she was alone at school (except for her Gur). The academic tasks and assignments often proved Krista knew more about the studied subjects than some of her teachers.

Now, Krista presents herself to the outside world, and to new strangers, as an abrasive confronting brat who enjoys using her sexualised humour, sharp wit, and model-like looks to tease and harass any strangers she meets (teenagers and adults alike). As Krista likes to say in defence of her antics; boys are dull, men are more fun to torment. However, Krista’s family and friends know this is a false persona.

The real Krista remains a gentle, wise, and nurturing girl, loyal to her family and devoted to her family’s adoptive nation (Israel). Among other things, Krista is highly appreciative of the Israeli military, and scornful towards any who act or speak against them. One of Krista’s favoured activities, while travelling around Israel, is to take kit-bags full of home-made meals and feed any IDF reservists she encounters.

However, the real Krista is hiding from what she views as a cruel and unforgiving world, while using the false persona to protect herself from future harm (warding off potential threats). Other Israelis view Krista as an honorary Sabra; hard prickly exterior, soft sweet centre. Krista has always been a great fan, and practitioner, of the Israeli-Jewish culture. Krista is particularly fond of the Israeli’s preference for bending social or legal rules and etiquette to extremes (or just breaking the inconvenient ones), being overtly passionate about things and people she is fond of, repaying kindness and betrayal with interest, and acting with a natural certainty that no one has the will or courage to stop her (regardless of Krista’s slim stature).

Also, both Kristas despise being referred to or treated as a child by anyone, adult or fellow teenager. Krista is known to punish any such transgressions with an immediate scathing rebuke. Krista insists the child version of her is gone, lost with Gur, and the world is left with an adult-in-miniature version of Krista. One who is not such an easy target, or not as vulnerable.

Krista was volunteered by her parents to help Dov mentor Freyja and, while doing so, to develop a new friendship with Dov and Freyja. Her parents hope Krista will eventually abandon her desire for vengeance and her desire to join the IDF (as a path to vengeance), to heal from Gur’s loss, and seek to create a new life, filled with affection and adventure, with her devoted and protective companions…and her beloved bear…Krista’s parents emphasised their intentions by assigning Freyja as Krista’s new roommate, and by giving Dov the bedroom that belonged to Gur (with Krista’s permission).

When Krista learnt of Dov’s traumatic past (the loss of Aviva), and its similarity to Krista’s trauma (the loss of Gur) during their first meeting, Krista became more compassionate and considerate towards Dov than she does towards other strangers. Krista still suggestively (and brazenly) teases or mocks Dov at every opportunity, but these are symptoms of her Israeli upbringing and of her outward personality. Krista’s actions, and her decisions for serious matters, convey a desire for a close friendship and for someone not associated with the mercenaries (or the treasonous adults) who she can love and trust, perhaps better than family. Luckly for Krista, Dov is Hebrew for bear, so at least Krista now has two protective teddy bears.

Krista also displays a habit of continually plotting or coercing Dov and Freyja to develop a closer relationship…One always closer than their current relationship…Krista is terrified of Dov growing distant from Freyja, or of him abandoning her, and Freyja being exposed to the same isolation and remorse Krista experienced when Gur died. As a result, Krista develops a mother-hen like attitude towards her new companions (and their relationship), and adopts a more proactive resourceful nature. Much to her parents’ approval.

Finally, Krista is not naïve about the adult world, or any aspect of the world’s workings. For example, when Dr Lander introduced Freyja to Krista, Polanski and Dov, Lander claimed Freyja’s abundant breasts were a side effect of Lander’s highly experimental clone project, and of Freyja’s rapid growth as a clone (fourteen years compressed into four years). However, Krista immediately suspects Lander did not make any mistakes with Freyja’s creation, and this was a cynical (chutzpah laden) ploy to persuade Dov to become Freyja’s companion.

At first, Krista disdained Freyja’s seemingly excessive bosom, perhaps due to teenage size envy. However, Krista soon began to praise and promote Freyja’s appearance, often as a means of teasing Dov, and began to appreciate (or seek) Freyja’s hugs as an alternate means of stress-relief, and for stabilising her emotions. For Krista, Freyja’s presence gained an additional maternal comforting aura. One of a few reasons why the girls continued sharing showers and baths together, when Freyja no longer required Krista’s tutelage.

Freyja Mendel character bio

Character Name: Freyja Mendel

Nationality: Israeli

Languages: Hebrew, Russian, German, English, basic Arabic

Relationship status: Single

Age: Looks 14, exact age cannot be defined

Sex: Female

Eye color: Emerald, neon-green streaks

Hair: Long, black

Skin: Olive, light tan

Complexion: Youthful, beautiful, strong

Height: 170cm

Body Type: Powerful, athletic, dense muscles

Personality: Shy, timid, naïve, speaks with a simplistic manner, kind, curious, devoted, gentle, fiercely protective.

Occupation: The intimate friend and roommate of Krista, the devoted companion and protegee of Dov

Other Notes: Although Freyja looks like a typical, over-developed, Israeli teenager and professional high school athlete, Freyja has only existed for four years and been a self-sustaining life form for two weeks. Freyja is an accelerated growth hybrid clone, with synthetic and cybernetic enhancements, and Freyja is the first and only one of her kind. About 60% of Freyja’s DNA is human and the rest is synthetic, including her immune system (white blood cells).

Freyja does not have any memoires of a past life, or any detailed understanding of herself or the world around her. Freyja also has a vast multi-lingual vocabulary. At first, Freyja struggles with the languages’ grammar and communication rules, though she quickly gains a reasonable competency in all her languages by extensive reading, and talking with her companions (or listening to them talk with others).

Freyja does not know she is a clone, and the other characters always treat her as a normal Israeli girl with severe amnesia. Only Karen, Dov, Polanski, Lander, and Krista know Freyja is a clone. This information is kept secret from everyone else, including Freyja.

Freyja has considerable strength and physical resilience, equal to Dov at the height of his abilities, high emotional intelligence, extraordinary pain tolerance and rapid healing. Freyja displays a close instinctive bond, protective nature, and unquestioning devotion to Dov. Sometimes Freyja becomes anxious or jealous when unknown females are seen close to Dov, or when known females (excluding Krista) act in an overly affectionate manner towards Dov. Freyja treats Krista as an intimate friend, beloved roommate, advisor, and valued confidant. Freyja’s eagerness and willingness to follow her companions’ commands, advice, and suggestions are only ever overruled by Freyja’s desire to protect her companions, oblivious of any risk to herself. This is especially true for Dov, to an unnerving extent.

Freyja is perpetually curious about the world around her, she can learn by experience and immersion, she is always trusting and affectionate towards her companions (and fearful of upsetting or hurting them), and Freyja can read and memorise textbooks and dictionaries with remarkable efficiency, thanks to her cybernetic brain. Freyja’s unique simplistic wisdom, and untainted perspectives, often provide valuable insight and innovative solutions to her companions’ complex problems.

Freyja also displays an instinctive / subconscious ability to calm and comfort Dov and Krista. Often Freyja’s gentle touch, or her friendly hug, (haptic communication) can quieten her companions’ chaotic emotions and troubled thoughts. In turn, Dov and Krista can either focus their minds on important tasks or collapse into a deep sleep. Dov’s close proximity to Freyja is enough to have a similar (milder) effect on her, although a long hug from Dov (while listening to his heartbeat) yields the best results. Dov and Krista soon discover that sleeping beside Freyja, or being held by Freyja while they sleep, creates a sleep deep enough that bad dreams and nightmares cannot find either Freyja or her companions.

…I tend to prattle on while drafting…

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