Writing Prompt of the Week: April 17-23 (Miscellaneous)

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Welcome to the 44th Writing Prompt of the Week!


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Week of April 17-23
Submissions: April 17-21
Voting: April 22-23
Winner Badge Awarded: April 24


These prompts are random and can include whatever you think will fit the prompt. Ranging from poetry to two-sentence prompts, miscellaneous prompts are a fun deviation from the others!

This Week’s Prompt

Write a story where someone sarcastically says “Well, this is a nice change of scenery.”

"Oh, well, this is a nice change of scenery." I try not to pay Hyunha's disdainful comment any attention, but just can't. No matter how ill she thinks of Daha, I'll still marry her. I'm done with feeding that clingy psycho's delusions.

I can’t believe Mom and Dad really thought that brat would be the perfect match for me. They were even fooled by her fake puppy eyes. Instead, she was nothing but a controlling asshole. She claimed she loved me, but at the same plotted with her sex buddy Taemin behind my back to put her filthy hands on my money.

I’ve loved Daha for six years, during which she has patiently waited for me to finally make that step. She has seen me being paired to women I didn’t even want to see in picture and whom I was expected to marry. Fortunately, she has been understanding enough not to leave my side. I wouldn’t blame her if she did.

I’m happy my parents finally recognized their mistake. As soon as they eye Hyunha, obviously accompanied by her personal bootylicker Taemin, they call security and have the two of them escorted out of the premises. I take advantage of the situation to approach her and say in a mocking tone, “Good luck with your toy boy, darling. See you never.”

I return to the altar, turning my back at the woman who only wanted me to be miserable and instead picking the one that makes me happy. This time for good.