Who else wants to gush on our female MAIN characters with me? Well, come on friends!

I need to come back here. I suppose I get overwhelmed and distracted that I can’t come back here to answer and give my own opinions.

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Pick one or two for me to answer questions and I’ll do it :grin:


Personally I pick Sovanna and Celeste/Bethany because of their names ^.^


I like the way you think. LOL!


Doing the last two questions now:

Marta: She handles them well. She has traits that are considered traditionally or stereotypically feminine, like her preference for dresses and skirts plus her nurturing, caring, and empathetic attitude. She can and does get impatient with people though, including herself. Being bisexual is likely not part of societal norms, though she’s never had trouble with that.

Lilian: Haven’t developed what the societal norms in her kingdom are yet, so :woman_shrugging:

Marta: Moved out and away from her family for work, but keeps good relations with her parents, grandparents, and siblings. At the orphanage, she’s an “older sister” figure to the kids, and is close with her boss, Teresa.

Lilian: Lives with her housemate & assistant Aleksei, who is an android. They get along well, and Lilian even prefers Aleksei’s company over most humans.

Then I shall return with Sovanna and Celeste/Bethany :wink:


Sovanna, a Praenglutha (princess) of lionkind:

Sovanna is spunky, smart, and driven. She’s also after a solution, always trying find a way to fix things, and she’s always on the move. If she wants to get something done, you can bet she will put herself into it all the way.

Already answered this, but Sovanna is a princess. Her father is the king. Her mother passed when she gave birth to Sovanna.

Sovanna would say, “Girl’s term for Humans, but if I was girl, I’d like being different.”

Maybe some day :smirk: However, majority of the story, Sovanna is quite naïve when it comes to romance. She’s oblivious to flirting to the point where characters trying to get her attention in a romantic way start to joke amongst themselves about her being so oblivious.

One blurts that he loves her and she says, “I love you, too! I love all of you!” and of course she means it in a friendship type of way.

Sovanna, being the bipedal lionkind called Kaunlutha, has two types of magick. One which everyone has—their Kaunlutha magick which is a fire elemental magick and if they have enough, they can transform into a lion with a roar.

The second one is one that Sovanna was born with—solar magick, which is unique to her in her time. This not only enhances her Kaunlutha magick, but with a mighty magical lionkind roar, she can transform into a giant lion (bigger than the usual transformation) and also control the sunrise and sunset. She can use the sun’s rays to direct beams of light as attacks on enemies.

The problem with her is that once her father heard of a prophecy that lionkind would go extinct, he stopped her magick training, so she never fully developed. Sovanna can only sometimes when certain things align, use solar magick instead of Kaunlutha magick.

She’s adorable. She’s short, too.

All lionkind, male or female, have hair-like manes.

Sovanna is pretty strong despite not having been though that much until her main story begins. She does sometimes break down, but she also lets herself break down. She has a good self-awareness of her own emotions.

Kind of like how our celebrities can be out of touch, Sovanna is like that, too, in the beginning, although she’s not entitled or bratty about it. She stayed around her father’s castle and never ventured out to the villages in the forest. She’s been fine living in the royal grounds only. It’s over the course of the story she learns of her faults of never actually seeing what was going on around her, and was unaware of the poverty of the villages.

Sovanna is a daddy’s girl :grin: However, this was mainly due to the fact that her mother died at Sovanna’s birth. But I can still see her being a daddy’s girl. They have similar driven yet sometimes playful personalities.


@NatilladeCoco there. I did Sovanna :wink:



I wonder if you wondered why her name is like this. Celeste is her fake identity forced onto her by her mother to hide her true identity. Bethany is her real name.

Honestly, as Celeste, this is a terrible, horrible mean girl character. As Bethany she’s a little better, but still not so good. I like her though because of this interesting identity crisis situation. Not only is she unsure who she is, she is not sure WHAT she is either :stuck_out_tongue:

Bethany Mosspetal was the name of a magical rat born in the magical land of Wodeland. She doesn’t remember this, of course. So, when she first finds out that she’s actually not human, it freaks her out.

I enjoyed following her along to see who she’ll choose to be in the end :blush:

Celeste would say, “Exactimaleena! I am the popular girl.” aggressive hair flip
Bethany would say with a nervous laugh, “oh that’s funny” (inside she’s hoping they didn’t catch onto the fact that she’s actually not human)

Maybe. As Celeste, Bethany dated a lot of guys. As Bethany, no one yet and not for a long time, but maybe in the future.

Okay, so, she does have magick and it’s related to nature. She can grow vines to help her, or call on the wind. But Bethany barely gets to tap into this. There’s not much time to learn skills when a humongous rat monster is squashing forests and killing people.

As Celeste, she’s the top girl in the high school.

inspiration photos for Celeste

As Bethany, the only difference is the eyes. Bethany’s eyes are a beautiful turquoise.

Incredibly strong emotionally and mentally. She’s the popular girl. No one can bring her down. She has leadership qualities, too, which she’s able to tap into in a better way once she gets to Wodeland.

With fierceness!

On the outside, Celeste has a tight bond with her parents. On the inside, Bethany’s mom is never there for her, and is constantly forcing her to be Celeste to the point of breaking her identity. Emotional and mental abuse is there for sure. There’s actually no dad in the picture. Bethany’s mom had something sinister and magical to do with that.

Bethany does not have a family she loves and trusts in New Soleil. She does have one close bond, however, with her cat named Meme (who turns out to be a Wodeland human mercenary).

You need to understand that Wodelandians suffer from a curse. If you are a creature in Wodeland, going to the normal world turns you into a human. If you are a human in Wodeland, going to the normal world turns you into an animal that retains the ability to speak.

That’s why Bethany is human and Meme is an animal. In fact, they’re opposite.

However, Bethany’s Wodeland family line have special powers put in bracelets which they can use to transform into an animal or human whenever they want.

Just for funsies, inspiration for Bethany as a rat:


I’ll choose Sweetflower. She’s a singer, enchantress, and a powerful political force.

She’s perhaps the most beautiful woman in the realm, and she knows how to leverage it. She’s charismatic, sensual and vengeful. Above all I like that she’s uncompromising, and willing to go to great lengths to get power.

She’s a singer who travels across the realm. She is rumoured to be a lost princess, but she never addresses it. She amasses a following of travelling libertines — The Merry Band — whose very presence in a city or locale disrupts the order. She’s the leader of something like an anarcho-punk movement.

She would probably say thank god.

She’s involved with several polycules among her followers. She favours Ady, a married noble who ran away to join the Marry Band, partly out of pity. But he’s a romantic with a jealous streak who wants her all to himself, which she disapproves of.

Outside of the Marry Band, she forms a passionate relationship with Star-Eyes, a Holy Knight of the True Believers. It’s a complicated relationship, and it’s a conflict in his beliefs. He ultimately betrays her by handing her over to the authorities, resulting in her torture, muteness, exile and the end of the Merry Band.

She’s a human and special instance of Sawha (magic user). She cannot perform any of the conventional petty or advanced magics of the Sawha. Her singing seems to be the only magic; which attracts people and devotion. Yet, even after her muteness she enchants people by her sheer presence. In one instance, she cures a blind man just by letting him look at her. This is of interest of the esoteric Holy Women of Falda, who believe she is the Female Spirit, a prophesied god-like figure.

She’s regarded as the most beautiful woman alive.

Emotionally and mentally a fortress. Physical strength is unremarkable, but that not important as she doesn’t get into fights. The one time she does get into a fight, she surrenders. She wields soft power — the power of influence and persuasion.

She upends the norms of gender, sexuality and family, and so she and the Merry Band are seen as dangerous, lunatics and heretics. Plus, people believe she is Sawha whose existence and prominence is a threat to the world (at a time where all Sawha are being put to death).

She has cut all family ties. Her past is unknown — she is rumoured to be a lost Princess of the Commonwealth, which would explain why she escaped being killed.