Writing Prompt of the Week: December 26-January 1 (Miscellaneous)

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Week of December 26-January 1
Submissions: December 26-30
Voting: December 31-January 1
Winner Badge Awarded: January 2


These prompts are random and can include whatever you think will fit the prompt. Ranging from poetry to two-sentence prompts, miscellaneous prompts are a fun deviation from the others!

This Week’s Prompt

Free prompt! Write a short story about whatever you want. Can be existing characters, fanfiction, etc.


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"If I see you again with my boyfriend, you can be sure you'll pay for it!" Park Doyoon is nuts. I don't even understand what's her problem, to be honest. She's throwing shit at me just because I took part in a charity event at our hometown with her ex boyfriend.

I try to defend myself, knowing that this will bring me nothing but trouble. “Your what? Doyoon, what are you talking about? Jeongil told me you called it quits three months ago-”

She cuts me off, dismissing me by disdainfully waving her right hand. “Liar! He and I are still together! You’re a serial homewrecker, Kim Yeji! Many of my friends left their exes because of you.” She nods. I hate how she gloats at other people’s disgrace.

“Sorry, but it’s you who’s lying. Minseo and Ina didn’t broke up with their boyfriends because of me, but because they were two pieces of sh1t who treated their men like their personal cash cows!” My veins explode as I talk. The more I talk to Doyoon, the more brain cells die. That woman’s so thick headed. I can’t believe she’ll do anything not to accept any fault.

“Shut up! You don’t get to talk sh1t about my friends! Also, Jeongil is mine!”

That b1tch still believes Lee Jeongil belongs to her. The way she treats men is appalling, though. She gaslights them into doing whatever she wants, her way, and boys have to cave, or else it’s over.

I don’t know what I even did to deserve her constant yapping. Jeongil left her. He already moved on, unlike her. I only have two words to describe her: desperate and delusional.

“I’m serious, Yeji. Leave him alone, or you’ll face trouble!” I chuckle as she throws me a blazing hot glare, which I ignore.

I let out a yawn. “Doyoon, stop it. I’m done with your bullsh1t. Get a grip and find another man. Jeongil is never coming back to you, creep!”

She hisses. “You’ll pay for that, Kim Yeji.” She approaches me, her glare turns deeper and more threatening and, by the time, she’s neck to neck with me, she pushes me with her shoulder.

I push her back. “Fxxk you, Park Doyoon.”