Writers' Kingdom: A Writers' Discord for All!

Congratulations! You have found yourself at the gate of Writers’ Kingdom! Now just step inside, and let a world of wonder open up to you.

Writers’ Kingdom is a discord server open to all writers! We have many channels to talk about writing, whether it be just general discussion, seeking help, or wanting to share snippets of your wonderful work! Wanting to talk about different things you love other than writing though? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with different channels for different hobbies!

But these free lands aren’t the only lands you’ll find in Writers’ Kingdom. We have many mini-discords in the form of hidden categories that only open up if you choose to walk through their gates through a well-crafted set-up featuring the wonder of self-select roles! To get a kingdom, you’ll need to post your work online and meet a few requirements listed in the server. We are currently open to people getting their own kingdom!

We hope to see you there so we can all grow and thrive together as writers <3

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@LxstinNeverland :eyes:

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waggles eyebrows XD

:eyes: I shall check the read count if my books because I might have 5k, but I cannot tell for sure.

nudge nudge wink wink XD

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Nice, I would be interested but I can’t commit to a scheduled posting routine… and I also have my own private discord channel (mostly for workshopping/mentoring other writers) which I think is against the requirements?

Nah, not discord channel. Just discord server. And posting routine isn’t required, just having a decent amount up xD Plus, you’re still Wattpad active even if you don’t post super regularly or anything.

P.S. Miya actually has a kingdom here :wink:

Sounds fun hehe… think I’ll join even if I don’t end up getting a “kingdom” of my own XD


Like it says up above, applications are open :wink: And I’m trying to make it a general writers server, so people can join and interact with other writers still :smiley:

B-but … my kingdom is gonna be so emptyyyy… just me on my throne talking to my shadow :joy:

Probably gonna end up applying anyway though lol

Pft, we both know Miya wouldn’t allow that xD

I applied anyway, knowing that’s probably what’s going to happen anyway. One can dream.

I can be your court jester

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We have a deal!

Gosh darn. :weary: I have my own. But it’s so dead and has been for a long time which is why I was searching for another server. Every server I come across is dead.

No no. Like, a discord server specifically for your works. But if you wanna toss that one aside for a kingdom… :smiley: XD

Oh, do people do that? :thinking: (and I did check, one book has 6k reads and another has 9k so phew)

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Oh sh*t, yeah that’s what I meant as well. I have a whole server, it’s not specifically for my work (and I’m currently not so active) unless someone asks me specific world-related questions … more for mentoring writers and patreon stuff when it finally gets big (as @FranklinBarnes said, one can dream!) XD

xD I feel that on that Patreon thing. I have a Patreon and only have a few people who joined, and all just because they’re amazing friends.

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